Dan’s Secret Playlist for Sophie

It’s Music Monday!


And it’s not any old Music Monday. It’s the first Music Monday after the holidays, so I’m once again your chief DJ.

And it’s a launch week Music Monday. Yes! I’m using this post to kick off the festivities. Only three days to go until Sophie’s Encore, and naturally, I am way overexcited. Many of you have been following Sophie and Dan’s romance over the past year. You know how, in the first act, Sophie’s Turn, the two look destined for one another until Sophie takes a surprising turn in the road. You know how, in the second act, Sophie’s Run, Dan has to watch while Sophie is in pursuit of her thunderbolt-and-lightning man. You know that Dan finds this really quite difficult, even though he never once lets on to Sophie how he really feels.

So at the beginning of the third and final act, Sophie’s Encore, let me share with you a list of songs that are on Dan’s playlist as he is poised for the grand finale…#

Dan’s ‘official’ stance towards Sophie


Dan’s fierce conviction (which he keeps top secret, of course)


Dan’s deepest worry that keeps him awake at night


Dan’s biggest wish


Dan’s secret commitment to Sophie


So. Are You Ready for the biggest ride of all?

5 September


11 responses to “Dan’s Secret Playlist for Sophie

  1. Hi Nicky
    I’ve been playing my Sophie Trilogy Playlist for the past several days and with only three days to go I feel it’s time for Dan to confess how much he really loves Sophie. And to change the pace a little, here’s another mellow tune for you and your readers


  2. Yay! Had a warm and fuzzy moment listening to Dan’s tracklist. I’m so looking forward to Sophie’s Encore, and finding out how things finally turn out for Sophie and Dan 🙂

    • Hooray! A warm and fuzzy moment… Yes! I get those too. Especially with the REO Speedwagon offering, that just won’t leave my head at the moment. Thanks for stopping by and for your lovely comment. XX

  3. Awesome! Love all the tracks – couple I hadn’t heard in a while, so it was great to listen to them all.
    Funny moment: I was in the ‘office’ listening to the FM track, and hubby opens the door, stares for a few moments and says “How is this ‘writing’?” 😉
    I don’t think my protests of “This is supporting other writers/it’s research/oh just go away will you” cut any ice! 😉 😉
    But listening to rock music IS research – or inspiration!

    • Definitely!!!! I’ll confirm that if your OH still needs persuading, LOL. Thanks for checking this out, glad you enjoyed. I’m so excited, I can barely type (OG that could be misconstrued, haw haw). What will I be like on Thursday??? XXX

  4. Dan has really good taste! (And you did say he’d be getting onto Darren so that we have a new Dare album …. right? *hehehe*)
    Loving the build up to your Encore!

    • Thank you! Working on Dare/Darren with Dan. (That’s a lot of Da’s, my goodness ~ like fate!) Hehehe! Of course Dan has great taste. Wish I could bring you some Tuscq…. Maybe one day, who knows. XXX Thanks, Jo!

  5. Nicky, I love Dan’s playlist for Sophie! It’s amazing and sweet…much like the man! 🙂 Thanks for sharing it.

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