Your chance to win an Amazon gift voucher ~ ENDS 1 May!

Good morning, afternoon or, indeed, evening! 🙂

The Sophie’s Run blog tour has come to an end, and what a blast I had. The location and food features were fabulously well received, and there were some fantastic interviews and assorted guest posts as well. You told me you loved it!
Of course, the tour was accompanied by a number of giveaways.
Here’s the good news! As promised on launch day for Sophie’s Run, the
BONUS GIVEAWAY is still open, but only until 1 May!


Enter now for your chance to win a $20/£15 Amazon Gift Voucher!

Here’s a reminder about how to enter. It’s really simple!

Email me your thoughts on Sophie’s Run.
Did it make you laugh? Cry? Turn the pages one after the other? Did it make you want to throw your Kindle at the wall? Did it make you want to pack your suitcase and go travelling?  Did it leave you with a happy smile?
I would love to hear your reaction! 🙂

So. To be entered into the draw for the gift voucher, email your thoughts on Sophie’s Run to me at

Email me the link to a review for Sophie’s Run that you posted to AMAZON and you will also be entered into the draw!

The Bonus Giveaway closes Wednesday, 1 May, at 12 midnight BST.

Entries will be numbered in the order they arrive.
The winner will be determined by using



8 responses to “Your chance to win an Amazon gift voucher ~ ENDS 1 May!

  1. What an amazing tour you have had Nicky and I think you have virtually written a cook book in the process. Some fab recipes, some wonderful food, some amazing photos and places to visit. What a celebration for Sophie’s Run – HUGE congratulations! Not many could have pulled it off, but you did.

  2. This tour was great fun, Nicky! I love to travel and enjoyed the visits to so many beautiful spots! Love the story too!

  3. I do have some thoughts on the book. I enjoyed it and want to make another comment which I’ll email you.

  4. It was a FABulous tour, Nicky! I agree with Linn, you pretty much wrote a recipe book, too. Scrummy! I will let you have my thoughts – and a review, but I’m not there yet. Best of luck, sweetie! 🙂 xx

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