Frozen Kingdom

Hello, world! It’s a beautiful, if very cold day here in Lincolshire. When I took the kids to school this morning, the outside thermometer read -6 degrees Celsius.

It’s a clear, sunny day on the heels of a very cold, foggy day yesterday and the world is transformed. I couldn’t help taking pictures of the frozen kingdom that we saw on the way to school. I hope you appreciate that my fingers nearly turned into icicles by the time I was done becuase it’s imposible to manipulate the camera with gloved hands! Sit back, and enjoy… And let me know which one your favourite shot is!

Ice tears on the weeping willow

Freezing willow

Berry frost

Crystal numbers

Crystal numbers

Frozen home?

Frozen home?



Icy prickles #1

Frosted prickles #1



Frosted prickles #2

Frosted prickles #2

Frosty web art

Frosty web art

24 responses to “Frozen Kingdom

  1. Beautiful pictures – almost makes the cold bearable for photographic results like that!

    • *waves with defrosted digits* Thanks so much, Marina! I bet you get beautiful vistas like that where you are all the time but it’s ‘quite something’ here and I’m glad you liked the results! 🙂

  2. Wow you are really in a cold spot! Our snow is expected tomorrow from 6am, heavy through till noon then moving north. Looks like snow on and off over the weekend too. Like you I will use the opportunity for photographs!
    Keep warm!

    • LOL, how do they come up with that? Snow at 6am?? Hope they’re right and look forward to your photos. Thanks for visiting and… I am nice and toasty in my study right now! xx

  3. I’ve got two
    1 – The freezing willow,
    2 – Frosty web art …who would have believed such a delicate thing as a spider web could produce something like this.
    Anyway, as reference for those of us who live on this side of the pond,[I’m here in NYC area] Nicky’s -6 C is 21.2 F
    The temperature right now outside the apartment [flat] building I live in is about 40 F which is 4.4 C in the UK.
    What can I say Nicky, but go home and snuggle up to a good book, and keep warm

    • I know! There are frozen spider webs everywhere. I took me a while to realize why they didn’t seem that extraordinary to begin with ~ because of course, we hang up fake ones at Halloween, so the sight isn’t that unusual until you remind yourself that this is for real! Real webs, real frost. Thanks for the temperature heads-up, I was simply too lazy to read the thermometer again (it does show Fahrenheit, I think). Glad you like the photos and… I am *so* snuggled up with a good book, LOL. *waves*

  4. Wow, what a great selection, and I truly appreciate the pain you endured (aka the cold) to get these shots! My faves are the willow, the poplar and the frosty web art. Hope you’re toasty warm again now. We had about 10 flakes earlier and that was it! It’s 7 degrees here.

    • Whoop! Glad you enjoyed them. The willow is stunning, indeed. I have a different one in the garden (although the name currently escapes me, I can only think of Krueppelweide) which is also spectacular but I ran out of batteries! 7 degrees — where are you, Spain?? LOL, have a great day and thanks for visiting. xx

  5. cosmochicklitan

    Those pictures are stunning Nicky! I just went for a walk with my baby. It’s amazing out there. The crisp sunshine makes everything sparkle even more :-).

  6. Hi Nicky, what beautiful photographs. I have been thinking of you loads with the snow up there. We are due some tommorrow, fingers crossed. You must be getting excited with the launch of your new book. Leisa xx Crystal numbers is my favourite.

    • Hey Leisa, so lovely to hear from you! Yes, we’re supposed to get loads of snow tomorrow. And you too, I gather. Love Crystal Numbers too, it looked stunning against the blue sky. I *might* see you soon???? And yes, am excited about the launch… watch this space, I say #radio, I say #rockband!!

  7. Hard to choose, but it’s berry frost for me. Fantastic photos, Nicky!

  8. Gorgeous Nicky. I am so envious! x

  9. Your frosty fotos are fab! They’re all so great, I can’t choose a favourite. When I left for work this morning it was a balmy -7C but with the wind chill felt more like -13C. And wouldn’t you know… I left my mitts at home.

    Our snow has pretty much all melted although there was a light dusting overnight and the possibility of snow squalls were in the forecast for today.

    Enjoy your snow and sub-zero temperatures while they last… or until you get fed up with them.

    • *waves* Ouch, so sorry about your mitts. Hope you didn’t get too frozen! The temperature has mellowed here to just around freezing but they’re still insisting there will be snow today. Hmmm…. chance would be a fine thing! Glad you enjoyed my photos and thanks for visiting! XXX

  10. The spider webs look amazing, you are a really dab hand with the camera, Nicky : ) x

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