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Fairy Tale in New York: Official Launch Day!

When someone’s in distress, you give up your flight. When there’s a white-out, you have dinner and hope for the best. When it’s Christmas and you can’t get home… you hope for a miracle. And that’s the essence of Fairy Tale in New York, officially out today!

What the critics say…

Amazing. Breathtaking. Thanks to Fairy Tale in New York, @Faroofthedark is a convert to Christmas themed books! http://ow.ly/D7SpF

Everything you could wish in a #Christmas story, five stars! @Cometbabe on Fairy Tale in New York http://ow.ly/DYoHK

A truly beautiful book, can’t recommend it highly enough! @dawnlcrooks on FAIRY TALE IN NEW YORK http://ow.ly/E34ot

“Wonderfully uplifting, just how a Christmas novella should be!” Rachel reviews FAIRY TALE IN NEW YORK @readlovelust http://ow.ly/E351k

“Magical” says @bethany_Petty in her review of Fairy Tale in New York at @chicklitcentral! http://ow.ly/E3tmI

Perfect for #Christmas, 4.5 Stars! @skydreamersimi enjoyed FAIRY TALE IN NEW YORK! http://ow.ly/E3wWz

Festive, magical, beautiful, sweet, charming, fun… 5 stars for FAIRY TALE IN NEW YORK from @SophieRTB http://ow.ly/E4rB2

Fairy Tale in New York > soul-warming, uplifting, festive! 5 Crowns from Kelly at @peruseprincess http://ow.ly/E4u5v

What I say…


Fairy Tale in New York is an all-out, no-holds-barred, super-sized feel-good and good-cheer Christmas novella featuring a rock star and the girl next door. I know, that’s a lot of adjectives right there. But you see, this is my annual indulgence. I love Christmas. More specifically, I love the run-up to Christmas, the Advent season. The lights, the baking, the weather (yes, the howling gales which allow me to curl up inside with my mulled wine, and the snowy blizzards–if we get any–that draw me outside the make a snowman, I’ll take it all!), the goodwill, the cheer, the colours.

I’m the anti-Grinch. Christmas rocks!

Therefore in this Fairy Tale, I really let my hair down. I wanted to bring you the ultimate Christmas book, the one with the crisis and the romance and the great ending. I’m taking you on a flight of fancy, but I can assure you, I did my research, and the key event… well, let’s just say it would be possible. Just! LOL.

However, there’s a little more in there for you too. For a start, you can amuse yourself by working out my playlist from the Chapter titles. Have fun! But there’s yet more; there’s a little bit of reflection that grounds the book. For I take my characters (Jude, the rock star in particular) down a road of giving and helping that they’d never previously have considered.  It’s all about love, but in more ways than one. (And yes, that one too, although we shall keep our discrete distance this time. It is a Christmas Fairy Tale, not a hot rock romp. LOL).

So Fairy Tale in New York tells the story of a perfect Christmas in the most imperfect of circumstances. Here’s the blurb.

Fairy Tale in New York

New York. A restaurant near Park Avenue. It’s early evening, and dusk is falling. So is the snow. Jude and Carrie are only killing time while they wait for their flight to London. They don’t know yet that their life will never be the same.

When rock star Jude gets stranded in New York with his family on Christmas Eve, he has no idea that he is setting in motion a chain of events that will turn their Christmas into the most magical one yet…

No good deed goes unpunished, or so it seems to Jude and Carrie on the morning of the twenty-fourth of December. The previous day, they gave up their London-bound flights to someone in crisis. And now, a spectacular whiteout is grounding all planes, and Jude, Carrie, and baby Maya are stuck far from home.

Tired, hungry, and just a little panicked, Jude loads his family into a cab and returns to their hotel. But there’s no room at the inn, and not even a platinum credit card will make a difference. Snow is falling heavily, and the family is facing a very bleak night indeed.

How do you celebrate Christmas with no place to stay, no food, and no presents? Join Jude, Carrie, Maya and a cast of colourful characters in this fairy tale story of Yuletide in New York.



Why, of course I’ve got to tell you it’s out today. That’s the whole point of launching a book! You can get it in e-book and paperback editions from all Amazon stores, including:

Amazon.co. uk | Amazon.com

But there’s more!

I wanted to spread some seasonal joy, so check this out!


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How’s that for a mega launch celebration?


Wishing you a FABULOUS Christmas season,
and thanks for all your support in 2014. Rock on!

One of my favourite perks of the job: Picking Winners!

The launch tour of Fallen for Rock is drawing to a close, and what a blast it’s been! The giveaway registered 3,258 entries, and I just had some serious fun picking the winners. Well, actually, Rafflecopter picked them for me, but it’s awesome to see names appear. I hope everyone will enjoy their prize!

Fallen for Rock Swag

Thank you to all you lovely folks who entered, shared, tweeted, shouted about the launch, and emailed me. You make all the difference! It gives me great pleasure to announce the winners as follows:

One large signed poster of “Fallen for Rock”
Cindy Wells
(no relation of mine, incidentally, just a shared surname!)

