Sophie’s Run is In The Building!

It only seems like yesterday that I posted right here when Sophie’s Turn turned up in paperback format in my house. It is, in fact, only barely five months. Five months! And I am the proud author-owner of my very own second book.

Sophie’s Run. It’s here!


This one wasn’t eight years in the making. I wrote it from October 2011 until February 2012, taking about fourteen weeks to complete it.


I was going to publish in the summer of 2012. That was before I signed with my fabulous publisher, Sapphire Star Publishing, of course.
So Sophie’s Run got a little waiting period but here it is…


Oh my God.


Of course, this time, I knew what was coming. I knew I would be overwhelmed with joy and… glee. Yes, pure and unadultered joy at holding another book of mine in my very hands. I’m telling you, the feeling is just as great as first time round! And it’s not just me who’s insanely proud, it turns out…


Oh, this gives me an idea. Don’t the two books look good together?


Oh, let’s try another shot….


Oooh yeah, baby!
I’m sorry. I’m sorry! I couldn’t help playing at happy bookshelves with them. Just wait until book 3 joins them. (And book 4… and book 5…)


Work it, baby, work it…


Awesome. Not long to go now!
Launch day is 7 February, and I’ll be having the most rocking launch yet. Literally, really rocking!
Watch this space for more news and thank you for joining me.


Rock on!

Pssst! *whispers* In case you haven’t seen them: the advance reviews for Sophie’s Run are rolling in on Goodreads. Go take a look! 🙂

45 responses to “Sophie’s Run is In The Building!

  1. It’s so pretty! Fab when two book are placed together! Great job, Nicky! You rock! 🙂 xx

  2. Fantastic news Nicky, it looks great! 🙂

  3. Whoop. Exciting Nicky. Wishing you loads of success x

  4. YAY! So excited for you! Sophie’s Run looks just perfect next to Sophie’s Turn. Massive congratulations, my lovely friend. xx

    • Whoop! Thanks so much, Sue, lovely writing buddy! I can’t wait. Felt a bit show-offish, putting them side by side, but couldn’t help it. *waves* Thanks for visiting! xx

  5. Oh yay! Don’t your book babies look so pretty together! There’s my incentive to finish our WIP lol.

    So pleased the feeling with Sophie’s Run is just as joyous and magical as with Sophie’s Turn. Excitement builds!

    • It certainly does build… and it’ll keep on building. I’ll be fizzing soon, LOL! Thanks for visiting and for your kind words, Jo ~ wait until you can put your books next to each other (and please POST that photo) it’s a great moment. Rock on and… do you have snow yet?? #stillwaiting XX

      • We had a few flakes yesterday (I mean, 10 or less) and sleet last night and this morning. It’s just been a blankety grey, sodden day all day! It’s pretty when it falls but I don’t like it affecting travel! And I have Writers’ Circle on Monday so (selfishly) want the roads to be clear! 😉

  6. Awww, they look perfect side-by-side! In fact, who could resist buying them both to read back-to-back and then stand side-by-side on their own bookshelf? (Try saying that when you’ve had a glass or two!). Love it! WhooOOT! Well done, Nicky 🙂 xx

    • Well… *tries…and ties tongue in knot* Hehe, that could be the tongue-twister challenge for the launch! Thanks for your enthusiasm, Sheryl, you are a rock. I’m counting on you to be chief cheerleader for the launch. xxx

  7. Congratulations, Nicky! Looks fab. Enjoy Enjoy Enjoy! X

  8. Stephanie Keyes

    I am so happy for you. They look wonderful. I hope you truly enjoy every minute of this, because I’ve go it news for you, girl… YOU are the rock star! By the way, I’m ten chapters in already and loving it. 🙂

  9. Congratulations, Nicky! So excited for you! Best wishes for a fabulous book launch!

  10. Looking good Nicky! One book is great, but TWO is awesome – it’s going to be a fabulous launch! Congrats. Lxxx

  11. Wooo Hooo! Double delight, Nicky. Thrilled to bits for you. Bring on the launch! 🙂 xx

  12. OHHHHH!!! Don’t those two look pretty together!! Congrats Nicky!!!

  13. Lol. Love it. Looks amazing. Congrats

  14. Once again Nicky here we go again with another celebration you’ve worked hard and long for. And I again I feel a little left out, but this time the celebration at least is LIVE via radio streaming here to this side of the pond.
    Too bad you can’t be here in the NYC area for something related to your [but alas this is wishful thinking on my part]
    So Nicky, One More Time…We’re gonna to Celebrate ,,, One More Time …

    I couldn’t resist posting this Musical Interlude, I’m Sure You’re Going to Enjoy It 🙂 😀 🙂 😀

    • I love it! Now I’m in the party mood, for sure! You won’t be left out, Robin, I’ll try and make sure that you know exactly where the action is. Meanwhile, thanks for sharing my excitement, that makes it even more special. x 🙂

  15. Congratulations Nicky! It looks great, and it’s lovely to see how proud you are, thanks for sharing the photos with us. It must be a wonderful feeling!

    • Thanks so much, Lindsay ~ it’s totally awesome. I’m so pleased that you enjoyed the post, I always worry slightly that I might be showing off… but they look SO good together! XX Thanks for commenting and see you at the launch party! x

  16. This is SO exciting! I’m happy for you, Nicky.

  17. Oo, the books look great together! 😀 Congratulations!

  18. Oh, yes! These make for a very pretty bookshelf! Congrats, Nicky! So excited for you! Love the colors too!

  19. It looks fabulous! Huge congratulations, Nicky!

  20. Hi Nicky, just wondered if you fancied doing a little promotion of your book on one of my Thursday Throng author interviews?

  21. Wow it looks gorgeous!! I love the side by side shots – what a fab pair 🙂 Congratulations Nicky x

  22. Wow! Now it is so real and wonderful, enjoy every moment. Congrats. J xx

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