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Nicky Wells visits The Littlereader Library and Private Detective Ian MacGregger today!

I’m doing my infamous double act again, featuring in two places all at once today:  The Littlereader Library and Ian MacGregger’s blog!

First of all, it is my great pleasure to visit Lindsay Healy’s wonderful blog, The Littlereader Library.

Lindsay has very kindly reviewed Sophie’s Turn  and she feels that “The author has penned an enjoyable, light romantic novel with some entertaining comedy moments, and there is a palpable chemistry between Sophie and Dan!”  I am truly honoured and delighted that Lindsay enjoyed my debut novel and that she is keenly anticipating the sequel!  You can read the full review here.

Moreover, Lindsay is also hosting me for an interview and you can find out about my favourite music, the sequel to Sophie’s Turn, and my favourite reads right here.

Thank you so much to Lindsay for featuring me on her blog.  Please do join me there and say hello!  Lindsay is an Associate Reader at the innovative author/reader project,

And secondly…  A while back, a certain Ian MacGregger put out a call on Twitter asking authors to share where and when inspiration strikes them.  Well, you know me, I always have a story to tell, so I fired off my instant response to him.  The outcome of the resulting Twitter exchange is a guest blog I wrote for his Private Detective blog… a totally new environment for this here romance writer, and very exciting.  Please do stop by and take a look!  Thank you, Ian, for inviting me on your blog.  It’s a real pleasure to be there! XX

Nicky Wells introduces “Sophie’s Turn” live on BBC Radio Bristol

Today was another monumental occasion for this here author, Nicky Wells, and my rock star romance, Sophie’s Turn!

I was invited to talk about Sophie’s Turn on BBC Radio Bristol.  The wonderful Elise Rayner hosted me on The Afternoon Show and asked me fantastic questions about the book, and Sophie, and Dan.

It was a truly amazing experience to visit the studio and to answer so many direct and thought-provoking questions about my work.  Unlike my radio debut, which had to happen by telephone on account of the tremendous geographic distance between me and the Dresser After Dark show, this interview was person-to-person.  And yes, there was a big fat red microphone pointing towards my face, and all sorts of technical equipment all around us, but mostly, it was like having a ‘real’ conversation with a lovely person.  In fact, I forgot about being live on air altogether… let’s hope I didn’t get too carried away!.

Here’s the audio — see what you think! 🙂

A huge big Thank You to Elise Rayner for hosting me on her show and asking such fantastic questions.  Rarely have been able to showcase my work quite so extensively!  And another big Thank You to Alex Lewis, producer at BBC Radio Bristol, for making this interview happen.  When the sequel is out…. I’ll just come back for more!

Nicky Wells presents her radio debut on the Dresser After Dark Show

Late on Wednesday night… or rather, very early on Thursday morning of this week, a fairly momentous thing happened for Nicky Wells (author).  [DRUMROLL….!]

I had my radio debut talking about Sophie’s Turn!

Who would have thought that all these amazing things would start happening to me after launching Sophie’s Turn onto the world!  It was my tremendous pleasure to visit Michael Dresser on the Dresser After Dark show on BBS Radio in the United States.  Without further a-do, I’ll let you have a listen for yourself…  On this occasion, my spoken words will probably achieve more than a thousand typed ones.  ENJOY!  (It’s about 15 mins long….)

A big thank you to Michael for his supportive hosting and interesting questions–I really did enjoy myself!  And also a big Thank You to Susan Greenman for helping arrange the interview.

Lou Graham interviews Sophie and Dan (from Sophie’s Turn) for “Hiya!”… and it’s sizzling over there!

It’s another edition of Lou Graham’s great feature, “Hiya“… and this time, she’s interviewing the gorgeous Dan Hunter of rock-band Tusk, and the lovely journalist Sophie Penhalligan, who is accompanying Tusk on their grand tour to bring us all daily updates and behind-the-scenes gossip.

Dan and Sophie appear to have some kind of special chemistry going on between them, and Lou was quite intrigued by it all.  She said to me privately, “my God, there were sparks flying between them.  Never mind they’re denying everything… they’ve definitely got a ‘thing’ going on…”

Well, I never, who would have thought!  What are my lovely characters getting up to?  Visit Lou’s blog to read the latest edition of “Hiya!” and get the inside scoop on this interview.

…oh and, let’s not forget, you can also win a free Kindle copy of the book that Sophie is currently reading!  Garnering great reviews from all over the world, her favourite novel is called ‘Sophie’s Turn,’ written by an amazing new author from the UK by the name of Nicky Wells.  This competition is open internationally and runs until 10 December).  Good luck to all entrants!

A huge, big, enormous thank you to the lovely Lou for hosting this interview and give-away.  Let’s rock and roll! xx

Nicky Wells is featured author on “Laurie’s Thoughts and Reviews” with an interview and a give-away of Sophie’s Turn!

As the amazing book tour for Sophie’s Turn is slowly but surely winding to a close, it is my tremendous pleasure to visit Laurie’s great blog, “Laurie’s Thoughts and Reviews” as a featured author.

Laurie is still in the throes of reading Sophie’s Turn, but meanwhile she is hosting me on a stop for an interview and a give-away.  Moreover, she is featuring a juicy little excerpt of Sophie’s Turn so if you haven’t read it yet, be sure to check this out….

