On serendipity and random decisions…. #TwoInOneThrillerProject

Morning! As you know, I’ve finished the detailed plan for book baby 9. Maybe I’ll share a little photo later, but I digress… Now I’m planning book baby 10 in much the same way I planned book baby 9.

Obviously I’ve got a name for my hero (pssst… LUKE!) and I’ve got the rough plan all hammered out. Now I’m working on the detailed plan, including (as ever) a vision for the opening scene. As I’m sitting here staring into my sun-drenched garden, I can just about envision my hero waking up, switching on the news… Except. Well, I can’t **see** him. I can only see a **her.** My hero is talking to me in a female voice. And actually, the name is LUCY, not Luke. Where’d all that come from?

No idea, but I like it. So I’ve changed everything round, including the planned PoV (now first person–haven’t written in the first person in ages!) and adjusted relationships, with some interesting twists. Now I’m even MORE excited about this book baby. Wahoo! Who knows what else will happen while this one is maturing in the queue after book baby 9?


2 responses to “On serendipity and random decisions…. #TwoInOneThrillerProject

  1. Haha, I love it when a character does that to you! “Huh, so you think you’re in control, do you, Mrs Author? Well, just you wait and see what I’ve got planned for YOU…!”

    Glad you’re still having fun with it (or should it be him, her, or them!?)

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