BOOKS ROCK! @SirenFM: First podcast now available…

Remember how I told you about my new radio show, BOOKS ROCK!, a little while back?


Well, the first edition has gone out now, featuring Jill Mansell, Talli Roland, Kim Nash, JB Johnston and Karina Jackson. If you missed it, never fear! The podcast is now available and you can listen at your leisure here:

(Simply press ‘Play’)

Of course, now I want to know what you think! LOL!

The second edition of BOOKS ROCK! will air on 19 July at 11 am UK time, featuring Jane Lovering, Rowan Coleman, Inga Kupp-Silberg, JB Johnston and, of course, Karina Jackson.

Tune in and rock on!





One response to “BOOKS ROCK! @SirenFM: First podcast now available…

  1. The Romaniacs

    Congratulations Nicky. Will have a listen. x

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