Wish I was here….. (Janice Horton e-book launch: Reaching for the Stars)

I’m taking part in Janice Horton’s e-book launch for Reaching for the Stars.  Visit Janice’s blog to take a look see!  And this is where I’d like to be… I know it’s kind of obvious given the season, but I love snow and I never get enough of it.  So I wish I was here, snowed in, secluded, with my family and enough food for Christmas, plenty of firewood, sleds and skis.  Oh, and possibly with the laptop to get in a spot of writing… in peace and quiet! XX

{Picture no longer available–many apologies!}


15 responses to “Wish I was here….. (Janice Horton e-book launch: Reaching for the Stars)

  1. What a gorgeous place to be! x

  2. I would love this too, but I would also need rose wine, choc and plenty of books to read 🙂


  3. Oh yes – it’s just like a Christmas card! You can almost smell that crisp clean mountain air, can’t you? Firewood, food, and erm, plenty of wine – and my Kindle – and I’d be very happy to escape here too, Nicky! A fabulous ‘Wish I Was Here…’ location!
    Love, Janice xx

  4. I could do that place. Quiet cottage, loads of snow. I don’t ski so that would make for a good excuse to stay in by the fire with my laptop and glass – not bottle(s) of wine and use the gorgeous scenery to inspire me.

  5. So pretty! I’d like that loads too!

    Jane x

  6. It looks cold but beautiful and with a good book I’m in.

  7. Beautiful! I want to run through that snow and make a big snow angel in it! x

  8. Oh its a bit like my ‘Wish I was here’ place too!!!! Great minds!!!

  9. Looks a wonderful place to be. Sadly not one I would want to visit in the snow. I hate snow and cold but love the idea of curled up by the fire with the family and a laptop.

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