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On serendipity and random decisions…. #TwoInOneThrillerProject

Morning! As you know, I’ve finished the detailed plan for book baby 9. Maybe I’ll share a little photo later, but I digress… Now I’m planning book baby 10 in much the same way I planned book baby 9.

Obviously I’ve got a name for my hero (pssst… LUKE!) and I’ve got the rough plan all hammered out. Now I’m working on the detailed plan, including (as ever) a vision for the opening scene. As I’m sitting here staring into my sun-drenched garden, I can just about envision my hero waking up, switching on the news… Except. Well, I can’t **see** him. I can only see a **her.** My hero is talking to me in a female voice. And actually, the name is LUCY, not Luke. Where’d all that come from?

No idea, but I like it. So I’ve changed everything round, including the planned PoV (now first person–haven’t written in the first person in ages!) and adjusted relationships, with some interesting twists. Now I’m even MORE excited about this book baby. Wahoo! Who knows what else will happen while this one is maturing in the queue after book baby 9?


On being powerful… #TwoInOneThrillerProject

‪#‎LoveBeingAnAuthor‬ Just decided that the main character in book baby #10 (the second of the two thrillers I’m planning right now) has a PhD from Johns Hopkins Medical School. I mean, why not? He’s a scientific rock star, so of course he’d have gone to the States for his PhD. In fact, his scientific rock stardom is the very crux to the novel. Oh, the power!

A typed blueprint for Book Baby 9 – #TwoInOneThrillerProject

After a hard day’s work, the detailed outline–the “blueprint”, if you will–for Book Baby 9 (crime/thriller) is finished. Once I’ve transferred it into my “crib sheet format”, it will be ready to germinate and mature while I address myself to Book Bay 10 (psychological thriller). This whole two-at-once-planning project is proving quite fertile!

Pictured below (suitably blurred, obviously): the handwritten road map and the typed blueprint. Just in case you want to know how my mind works..

The handwritten road map for Book Baby 9...

The handwritten road map for Book Baby 9…

... and the typed blueprint.

… and the typed blueprint.

The handwritten concept stands… #TwoInOneThrillerProject

My two-in-one project is coming along nicely, if at a slightly more sedate pace than perhaps is usual for me. Then again, I **am** percolating two very different ideas all at once! After a few weeks of germinating and high-level research, the broad concepts stand for Story 1 (crime thriller) and Story 2 (psychological thriller-slash-crime). I’m ready for the nitty-gritty-heavy-duty-detail plan and research stage. ‪#‎AmPlotting‬ ‪#‎WatchThisSpace‬

Plotting June 16


My new challenge: one idea, two completely different books

Ideas for books come to me at the most random moments, but very frequently when I’m on the road to somewhere, or waiting for a bus or a train. It happens so often that I’ve come to the conclusion that this must have something to do with my mind playing idle association games whilst not otherwise occupied.

Last week Friday, I was pondering life and bus timetables when a book title assaulted me. It came out of nowhere and wouldn’t go away. If I hadn’t been en route to somewhere, I’d have had to have sat down and get working straightaway. My frustration at not being able to do so was intense, but misplaced. Because as it turns out, the sheer practical inability of getting to work straightaway meant that my brain was simmering away at this idea in the background all morning and all day. Very soon, it turned the title into the active ingredient, the “nugget” of a story, the very core idea. And soon after that, it came up with not one but two complete executions of this one idea–but you couldn’t imagine more different outcomes.

I accepted the challenge and have now begun work on both projects. It’s a lovely twenty-six degrees today, and I’m out in the garden, soaking up the rays whilst setting down the rudimentary outlines for each book. One will be a crime thriller, and one will be a haunting psychological thriller. Both will pay tribute to my writing niche, fear not. There will be glamour and rock and even some romance.

One idea, two different books. Challenge accepted!

One idea, two different books. Challenge accepted!

Anyhoo, my unprecedented challenge is hammering out these two stories at the same time. That way, I get the satisfaction of harnessing both ideas and ensuring that they remain miles apart from each other.

Will I write the books concurrently? And if not, which one will see the light of day first? Now these are questions for another day. I’ll keep you posted, watch this space!