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BOOKS ROCK! @SirenFM: First podcast now available…

Remember how I told you about my new radio show, BOOKS ROCK!, a little while back?


Well, the first edition has gone out now, featuring Jill Mansell, Talli Roland, Kim Nash, JB Johnston and Karina Jackson. If you missed it, never fear! The podcast is now available and you can listen at your leisure here:

(Simply press ‘Play’)

Of course, now I want to know what you think! LOL!

The second edition of BOOKS ROCK! will air on 19 July at 11 am UK time, featuring Jane Lovering, Rowan Coleman, Inga Kupp-Silberg, JB Johnston and, of course, Karina Jackson.

Tune in and rock on!





Books Rock! ~My new radio show!

Books Rock! And now they’re literally going to be rocking with me live on air. Woohoo! I’m proud to announce that I’ve been given my very own radio show over at Siren 107.3 FM.


Launching on Saturday 21 June at 11 am UK time, Books Rock! will air monthly for one hour to begin with. I can’t tell you how excited I am!! In every show I’ll feature a couple of authors alongside readers and reviewers. There’s also a brand new ‘reality radio’ segment which will chart the progress of one aspiring Lincoln-based writer. Last but not least, there’ll be music! (It’s not called Books Rock! for no reason…. LOL!)

The theme of the first edition of Books Rock! is “The Writing Journey”. Here’s the lineup:

Authors Talli Roland  and Jill Mansell
Book bloggers JB Johnston and Kim Nash 
Aspiring Lincoln author, Karina Jackson

Woohooo! Tune in live or online at 11 am UK time on
Saturday, 21 June, or catch the podcast after the show. ROCK ON!


Launch Party for Sophie’s Encore on Siren 107.3 FM *Tonight* 5-7pm UK

The party starts here!
Tune in to Siren 107.3 FM or listen online from 5pm-7pm BST for…. *drumroll*

The Sophie’s Encore Launch Party!!

Yup! The wonderful Alex Lewczuk is giving over the Midweek Drive yet again to the Rock Star Romance Trilogy. But then he’s as excited about this third book as I am! Says Alex:

“Sophie’s Encore is a riveting page-turner with a pace that throbs like the most potent rock-ballad—A clear winner!”

SE Siren Badge


~Readings from Sophie’s Encore
~Rock music, and non-rock music. Of course!

~Chat with some Very Special Guests indeed!

Well, what would a party be without guests?
Proudly presenting my phone-in guests:

We’ll be chatting with lead guitarist Lee!

Renowned Rock Photographer Nick Elliott will be joining us on the phone to chat about his work and The Magic of Rock!

High-energy rock and metal guitarist!

Also appearing as phone-in guests and in studio:

Cameron Tilbury, my ace publicist
Ed Wellman, Midweek Drive Contributor of the Year

Proudly presenting my latest book baby in the Siren Studios!

Proudly presenting my latest book baby in the Siren Studios!

Tune in and say hello! You can message us during the show by writing on the Siren 107.3 FM Facebook page!!!

Click ‘here’ to say hi during the show: SIREN ON FB

In other news!!

I’ll be hosting book signing events on
Thursday, 5 September, and Saturday, 7 September. Come and see me! 🙂
5 September, Welton Library, Welton, 4pm-5pm
7 September, BookStop Café, Steep Hill, Lincoln, 11am-1pm

Let’s make this a rocking launch! ROCK ON!

From Radio Nerves to Radio Buzz

The thick door opens and you’re ushered into the inner sanctum by the clip-board carrying assistant. The stillness of the air immediately envelopes you ~ not a breeze, no  outside sound can intrude into this secluded space. The walls are lined in soundproofing material and the small window is heavily double-glazed, with the panes slanting inwards at a peculiar, unfamiliar angle. You swallow hard. This is it!

The host rises to greet you, a warm smile immediately putting you at ease. In a nervouse daze, you vaguely take in the console with all the buttons, the headphones, the computer screens. Finally, reluctantly,  you sit down in the guest chair, an enormous microphone thrust into your face. You open your mouth. Your time has come. What will you say?


