Fix you

It’s Music Monday!

And it’s only by the gracious consent of my computer retailer that I am able to post for you today. You see, I gave my long-suffering laptop in for repair yesterday. I’m a little stuck, however, on this barely half-equipped loan computer so I need all the good vibes to get my precious darling fixed as soon as possible.

What better song, therefore, than this one? Please send your healing codes and bits and bytes to my laptop, care of **insert well-known computer manufacturer here** at this precise moment in time, that it should return to me as soon as possible because I miss it. I need it. I simply am not whole!

Do you have a fixing song? If you’d like to share, please do! However, to respect the artist’s rights and keep me and my blog safe, may I kindly request that you post or embeds links only to music uploaded by the artist directly or an official representative, such as VEVO. Thank you–this way, everybody is happy. 🙂

15 responses to “Fix you

  1. I LOVE this song! 🙂

    (((((Healing vibes))))) for the laptop coming your way honey.


  2. Me too, tis most apt, it’s comforting like a hug. Hope the laptop comes back all better too, Nicky x

    • Thanks, Yasmin! I feel all pathetic now, being so dependent on a piece of plastic containing a silicone chip but what can you do… Glad you enjoyed the song, looking forward to visiting Hello You this week… Hooray! xx

  3. Morning Nicky,
    I know precisely how you feel as my desktop computer crashed when I tried listening to a radio station’s streaming music which I always listen to. I went to their website and clicked on the button to listen as I had done so many times before. But this time — WHAM — BANG — my computer got hit with a virus which caused everything to go blank. This left a bad taste in my mouth.
    After giving you some suggestions to handle this unfortunate incident, and telling you [in song] that you should look at the bright side of what has happen, I became to think of how I fix some other things
    1 – What do I do as I’m playing cards to get more money into the pot?
    2 – What do I do to improve the taste of the pasta sauce I’m using?
    3 – What do I do before I start drinking a cup of tea?
    What I got was the same answer to all of these questions, and I then realize that this answer can be used to “FIX” other problems or at least to try to improve them.
    This incident has, I know, has left a bad taste in your mouth a taste similar to some foul tasting medicine, And what do you do when have to take this foul tasting medicine, it’s advice I know you’ve heard thousands of times before, and my advice for you today is to take a…..

  4. Oops…I meant “BEGAN” not “BECAME” in the comment I just left you. Oh
    To err is human,.. to forgive devine.

    • Hahah, then I’m a Goddess, for I forgive you! Thanks as always for your lovely comment and song. I can’t believe you get up this early and are always here fist thing. Am honored! x

  5. I love this song..l just saw Coldplay a few months ago!!!

  6. I love this song! I must’ve listened to it a hundred times while I was writing Strength. 😀

  7. This made me laugh out loud. I’m so sorry about your computer but I’ glad you still have your sense of humor and can pick the perfect song. Sending good Fix It Ju Ju… Good luck!

  8. Love this song. Thanks for providing some healing energy our way too! Here’s hoping you’re reunited soon, if not already, with your loved one.. 😉

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