A Very Special Guest Blog Regarding RNLI Lifeboats

Today, I have the pleasure of welcoming a very unusual guest blogger to my site:  my six-year old son!  This is his first blog post ever, but he felt very strongly that he would like to visit my blog and tell the world about a subject close to his heart:  Lifeboats.  He asked if he could post on my blog and I thought… well, it’s a good cause, a great idea… why not?

He has been a member of “Storm Force“, the RNLI club for young people, pretty much since he was born.  As a family, we love visiting lifeboat stations, watching exercises, or even (as has happened on a couple of occasions) real rescues.  To raise awareness for the RNLI and its lifeboats, my six-year old drew this picture this morning:

This is what he would like to say about lifeboats:  “Lifeboats matter because they will rescue you if you’re stuck out on the sea.  Lifeboat crews are important because they drive the lifeboats out to you.  The crews aren’t paid, only the captain is, and they are all very brave.  Did you know that lifeboats don’t sink?  If they turn over, they right themselves because of the airbag that’s in the bottom of the hull.”

Well said!  A big thank you to my special guest blogger today.  If you would like to find out more about lifeboats or support their cause, visit the RNLI website here.

6 responses to “A Very Special Guest Blog Regarding RNLI Lifeboats

  1. Wow, what a fabulous post. From one lifeboat fan to another, well done! My favourite one is the Cromer boat in Norfolk. I always have to buy playing cards and other things from their shop. Which is your favourite?


    • Hey Celia, thanks for stopping by! You’ve just made a six-year old ecstatically happy that someone likes his post. I like the Cromer lifeboat, but we’ve been all over. My son likes the Weston Lifeboats because they’re close and there’s often something going on. Lifeboats rock, as far as the Wells family is concerned. XX

      • We used to visit the Cromer lifeboat at least once a year, not been their in my new life tho. Anyone who has this subject for their blog is a star in my book. Well done, lovely six year old Wells boy! My class are seven and eight year olds, might have to use this as an example of using your innitiative.

        Celia xx

  2. Ah, it’s nice to be a star occasionally, thank you! Haven’t been to Cromer in a while either, Ilfracombe and Weston super mare are the closest to us now. My little one will be chuffed to bits about your comment! XX Thanks for stopping by again. 🙂

  3. Love the picture and what a brilliant post. You know RNLI have a special place in my mind and WIP. x

  4. I know–I was thinking of you when we were posting it. My two boys are totally lifeboat obsessed, and my special guestblogger is working on a second post… Sow those seeds early, huh? Anyway, thanks for stopping by! XX

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