Last week, I announced tomorrow’s big radio preview party for Sophie’s Run right here on this blog. As I was writing, I suddenly realized I was excited and exhilarated about the event, but not nervous, at least not about the radio side of things. Anymore!

I got a lot of questions after the blogpost went live. Many friends made jokey comments about how I’d become quite used to gracing the airwaves, and would I get my own show soon? I can’t answer that, but there is one recurring question that I now feel at least partially qualified to answer, and that’s what this post is about.

Siren 107.3 FM Midweek Drive, 23 January 2013

Siren 107.3 FM Midweek Drive, 23 January 2013

What’s it like to be on the radio?

Just over a year ago, I wouldn’t have been able to answer this question either and yet strangely, since December 2011, occasional radio appearances have begun to feature in my life. (You can find a blog diary of these events right here. 🙂 ) I’m not a pro by a long shot but I have lost that jittery attack of radio nerves and I simply get the most enormous buzz from being on the radio. This is what it’s like to be on the radio—for me:

Exciting. Being invited to take part in a radio show is exciting in many ways. First of all, there is the obvious thought that there will be people listening to what you say. You get a big audience and the possibilities are endless. Second, there is the excitement of going to visit a real studio, meeting a real radio host. Using a microphone, and seeing the red ‘On Air’ signs. Awesome!


By Peter Eder (Foto von Peter Eder) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Scary. Did I mention that people will be listening, and the possibilities are endless? Among those possibilities is the potential for a monumental lapse of judgement, that dreadful faux pas, that Bridget-Jones (or indeed Sophie-Penhalligan) moment when you open your mouth and say completely the wrong thing. The show goes out live—there will be no opportunity to take anything back if you make a bumbling idiot out of yourself.

Unreal. Uh-huh, once you get chatting to that wonderful host who’ll make you feel at ease and stop you from turning into a jittery heap of jelly, once you’ve uttered the first few sentences into that big fat microphone pointing in your face… You forget. You forget about all the people listening, it’s just you and the host. You just talk, and it’s only afterwards that you remember that people are listening.

OK, so I do look terrified, but I had a great time. Honestly!

Nicky and Nicola after the chat on BBC Lincolnshire on 22 January 2013. OK, so I do look terrified, but I had a great time. Honestly!

Dangerously blundersome. (If, like me, you have a propensity for foot-in-mouth disease)

Let me give you an example or two. Twice I have been asked, on air, why I moved to Bristol, and both times I gave the same long-winded answer (learn, Nicky, learn?) involving an explanation of why my husband and I shunned a certain other city in our search for a new abode. “The good people of *&()(*$£^% will never now buy your books,” my husband joked after the first time and I lost sleep over it, went back to the podcast at least a dozen times, trying to decide whether there was real slander in my utterance. There wasn’t, of course, but what if I’d picked different words? What if somebody did take umbrage?

On air sign

By Jorge Díaz (Flickr: On air) [CC-BY-SA-2.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons

Then there was the time when I was asked what makes Dan (my rock star hero) so attractive. I went into great detail describing Dan and… changed his hair colour. Uh huh. I knew seconds after I’d said it that I got mixed up. Absolutely nobody else picked up on it but it jarred me and I felt jittery and scared all over again.

And most recently, I used a swear word on air. I couldn’t help it, it was right on the page that I was supposed to be reading. I didn’t think it was that bad a word, but it got a hiss and a raised eyebrow from the producer and I shrank and quivered in my boots, even more so when the host offered a quick apology for the use of bad language right after I finished reading. I could feel my ears burn red and I wanted to disappear in the ground. Nothing happened, obviously, and the consensus after the show was that really it wasn’t that bad a word for otherwise I wouldn’t have used it in my writing—but you never know who takes offense (I refer you back to points Scary and Unreal) and it’s better to err on the side of caution. Yes, indeed, lesson well and truly learned. I hope!

