I Wish I Was A Punk Rocker…

It’s Music Monday!


Two things combined this past weekend to make today’s music offering completely self-obvious, self-evident and virtually unavoidable. For one, it was the Glastonbury Festival. I didn’t get to go, but I watched my favourite bands avidly via the ongoing, almost real-time and therefore quasi-life footage over on the Beeb.

For another, the amazing Jane Risdon wrote an outstanding piece of flash fiction titled Summer of Love and published over on Morgen Bailey’s blog last Friday. Well, after reading this, I was so very much in the mood for a festival and nostalgic for an era I didn’t get to experience that I simply had to bring you this song…

That about captures it, don’t you think?

Have you ever experienced nostalgia for something you didn’t even get to experience in the first place?

10 responses to “I Wish I Was A Punk Rocker…

  1. That is a such a great question. This might sound a bit maudlin, but I’d say for me it was the experience of true teenage years as I would have liked to have experienced them, mine was so deprived of the things i wanted to enjoy on my own terms, just because I was from such a strict family.
    So when I see young people, and by that I mean teens to twenties, I wish I had that time back, so I could have ‘felt’ that era of my life more. I don’t know if that’s a turning 40 thing, I don’t know! But yes, nostalgic, but weird, because I don’t miss my teens they way they were, but more the potential for what they could have been, had I been allowed. Does that make sense? xx

    • Oh it does, Yasmin. I’m sending you big hugs! Your comment is a big reminder that we tend to regret most those things we didn’t do, as opposed to those we did. But here goes: it’s not too late to recapture those days. It’s not! 40 is the new 20. Trust me. From one who knows, and does. LOL. More hugs and thanks for your lovely, candid comment. Loveya!

  2. I wish I was …. a Tiller Girl with scooter!

  3. I get nostalgic for the 60’s….. I was born in ’83 :p

    • Ah, Layla ~ you know EXACTLY what I mean then. How’s that possible that we’re nostalgic like this? I was born in 1972 and yet I ‘ache’ for that era of the 1960s… I blame Bryan, Freddy, et al. Thanks for commenting today! XX

  4. Haven’t heard that song for ages. Love it!

  5. Hi Nicky

    Been enjoying the past week’s July 4th holiday with my OH, had limited time for the internet.

    As you know by now I’m a child of the 1950’s and I too missed out on listening to the music of the big band era; albeit I did catch up to it via cassette tapes. The height of this era of songs was World War II. You had singers like Frank Sinatra, Perry Como, Ella Fitzgerald, etc. You had duets of solo singers joining together to sing one song. And you had groups, one of which was the Andrew Sisters, and I chose one of their songs from the World War II era as I song I missed growing up with.

    • Aw, Robin, hope you had a great few days off! 🙂 I’m glad you can identify with this nostalgia for days gone past before you were born, and love your song choice. Thanks for playing! X

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