NEWSFLASH! Sapphire Star Publishing Signs “Sophie’s Turn” by Nicky Wells

YES! I want to shout it from the rooftops, and dance on the ceiling.  I want to sing and wave my hands in the air.  I am really excited to announce that I have signed my debut novel, Sophie’s Turn, with trailblazing new US publisher, Sapphire Star Publishing (SSP)!

When I first heard about SSP on Facebook early in January, I was immediately intrigued.  Who wouldn’t be, with a catching name and stunning logo like the sapphire star?  I checked out the company’s website and was even more interested: this looked just like my kind of organisation.  Sapphire Star Publishing is a small press publisher dedicated to bringing readers the finest fiction.  The company works closely with its authors to grant each publication the opportunity to reach its full potential.  Unsurprisingly, then, everyone at SSP is really passionate about books, dedicated and motivated, and highly professional. That’s an intriguing proposition, and I was instantly hooked.  And when I discovered that SSP was accepting submissions, well, I was off to my email in a flash.

I submitted Sophie’s Turn and quickly heard back:  would I consider sending the full manuscript?  Of course I would!  And just under two weeks later… last Friday, to be precise, I got the amazing email:  SSP loved Sophie’s Turn!

I literally sat stunned for a good few minutes, reading and re-reading the email several dozen times, trying to make sure that I understood right.  I believe I was then seen dancing round the dining room (which is where my laptop lives on a tiny desk, when I’m not actually writing) and through the lounge, seeming very excited but not making an awful lot of sense.  This was just the most terrific news, and an indescribable feeling of joy. I am simply thrilled to be joining the SSP family!

Now here’s the really important bit:  SSP will officially relaunch Sophie’s Turn on 6 September 2012!!  In the meantime, for a limited time only, Sophie’s Turn will continue to be available in Kindle edition from and until the end of March. After that, the novel will be temporarily unavailable until the official relaunch of Sophie’s Turn.

Stay tuned and sign up for ongoing updates and news on this blog.  Or visit Sapphire Star Publishing for further news and, of course, to meet the rest of the SSP family: A.L. Jackson; Amy Gregory; Gary Kassay; Mandy Baggot; Linn B. Halton; S. Blue Remy

Thanks for joining me today as I celebrate, and do keep in touch!
Cheerio from
–Nicky XX 🙂

54 responses to “NEWSFLASH! Sapphire Star Publishing Signs “Sophie’s Turn” by Nicky Wells

  1. Congratulations! Bubbly’s already open. Kit X

  2. Really fantastic news, congratulations I’m so pleased for you Nicky! 🙂

  3. Fanbloodytastic! Congratulations, Nicky! Now get on with the next WIP 😉 xx

    • Thanks, Debbie! I love the comment, fanbloodytastic indeed. I am totally thrilled. And the best thing… WIP is already written, too! It’s all a bit much to take in right now… Thanks for joining the party!

  4. Oh Nicky, I am absolutely thrilled for you. What fabulous news! I shall raise a glass of fizz to you later. Many Congratulations! You dance round the room all you like 🙂
    Jan x

  5. Well done! What fantastic news! I am so proud of you – you go, girl! (Now just imagine the little dance we used to do in the office…). Are you going to offer them the sequel as well?

    • Thanks so much! I am just absolutely delighted, of course. Oh yeah, I remember that dance; it’s all coming back to me now! Hee hee, long time ago, huh? RE Sequel… we’ll see! Will keep everyone posted, watch this space. Meanwhile, thanks for joining my little celebration! xx

  6. Fantastic! Can’t wait to have a paperback version of Sophie’s Turn sitting on my bookshelf. Well done Nicky, very much deserved. xx

  7. Brilliant news, Nicky. Many congratulations. 🙂 Laura xxx

  8. Fantastic news Nicky – well done and many congratulations!

  9. Huge congrats! Get polishing that second novel lady – can’t wait for the re-launch of Sophie’s Turn!!!!! Enjoy your day.

    • Thanks, Linn! Really appreciate you joining the party, especially on such a busy day for you. I WILL polish the sequel… just as soon as I’ve got a clear head again. Getting feedback from a couple of beta readers already… looking good so far! But for now: CHEERS. (It’s almost noon in Germany, that’s good enough for me!) X

  10. Congratulations Nicky wonderful news and so well deserved…. Sunny smiles and big hugs to you xx

  11. Yaaaaaaay Nicky!! So proud of you and thrilled to hear this wonderful news. I wish you lots of happiness and success and now it’s time to celebrate!!

