Hanging By A Thread

It’s Music Monday!


And it’s a very special Music Monday today. I have an exclusive! Oh yes, I do! Remember THE HUSH? They’ve visited this blog many times now: for Nicky Reviews Rock, to celebrate a video release and to take part in book launches!

Well, today, it is my great pleasure and privilege to bring you a clip from their brand new single, Hanging By A Thread, released on 10 April!

Read on for the clip and an exclusive interview with Jazmine and Lee… but first of all, the PRESS RELEASE. Oh yes, you get the full-on rock star treatment here!

THE HUSH Hanging by a Thread cover

For Immediate Release


Femme Fatale Fronted Indie Powerhouse Band Making Great Progress on Sophomore Album

April 9, 2013 – Los Angeles — Alternately haunting and powerful, THE HUSH’s new track, Hanging by a Thread, is a love-sick sucker punch with slippery tones wrapped around silver soaked vocals that make the venom go down easy. Singer/lyricist Jazmine Giovanni’s pitch-perfect delivery is an alluring ride from sweet temptation to calculated chaos.The well articulated rock sound pouring out of the band sets the emotional stage from the first drum beat and intro of seemingly innocent gun-slinging guitars.

The much-anticipated April 10 release of THE HUSH’s third single on iTunes, cdbaby and other popular digital sites marks much progress toward their upcoming album. The new track joins recently released singles Touch and Go along with Hold You Down, the latter accompanied by their first video that debuted on YouTube April 1, 2012.

After receiving wide praise for their first EP, “Scene of the Crime” (2010), THE HUSH has spent the last two years writing their sophomore effort while continuing to play live in popular Hollywood (CA) venues.With nine more new tunes in the works and their next video in development, THE HUSH is definitely getting louder.For more information, including links to twitter, facebook, Reverbnation and more, go to THEHUSHrockband.com

# # #

Cover photo  by Evi T’Bolt. All rights reserved THE HUSH. From left: Jazmine Giovanni, vocals; Blake Paulson, drums; Andrew James, bass; Greg Pajer, guitar; Lee Landrum, lead guitar.

Hanging by a Thread  2012 copyright: Pacesetter.MP3 provided for media/promotional use only and is not intended for sale or distribution by the recipient. All rights reserved THE HUSH.


THE HUSH have very kindly made available to me a short clip from this latest release to give you all a flavour for what it sounds like!

Isn’t it FANTASTIC??? Go get it, now! 🙂

Mini-Interview with Jazmine and Lee

You know how much I love rock, of course you do. So you cannot be surprised that I’ve connected with this amazing band, and that I had some questions about this single! 🙂 Lead singer Jazmine Giovanni and guitarist Lee Landrum have kindly indulged my curiosity and here are there answers. YOU ROCK, guys!

Hanging By A Thread… I know that feeling well! What was the inspiration for the song?

Jazmine:   The inspiration for “hanging” was really just where I was at personally at that point in time.  There was a lot of change looming but the song is really a portrait of a frozen moment; a sort of suspended animation before the hammer falls, so to speak.

How long did it take to put together?

Jazmine: I recall having the melody right away but not knowing what to say. I knew how I felt listening to the progression, but my emotions were in a nebulous state and it took me quite some time to simplify them adequately.  They eventually came, four or five months after the music.  This one I kept in my writing rotation because I just felt it had something.

Lee:  The music came together rather quickly.  We (the guys) had a lot of ideas for this one.  After Jazmine wrote the lyrics and melody we went back in and fine tuned a few parts, like the gunslinger guitar sounds and some of the drum rolls.

What’s next for THE HUSH~ can we look forward to another album?

Lee:  Yes, our first full-length album is in the works.  Three of the songs have already been released as singles, Hanging By A Thread being one of them.  We might release a couple more as singles along the way, hasn’t been decided yet.  The new material is great, I’m looking forward to getting back in the studio to record.  We’ve grown a lot the past couple years and it will show in this next album.

