Books Rock! ~My new radio show!

Books Rock! And now they’re literally going to be rocking with me live on air. Woohoo! I’m proud to announce that I’ve been given my very own radio show over at Siren 107.3 FM.


Launching on Saturday 21 June at 11 am UK time, Books Rock! will air monthly for one hour to begin with. I can’t tell you how excited I am!! In every show I’ll feature a couple of authors alongside readers and reviewers. There’s also a brand new ‘reality radio’ segment which will chart the progress of one aspiring Lincoln-based writer. Last but not least, there’ll be music! (It’s not called Books Rock! for no reason…. LOL!)

The theme of the first edition of Books Rock! is “The Writing Journey”. Here’s the lineup:

Authors Talli Roland  and Jill Mansell
Book bloggers JB Johnston and Kim Nash 
Aspiring Lincoln author, Karina Jackson

Woohooo! Tune in live or online at 11 am UK time on
Saturday, 21 June, or catch the podcast after the show. ROCK ON!


20 responses to “Books Rock! ~My new radio show!

  1. Woo hoo! I’ll be manning (womanning?) a road safety stall at the Royal Highland Show, but I’m sure I can catch it later online. Rock on, Nicky! xxxx

    • Woohooo! You most certainly can. Not only will it be aired during an additional timeslot on Siren (or so I’m told), but there’ll also be a podcast available for posterity and to all eternity afterwards…..

  2. Fantastic!! Well done xx

  3. Fabulous Nicky! Good luck with your new venture! xx

  4. Congratulations, Nicky! Rock stardom!

  5. How absolutely spiffing, exciting, marvellous, brilliant! Look forward to hearing at least the podcast! You’ll soon be a one-woman multimedia force to be reckoned with!

    • For some reason, I imagine you speaking with a John Cleese voice as I read your comment, Marina!! LOL! Did you used to do John Cleese impressions in the office, or am I completely losing my marbles? At any rate, thanks for stopping by and for your wonderful , fabulous and totally kind words of encouragement! Not sure about the one-woman multimedia force, but I’m willing to have a try….

  6. That’s brilliant news, Nicky! I’ll have to catch the show via the podcasts so you’ll have to post the link to them once they’re available.

  7. Fabulous, Nicky! You’re a total natural. Well done. PROUD of you! 🙂 xx

  8. Check you out, fancypants! Congrats. 😀

    • Thanks, Carrie! You’d have laughed at me yesterday evening when I was asking myself what the heck I had landed myself in! But now that the first edition is in the can, it’s all looking much easier again. Can’t wait for the next one, LOL! X

  9. Hey Nicky… give me the link to listen on-line… 😉

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