Manuscript is resting, but Nicky Wells (author) is busy!

Good afternoon!  I just thought that perhaps I owed it to you all to let you know what I’ve been up to… having been a little quiet lately.  As you may have read in a previous post, I have finished the first draft for the sequel to “Sophie’s Turn.”  Now, I’m in the ‘manuscript resting’ phase.  This means that the pile of paper pictured below is currently busily being ignored while my mind takes a break from the plot and the characters.  In this manner, when I return to the manuscript for editing in a couple of weeks’ time, I’ll have a fresh outlook on it and I will find it much easier to spot holes, inconsistencies, fine-tune the humour, dial out the comedy moments and generally do everything else that authors do to make a good book truly great.

In the meantime, I thought I might get some rest, too.  Not so!  Here’s what I’ve been up to:

**Thinking about marketing and promotion

**Dreaming up the cover

**Dealing with half-term….

**Travelling to London to visit the US embassy for an ITIN (long story)

**Organising a birthday party for my five year-old

**Blogging, guest blogging, facebooking and tweeting

And somehow, days go by before I can say, “Sophie’s Run.”  And yes… here’s a little snippet of info to whet your appetite.  At this time, I am reasonably confident that the sequel will be titled “Sophie’s Run.”  Why?  Well, watch this space… I’ll be guest blogging at a really hot blog very soon about the sequel!

With that, I shall allow myself one, or maybe two, more weeks of maturing time for the manuscript.  So long my friends, and stay tuned!

6 responses to “Manuscript is resting, but Nicky Wells (author) is busy!

  1. It must be amazing to have completed a whole book and have it sitting there in front of you – well done! x

    • Thanks, Lindsay–it really is a great feeling. I love just looking at the pile of paper and stroking it from time to time, thinking: I did that. XX Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment. 🙂

  2. Very well done – you’ve worked so hard. Enjoy the rest. It’s very tempting to nip back to it from time to time, but I’m sure you’ve got the will-power to resist. x

    • Hey Romaniacs! Thanks for stopping by! It appears, at this time, that I **do** have the willpower to resist, although I have to confess to having rewritten the prologue. But other than that… I’m getting that distance. Thanks for your comment! X

  3. So much to think about once the novel has been written – happy planning! Look forward to your tour when hopefully you’ll stop by my blog. x

  4. Ooooh, Sue, I’d LOVE to stop by your blog! I’ll be reaching out with requests and details across April and May, so watch this space. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment; you know how much I appreciate your support. XX

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