Lighting the first candle… Happy Advent!

Unbelievably so, perhaps, given the date and the (ridiculously) mild weather, but yes, it is that time of year again when the Advent Wreath comes out, and each Sunday a candle is lit during the last four weeks before Christmas. Today is the first Sunday of Advent, so here is the first candle. Hooray! #FeelingFestive


Are you doing anything special today?

10 responses to “Lighting the first candle… Happy Advent!

  1. Happy first Advent Day to you, Nicky. Hope you’re keeping well.

  2. I was just debating whether the First Advent Sunday was this Sunday or next one, since Christmas falls on a Sunday, so I’m glad that you helped clarify that for me! Happy First Advent Sunday to you!

    • Glad to be of help! 🙂 This happens about every seven years and usually means that my birthday falls on the fourth of Advent with almost another week to go until Xmas proper. Although I have to confess it nearly passed me by too if it hadn’t been for the local Scouts Xmas fair! How are you, Marina, are you all settled and sorted again?

  3. It looks beautiful, Nicky! Hope we can manage a catch-up soon; I’ve missed you, but know you have tons to do, always! xx

    • Hey you! Thank you for your comment, and it’s lovely to see you back here. Yes, I owe you a huge apology, I’ve been taking a few months out from social media while I was regrouping and prepping my next three books, all thrillers. But now I’m back whenever I can. Hope you’re doing well? xx

      • I guessed you were deep in novelworld 😉 I’m getting there, I think – hypnotherapy has joined the mix of my bid to wellness! Working on novel 3 (60,000 words in) and selling books face-to-face at Mind Body Spirit Fairs, as well as keeping up with Writers’ Circle meetings and the usual online social life! Glad you are around again 🙂 xxx

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