One set each of Signed “Fallen for Rock” Swag (Postcards and Bookmarks)
Donna James
Vera Machado

One set each of signed “Fallen for Rock SWAG SPECIAL” including 2 bookmarks, 2 postcards and 2 guitar picks
Irma Jurejevcic
Enrique Herrera
Jodi Ciorciari-Marinich

One set each of signed “Fallen for Rock” Guitar Picks
(two picks per set)
Elaine BookWhore Grey
Melisa Fernanda Gamboa Ponce
Mick Murphy
Bev Wong
Paris Baker

One set of “The Complete Nicky Wells Swag” (signed): Bookmarks and postcards for Sophie’s Turn, Sophie’s Run, Sophie’s Encore, Spirits of Christmas and Fallen for Rock
Melissa Crisp

 One Audio CD: Bon Jovi “Greatest Hits” (2010)
Nicole Henke

One Amazon Gift Certificate for £5/$7 or equivalent
Summer Laird Grinstead

Winners have been notified by email already. 🙂

Congratulations if you are a winner! If, however, you haven’t won on this occasion, watch this space for future launches and random giveaways.


Rock on!

10 Lucky People: Announcing the Winners of the Sophie’s Encore Launch Giveaway


That’s the number of total entries registered for the Sophie’s Encore launch giveaway. I’m totally blown away! Thank you to everyone who entered, tweeted, shared, liked, subscribed to the newsletter, posted reviews, and generally helped to spread the word. YOU ROCK!

This was what was up for grabs:

SE Giveaway

And the winners are:

Ananda ~ 1 SWAG PACK
Marlene Roberts Engel ~ 1 Sophie’s Run keyring
Lyka Tan ~ 1 Sophie’s Encore keyring
Sierra A McBRide ~ 1 Sophie’s Encore keyring
P Rovere ~ $10 Amazon gift voucher
Jessica Meddick ~ 1 Sophie’s Run mug
Connie Kline Fisher ~ 1 Sophie’s Encore mug
Kayla Orton ~ 1 Sophie’s Encore mug
Kelly Urban ~ 1 Sophie’s Encore poster


All winners have been notified by email.

Watch this space!

Sophie’s Encore is well and truly out, but I am not done yet for this year. Oh no!I’m keeping it all mysterious and secret for now, for reasons that will become obvious… so… stay tuned for 1 November!


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First edition coming out later this month!

Woohoo! Rock on, everybody!

Share the Joy and Spread the Word: Sophie’s Encore Launch Day Bonus Giveaway

Thank you for checking out my Sophie’s Launch Day Bonus Giveaway.
Up for grabs are:

Two (2) Amazon Gift Vouchers for $10 (or equivalent currency)

How does it work?

Simple. I’d love for you to help me share the joy and spread the word about the release of Sophie’s Encore. To enter the giveaway, simply

TWEET or POST TO FACEBOOK about the release.
For example, you could tweet or post one of the following messages (the link is to the amazon.com Kindle edition):

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Have you checked out Sophie’s Encore, new #rockstar #romance by @WellsNicky? http://ow.ly/owS5V #chicklit #SophiesEncore

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Or you could make up your own tweet or message ~ whatever you’re most comfortable with.  You could even post a photo of Sophie’s Encore on your e-reader ~ wouldn’t that be cool? LOL!

Be sure to include @WellsNicky and #SophiesEncore in your tweet,
or to tag my Author Page
 on Facebook when you post.
(NB: You must tag my Author Page, not me personally,  as FB doesn’t like giveaways being linked to a personal wall!
You can ‘tag’ any Page that you’ve liked.)

Giveaway is open all through launch day! Winners will be announced on FRIDAY, 6 September. Good luck, and thank you!

The Small Print

No purchase necessary. Every Twitter and Facebook entry will be logged in sequential order. One tweet/Facebook post equals one entry. Participants may submit multiple entries. Contest is open until midnight PST on Thursday, 5 September 2013. Random.org will be used to select two (2) winners. Winners will be announced ON THIS BLOG on Friday, 6 September, and subsequently also on Twitter and Facebook.

1 (ONLY ONE!!) Day to go…. #SophiesEncore

Oooh yeah babe ~ this is where the story ends! Get your final Rock Star Romance Fix here, tomorrow! ROCK ON!

Oooh yeah babe ~ this is where the story ends! Get your final Rock Star Romance Fix here, tomorrow! ROCK ON!

2 Days to go…. #SophiesEncore

*swoon* Still in love with this cover!

*swoon* Still in love with this cover!

3 Days to go…. #SophiesEncore

Thank goodness for that! There's a whole pile of them! *happy dance*

Thank goodness for that! There’s a whole pile of them! *happy dance*

4 Days to go…. #SophiesEncore

WHAAAAAA---? Where are the books???

WHAAAAAA—? Where are the books???


5 Days to go…. #SophiesEncore



6 Days to go…. #SophiesEncore