Also find out when exactly I started my writing career, what surprised me most when writing Sophie’s Turn… and whether I have a milestone birthday coming up, and what I plan to do with it!

The associated give-away is for one Kindle copy of Sophie’s Turn and is open internationally until 6th December.  I would love to see as many of you as possible come and visit, and wish all entrants good luck as always. Rock on, folks! x 🙂  A big “Thank You” to Laurie for hosting me on her blog: I am truly honoured!

Triple Whammy for Sophie’s Turn: FIVE Stars from Donna at “My Life. One Story at a Time” plus an author interview and a fabulous give-away!

It is my enormous pleasure to be visiting Donna’s exceptional blog, “My Life. One Story at a Time.” today.

Donna blogs with a difference.  When she agrees to offer a review, she also wants to find out more about the author and always includes an author interview.  Moreover, she likes to include in her feature some of her favourite quotes from the book she is reviewing.  And the result is truly compelling.

So I am bowled over that it is my turn today.  Donna has awarded Sophie’s Turn Five Stars on Amazon and written a thoughtful and glowing review.  I am completely over the moon!  Although… on reading the first few lines, my heart sank to my knees, and I was thinking:  what have I done?!?  You’ll have to read the full review to find out why!

There’s also my lovely interview:  find out the top three things on my bucket list!  And finally, don’t miss the give-away of one Kindle copy of Sophie’s Turn.  The competition is open internationally until 22 November!

A triple whammy on this amazing day, and I have a big smile on my face.  Please do come and join me over at “My Life. One Story at a Time.”  and good luck to all give-away entrants.

Finally, a huge big Thank You to Donna for taking the time to read and review Sophie’s Turn, for all her support, and for her amazing feature of me and my work on her unique blog. 🙂 x

Nicky Wells visits Today I’m Reading for an interview this week….

Good morning all, and belated happy Halloween! I’ve been a little bit quiet for this past week because the family and I went on a half-term holiday to Germany.  And, by husband’s decree, I was banned from any kind of online activity.  So that, in his words, I could get a proper rest.  Hm.

Anyway, half-term has been and gone and I’m back with a bang! Continuing the virtual book tour for Sophie’s Turn into its proud fourth month, today I am visiting the lovely Sarah Taylor on her blog, Today I’m Reading.

Last month, Sarah reviewed Sophie’s Turn, saying she was instantly hooked.  I am very excited that Sarah is hosting me once again, this time for an author’s interview.  Go on, visit Today I’m Reading for your chance to read this interview.  A huge big thank you to Sarah for hosting all these events in my virtual book tour, and for her fab support. X 🙂

Sophie’s Turn mega-event on The Write Stuff: Brittany Roshelle hosts an interview, review and give-away of Sophie’s Turn this week!

This week, I’m visiting Brittany Roshelle on her blog, The Write Stuff, for another massive event on the virtual book tour for Sophie’s Turn… [drumroll…]

Today (Monday), Brittany is hosting me during an author interview.  Brittany was particularly interested in the logistics of self-publishing a novel and the process of writing.  I talk about why I chose to go the ‘indie’ route, what challenges lay in wait, and how I got my book from ‘tree’ format to ‘e’ format and out there into the blue yonder…. And also, I tell all about what is the best part about being an author!

On Tuesday, Brittany offers her very own views on Sophie’s Turn! Be sure to check out her review on her blog–especially as there is a give-away competition associated with the review.   One lucky blog reader will win a free Kindle copy of Sophie’s Turn!

And now I would like to say a very big Thank You indeed to Brittany for hosting this triple-whammy jam-packed stop on her fabulous blog.  Your support and enthusiasm are both invigorating and invaluable!  🙂

I look forward to seeing y’all on The Write Stuff soon.

Cheerio from
Nicky x

Nicky Wells visits Reabookreview for an interview and a give-away!

Good evening! I have been looking forward for weeks now to visiting Reabookreview again… this time, for an interview and a give-away.   Rea reviewed Sophie’s Turn in August and really enjoyed reading it.  She particularly liked the characters and, in her interview questions, set out to find out how they came out to be so down-to-earth and easy to relate to.  Visit Rea’s blog  to find out how I went about creating such likeable characters!

The give-away is for one e-copy of Sophie’s Turn and is open internationally until October 7.  Good luck to all entrants!

Once again, a big thank you to the wonderful Rea for all her support with my virtual book tour for Sophie’s Turn! xx 🙂

Girls Who Love to Read interviews Nicky Wells…find out about Nicky’s very own ‘Thunderbolt and Lightning’ moment!

Today it is my great pleasure head off to Australia… virtually.  I’m stopping by on Girls Who Love to Read for an interview with the lovely Flo.  Flo wanted to know whether I’d ever had the ‘groupie’ experience, or my very own ‘Thunderbolt and Lightning’ moment as described by Rachel to Sophie in Sophie’s darkest hour…  Also find out about my favourite rock bands and which very exciting rockers are following me on Twitter!

Join me at Girls Who Love to Read for the full interview today:

Thanks very much to Flo for her interesting questions and for hosting a stop on my virtual book tour.  The good things don’t end here, though… Flo has also read Sophie’s Turn and will be posting a review (with a give-away) in November, so watch this space!