6 Days to go…. #SophiesEncore


6 responses to “6 Days to go…. #SophiesEncore

  1. Hi Nicky,
    Well my cases are packed and we’ve a 7.30 pick up tomorrow morning for the airport. Just wanted to wish you all the luck for next week. Have a fabulous day – will be thinking of you and raising a glass of Prosecco in your honour! Jo xxx

  2. You’re a tease. Looking forward to celebrating your launch day with you.

  3. Hi Nicky
    Here we are with six days to go and it seems Sophie can’t seem to stay away from Dan, and the thing is, I don’t think she cares who knows about it; and that she’s even willing to proclaim this fact by singing about it out loud.

    Another perfect lead-in to another perfect song if I do say so myself. 😀

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