Exhilarating. I have mentioned the buzz, haven’t I? When you come off air and the show is done (or at least, your slot has finished), the adrenaline rush is totally overpowering. It’s like you’ve drunk a gallon of coffee and you are literally humming with excitement all over. If you’re anything like me, you’ll have a big smile on your face and you’ll just want to sing, shout, let it all out about the fabulous time you’ve had on the radio, blundersome moments notwithstanding. This buzz is addictive, it truly is. It’s a delicious head-rush that perhaps gives a small insight into what an actor, movie star or rock star must feel like after a performance.

Nicky and Elise after the interview in December '11

Nicky and Elise after the interview on BBC Bristol in December ’11

So what would be my do’s and don’t’s for you if you have your first radio appearance coming up?

~Prepare, but don’t over-prepare. Know yourself and your books, and practice saying your two-line elevator pitch out loud several times, but don’t make yourself a slave to the exact text. You want to come across as lively and enthusiastic, not as a reciting robot. On that note—leave your crib notes outside the studio. Honestly, you’ll just get distracted. You’re not sitting an exam. You’re talking about YOU. Just wing it.

~Get there early. There’s nothing worse than turning up flustered and out of sorts.

~Don’t get hung up on the radio-ness of it all. It is only the airwaves (even though there may be webcams involved these days) but it’s all transient. Keep it real.  🙂

~Relax and have a good time. As with any kind of performance or public appearance, your listeners (and radio host) will take their cue from you. If you’re nervous, everyone will feel slightly anxious. (Yes, I know this comment isn’t helping, but it’s important to remember!!). If you’re at ease, everybody else will be at ease. If you’re enjoying yourself, everybody else will have a great time. Said something wrong or silly? Well, either ignore it or laugh about it. There, done. You can do this!

~Smile! Weird as it sounds, research has shown that you can hear a smile in someone’s voice.

Have you been on the radio or even the TV? I’d love to hear about it. Are you preparing for an appearance? Let me know if my thoughts helped. Rock on!

PS. What, me, nervous? About TOMORROW? Never. Why would I be? What could possibly go wrong? I suppose the phone lines could go down, or the computer for that matter. Or people might not phone in, or be poorly. I might lose my voice. Alex might lose his voice. I might say something really stupid. The sky might fall on my head and the world might come to an end… *Rallies* It’ll be FINE!

#RadioAddict strikes again: Live on Air with Nicola Gilroy at BBC Radio Lincolnshire

This radio thing is becoming a habit and an addiction. I can’t help it!


Yesterday, the fabulous Nicola Gilroy invited me onto the afternoon show at BBC Radio Lincolnshire. Take no notice of my deer-caught-in-the-headline look, I have a most amazing time. Nicola asked me about Sophie’s Turn (and Sophie’s Run), my inspiration for writing, the writing (and planning) process as well as my journey to publication. Oh, and we talked about rock music. Obviously. She even played Whitesnake for me, right there, on the show. Needless to say, I played the air guitar. Luckily for Nicola, I didn’t sing along. (Though I was tempted!)

Here’s a link to the iPlayer of this show. It will be functional until end of day, Monday, 28 January. You can find ‘my’ segment from 10 minutes in up to 29 minutes!

Rock on, and thanks for listening. 🙂

PS. While I was sitting in the waiting area at BBC Radio Lincoln, I couldn’t help but reflect on the increasing number of times I’ve been getting to enjoy myself on the radio of late, and how that delicious cocktail of pre-interview nerves always gives me a buzz that lasts through the rest of the day. I might just blog about this in more detail in the coming week or so. What do you reckon?

Second appearance on Siren FM Midweek Drive ~ rock star addiction, advances, and the right way to hold your fork!

Well, I’ve got to hand it to Alex, Claire, Ed and Fien and everybody who called in. I didn’t think making radio could be SO much fun. It was like standup comedy, and the laughs we shared in studio still reverberate in my ears. (Thankfully, they will remain private jokes for ever more… What goes on in studio, stays in studio, ha!)

Last week Wednesday (5 December), I took part in my Second Midweek Drive over at Siren FM.


