Nicky Wells presents her radio debut on the Dresser After Dark Show

Late on Wednesday night… or rather, very early on Thursday morning of this week, a fairly momentous thing happened for Nicky Wells (author).  [DRUMROLL….!]

I had my radio debut talking about Sophie’s Turn!

Who would have thought that all these amazing things would start happening to me after launching Sophie’s Turn onto the world!  It was my tremendous pleasure to visit Michael Dresser on the Dresser After Dark show on BBS Radio in the United States.  Without further a-do, I’ll let you have a listen for yourself…  On this occasion, my spoken words will probably achieve more than a thousand typed ones.  ENJOY!  (It’s about 15 mins long….)

A big thank you to Michael for his supportive hosting and interesting questions–I really did enjoy myself!  And also a big Thank You to Susan Greenman for helping arrange the interview.

7 responses to “Nicky Wells presents her radio debut on the Dresser After Dark Show

  1. Oh Nicky I am sooooo proud of you!Feels so good to finally be able to hear your voice and how you talk about Sophie’s Turn!AMAZING Interview!Enjoyed every sec of it and will probably listen to it few more times!What an energy in your voice,I’m so happy and honored to your your Associate Reader and hope soon the whole world will know how amazing you are and how great “Sophie’s Turn” is! Hugs x

  2. Thanks, Ananda! I am chuffed to bits that you like it, although I’m not so sure about the sound of my own voice. It’s just weird! Thanks for stopping by, I really appreciate it. And I’m tremendously proud that you’re my AR… You rock!

  3. I know, I know, it’s kind of sad and uncool to like my own post. But given the technical nightmare I faced in creating this feature…. including a call to BT to fix my wireless router… I am REALLY proud that it’s up. That’s all. X

  4. I know I’ve already said it, but for the official record I’m saying it again… you were brilliant Nicky, doing an interview live like that and with some tricky questions that delved a bit more deeply than others, plus you didn’t have time to think about it and perfect an answer. I really am in awe of you, not sure I could have done that. Nicky Wells, rocking all over the airwaves! x

    • Awww, thanks, Sue! I really appreciate you stopping by and telling me again. As we’d say in German, it went down like honey…. hmmmm…. more….. Do you know, apart from finding the sound of my own voice a little weird, I did actually enjoy listening to it again. And would love to have another chance some time… watch this space! Thanks for stopping by, especially after you’d stayed up late to start with to listen to it live! X

  5. Wow. Didn’t you do well! Excellent interview, Nicky. Am so proud for you.I know I wouldn’t have handled it half as well as you did. Rock on!

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