*Squeeee! Nicky is very excited about this….*

You know I love little insights into the wild and wonderful world of rock. You won’t be surprised if I’ m asking whether anything out of the ordinary take place during writing/recording… but you can, of course, take the fifth! 🙂

Lee:  While we are mainly a down to business band, something almost always happens that stops us all in our tracks for a laugh or two — usually some stupid “guy” joke from one of us, Jazmine included.  Out of the ordinary usually happens at shows where the environment isn’t so controlled.  Not too long ago I plugged in on stage and nothing…not a sound from my amp.  We were ticking down to showtime so the sound person and I had to quickly trace the problem.  I found a dead plug on stage, easily remedied but somewhat of a momentary heart-stopper.

Gosh, I can imagine! Thank you both for taking the time to stop by and chat, I really enjoyed having you here today. Rock on!

Was that awesome, or was that awesome?

How about you? Do you ever feel like you’re Hanging By  a Thread?

And here’s a reminder ~ you can get the single in now on iTunes and cdbaby!!


33 responses to “Hanging By A Thread

  1. Another fab Music Monday Nicky – you rock!

  2. Stephanie Keyes

    This is a super-cool post, Nicky! Thanks for hosting the hush today and introducing us to their music. In answer to your question, yes, I feel like I’m hanging by a thread pretty much every day. Ha! Thank you! 🙂

  3. Great clip and interview, Nicky! I shall keep an eye out for the album. 🙂

  4. Love this week’s Music Monday Nicky! Thanks for sharing. You ROCK! x

  5. Here speaks the heart of an artist: “There was a lot of change looming but the song is really a portrait of a frozen moment; a sort of suspended animation before the hammer falls, so to speak”. Music, lyrics, paintings, books, they all come from the heart. Yes, you can learn it, but living it brings us its passion. FAB post, Nicky! Best of luck, THE HUSH! 🙂 xx

    • Aw, Sheryl, I totally love that you picked out that quote. Jazmine is an amazing lyrics writer (and y’all know how much I care about lyrics!!) and I adore the way she described her inspiration for Hanging By A Thread. Thank you for your wonderful comment and for stopping by today, Sheryl. XX

    • So nice! Thank you, Sheryl.

  6. Wonderful Music Monday, Nicky! Loved it. Goo luck to THE HUSH 🙂

  7. A ricking interview, lovey! Rock on, THE HUSH! XOXO

  8. umm… that was ROCKING! Dumb iphone! LOL! XOXO

    • Jen, you crack me up ~ Loveya! Thank you so much for stopping by, checking this out, and leaving a comment (twice). Big hugs, and I’m so happy you enjoyed the feature. XXX 🙂

  9. Awesome, yes! Hanging by a Thread, very often, yes. 🙂 That clip sounds incredible!

  10. Nicky – Another great tune. It’s surprising to see how many other artists have used the same title for their songs. So instead of using one of them as part of my response, I’ve decided to be somewhat contrary. Instead of hanging by a thread, stuck in time, and possibly stuck in a relationship which isn’t really going anywhere, I would rather ….

    Enjoy !!! 🙂

    • Robin, I get the distinct impression you’re a Shirley Bassey fan. This must be the… third? fourth? of her songs that you’ve posted and I loveya for it. It’s a fab tune and also a theme that I can connect with. Probably one that leaves you Hanging By A Thread if you do too much of it! Thanks for visiting and posting a musical response, as always! xx 🙂

    • Love this Shirley Bassey video. Thanks for sharing!

  11. Nicky, we can’t thank you enough for all your support! And, so great to hear back from so many of your fans. What a fab group of people surrounding you and your work. Well deserved to such a generous person. Love you, Nicky! Can’t wait to see what your next rockstar novel has in store for us all. You rock!!

    • *blush* Awww, thank you so much, y’all! It was quite a party here, wasn’t it, and it was fun too. Thank you again for visiting and making it happen, and for coming back to say ‘hello’ to everyone. Love you too ~ keep rocking and come back soon! XX (Oh, and come to the UK soon… whenever you can! I’ll be there!!!!) 🙂 x

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