Also in studio were Alex Lewczuk, Claire Parker, Ed Wellman (for a little while), and Fien Hiel.

Siren 5 Dec

Of course, no opportunity goes unmissed for sharing Sophie’s Turn with the world… and Alex promised to put the little Christmas flyer up somewhere prominent for me: Thank you!

nicky and claire

The line-up included: Cameron Tilbury, CEO of Maple Star Music and Media; Liz Brewer, Premier Publicist and Author of “The Ultimate Guide to Party Planning and Etiquette”; Michele Monro; Deborah White, author of “Deceit” and “Wickedness”; and top filmmaker, Ilana Rein.

Here are your links for listening in…


~Reading of Sophie’s Turn at 18 mins (and I nearly got in trouble!)

~Inspiration for Sophie’s Turn at 23 mins (Terminal Rock Star Addiction!)

Part 2

~Talking about Towels on Deck Chairs and the Right Way To Hold Your Fork with Liz Brewer at 17 mins

~What would I do with a $600,ooo advance, and talking about my fabulous publisher, Sapphire Star Publishing at 21 mins

Well, it was awesome and I can’t wait to do it again!!

In fact, I’ll be back in studio on December 21 for the Siren FM 24-hour Broadcasting Marathon to ward off the End of the World which is due according to the Mayan calendar, so more news about thatafter the fact (if possible). 🙂

In the presence of illustrious guests~my Midweek Drive debut on Siren FM

Co-hosting a radio show for a couple of hours?

Talking about Sophie’s Turn live on air to all manner of interesting and awe-inspiring people?

Offering short readings of Sophie’s Turn live on air, right there and then?

Sure, bring it on, I’m game!

In fact, it already happened. On October 24, 2012, I had the tremendous pleasure of hosting the Siren FM midweek drive show from 5pm to 7pm, alongisde chief presenter Alex Lewczuk and co-hosts Katie Grimason and Ed Wellman (and Tom, for a short spell).

Here’s me with Ed (back left), Tom (back right) and Katie (front right) in the Siren FM studio. Dream team!

And it was the most awesome experience. Take a look at the roll call of people who phoned in and chatted about their own projects… and listened to or talked about Sophie’s Turn:

Cameron Tilbury
CEO of Maple Star Music & Media

Sam Owen
MBPsS BSc- Relationships coach, Psychologist

 Arthur Weingarten
Writer/Producer ( Murder She Wrote, Ironside, The Six Million Dollar Man, The Addams Family)

Michele Monro
with another top selection from her Father Matt Monro‘s back catalogue

 Sarah Pinborough
Award winning author whose credits include The Dog-Faced Gods trilogy and Torchwood.

Phil Leirness
with more reflections from LA

I know. Incredible! Here’s your chance to listen. I won’t upload the files as a two-hour programme makes too huge a file, but here are the links to the podcast, in two parts.

Part 1

Lincolnshire writer Nicky Wells makes her Midweek Drive debut and shares rock stories with Cameron Tilbury from Nashville, discusses relationship strategies with ace coach Sam Owen  before heading to new York and premier writer/producer Arthur Weingarten accompanied by Alex Lewczuk, Katie Grimason & Ed Wellman ( original TX for The Midweek Drive on Wed Oct 24th 2012 )

~Also featuring: a reading of Sophie’s Turn by Alex Lewzcuk (at o4.00 approximately)

Part 2

The penultimate Midweek Drive of October 2012 connects Michele Monro with Ed Wellman & Katie Grimason & continues with the welcome return of award-winning writer Sarah Pinborough sharing her thoughts with Nicky Wells about the modern writing process and setting another sight-reading challenge for Alex Lewczuk ( original TX for The Midweek Drive on Wed Oct 24th 2012)

~Also featuring: brief on-air intro to Sophie’s Turn (at 01:10 approximately) another short reading of Sophie’s Turn by me (at 13:10 approximately)


And the best thing?

I’ve been invited back! I’ll have another chance to do it all again in early December ~ how excited am I?