    • Wow, Bonnie… I heard that all the way across the pond: Thank you so much for your best wishes!! I am totally excited and am celebrating… with bubbly later, for sure! X Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

  12. Congratulations!

  13. Congrats Nicky! We are so happy to have you join our family! We have a lot of fun, and cheer each other on. Wishing you all the best and can’t wait to read Sophie’s Turn! xxoo Amy G

    • Hello Amy! Thanks so much for stopping by to say hello. It’s just so great to join such a fabulous group of authors. Fun and cheering on sound just like my cup of tea! And I look forward to checking out everyone’s books, too! XX Here’s to a great venture together… CHEERS!

  14. I want to know more about this. Was Sophie’s Turn already available as a self-pubbed e-book? More info please!!!!

    Huge congratulations. Getting popping those champagne bottles.

    • Hey Gilli, yes, Sophie’s Turn is available as an ebook in Kindle edition on Amazon at this time. HOWEVER, it will be temporarily unavailable between April and September in preparation for the relaunch. Hope that answers your question? And the corks are a-popping at this house… Cheers! (again) Thanks for stopping by today and sharing in my excitement.

  15. Well you already know what I think – but I’ll say it again. Brilliant. Truly brilliant news. Well done you! Keep dancing 🙂

  16. Congratulations Nicky!!!


    • Awww, thanks, Jess, and mwah back! Just finally had the real bubbly with dinner and am finding it very hard to type. So… will keep celebrating, but probably offline now. Thanks for stopping by!! XXX 🙂

  17. Congratulations! Fabulous news.

  18. That’s the most marvellous news, but you deserve it. There’s nothing quite like holding a print version of your book in your hands.

    • Chris, what a lovely thing to say, thanks so much! I hope I’ll get there RE the print version, that would just be my absolute dream! Thanks for joining the party tonight, and hope all is well with you. XX

  19. Congratulations Nicky! Wonderful news, well done you! x

  20. Congratulations, Nicky!

  21. Took me a while to find my way here, Nicky, but just wanted to say, whooOOOT! Huge Congrats, sweetie. You are a talented writer and a really supportive person. Proud to know you! Proud of you! Oh, and yes, I will be purchasing the SSP book when it launches, too! 🙂 xx

    • Bless you! That’s one sale in the bag then… XXX Thanks so much for your huge whhooooot of support and joy, you know how much that means. As regards the other lovely things you say: !! Thanks for stopping by and joining the party, hope you enjoyed your little virtual glass of bubbly. 🙂

  22. Brilliant news, Nicky! Mega congratulations – you must be absolutely thrilled, I know I would be. 🙂

  23. P.S. Just bought Sophie’s Turn on Kindle – looking forward to reading it.

    • Woohooo, way to go! Thanks very much. Just so you’re aware, you’ve purchased the current Kindle edition. In September, SSP will officialy relaunch Sophie’s Turn as ebook and also in paperback edition. Meanwhile, I hope you enjoy! 🙂 x

      • I’ll probably buy a paperback when it’s out as well – I’m perfectly happy reading books on my Kindle but I still do like to hold a physical book in my hands and put it on the bookshelf! Especially when I’ve had contact with the author.

  24. I’m honoured!! Thanks so much… 🙂

  25. Bernd Edinger

    Hi, Nicky, these are for sure good news and I am so happy for you!
    My best congratulations!
    I am wishing you for the future all the best and I am proud of you!
    Go, Nicky, go!!!
    Greetings from Kaiserslautern, Germany

  26. I’ve come a bit late to the congratulations party, but just wanted to add my own great big Well done Nicky!!!
    I can’t wait to find out more about the relaunch – I’ll be scouring your blog for news so do point me in the right direction if there’s anything I’ve missed 🙂
    Are you based in the UK, Nicky? And will the relaunced Sophie’s Turn be available in the UK in paperback too? x Jo

    • Hi Jo, well, you’re not too late because I am still partying! Or in fact, should I say, I’m partying again as the preparations for the launch are gearing up. Thanks so much for visiting and joining in the fun: I’m honoured!

      To answer your questions… I’m based in the UK, now living in Lincoln, actually. To the very best of my knowledge, the relaunched Sophie’s Turn will be available in the UK in paperback, via I hope to do some book signings too, planning here is in progess, and obviously I will bring paperbacks to those, too. Watch this space!

      You are sending me a timely reminder to post an unpdate on the relaunch, so I shall get onto that soon. Meanwhile, I have been posting about withdrawing the original Sophie’s Turn from Amazon in preparation for the relaunch… as well as various other aspects of preparing the launch, such as my cover reveal, a photo shoot and my brand reveal. I’ve also posted a feature summing up my ‘author metamorphosis.’ Hope this is what you were looking for? Happy reading, and please stay in touch: it’s nice to hear from you! 🙂 xx

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