Thanks for having me on the show, Alex!

So. My strategy for blundering through unexpectedly meeting outstandingly talented, interesting and successful people? Well… I laugh a lot. And I talk a lot.

What’s yours?

Radio Chat with Alex Lewczuk about Sophie’s Turn, Music, Kindle and more…

Happy Friday!

Just a quick post to share with you my latest radio interview. Last week, I had the great pleasure of talking on the phone with Alex Lewczuk, Charles Atha and Gill Appleton.  Alex kindly introduced Sophie’s Turn and we were away on a great chat about my book, Kindles, music and more.

Here’s the link to the podcast…


… and this is what the page looks like. Simply click ‘listen now’ and I’m all yours. Enjoy!

Nicky Wells, Gracing BBC Airwaves (Again)

Holy Microphone! as Sophie would say.
It’s official! I’m a radio addict.  I love being “live on air” on the radio.  So: I thought I’d do it all over again….

Nicky and Elise after the interview in December ’11

As many of you probably recall (given the noise I made about it!), on 21 December last year, I had the great fortune of visiting Elise Rayner on the Afternoon Show on BBC Radio Bristol to talk about my romantic comedy debut, Sophie’s Turn.  Elise gave me an amazing amount of airspace during my first “Beeb” interview and I remember ‘threatening’ that I might have to return when the sequel is written.Well, not only is the sequel, Sophie’s Run, written but it has also been signed by Sapphire Star Publishing–alongside, of course, my first novel.  So I thought it was time to make good on my promise (threat?) and return to BBC Radio Bristol for an update.

Today, I had the pleasure of having a 15 minute chat live on air with the wonderful Alex Lewis.  And did I have the best of times again?  Absolutely!

Nicky and Alex after the interview in May ’12
(Thanks for letting me snap-and-share again!)

Alex asked me about me, and my writing, Sophie’s Turn, the sequel, signing a publishing contract and also about  Once again, I forgot all about being in a studio and talking live on air.  It was such fun!  I think I am addicted.

So here’s the audio…

The definite introduction to Me, Nicky Wells, and to Romance that Rocks Your World, with a big mention for

Due to the length of the interview and the size of the resulting sound file… you guessed it, I had to split it into two parts. Actually, the soundcapture software did it for me without telling me but hey ho, I figured it out when two truncated files showed up. Apologoies! Anyhooo….  In Part 1, Alex asks me about my writing history and background right up to the point of signing with Sapphire Star **inelegant interruption of soundfile here**

**resumption of soundfile here** and in Part 2, Alex asks me about connections with Bristol, inspiration and loveahappyending. Rock on!

And here’s the question for the real pros out there:  How do you stop yourself from “uhm-ing” and “err-ing” and mentioning a lot of “stuff” when live on air?

Nicky Wells introduces “Sophie’s Turn” live on BBC Radio Bristol

Today was another monumental occasion for this here author, Nicky Wells, and my rock star romance, Sophie’s Turn!

I was invited to talk about Sophie’s Turn on BBC Radio Bristol.  The wonderful Elise Rayner hosted me on The Afternoon Show and asked me fantastic questions about the book, and Sophie, and Dan.

It was a truly amazing experience to visit the studio and to answer so many direct and thought-provoking questions about my work.  Unlike my radio debut, which had to happen by telephone on account of the tremendous geographic distance between me and the Dresser After Dark show, this interview was person-to-person.  And yes, there was a big fat red microphone pointing towards my face, and all sorts of technical equipment all around us, but mostly, it was like having a ‘real’ conversation with a lovely person.  In fact, I forgot about being live on air altogether… let’s hope I didn’t get too carried away!.

Here’s the audio — see what you think! 🙂

A huge big Thank You to Elise Rayner for hosting me on her show and asking such fantastic questions.  Rarely have been able to showcase my work quite so extensively!  And another big Thank You to Alex Lewis, producer at BBC Radio Bristol, for making this interview happen.  When the sequel is out…. I’ll just come back for more!