Confessions of a Blogaholic

My name is Nicky Wells, and I’m a blogaholic.

There, I said it. I’m a blogaholic, and I’ve been in rehab. That’s why it’s been so quiet around here.

You see, what happened is this. Once upon a time, I was a enthusiastic debut author who started blogging to support her platform. I came at this technology completely innocent. I had no idea that there was a huge community of fabulous bloggers out there dedicated to their cause and content. It was a complete revelation. The possibilities were endless! The universe was mine for the taking!

So I grabbed at it with both hands, and then some. I spent hours designing my blog, forging links, building relationships, garnering a following. I developed a schedule that involved music and guests and posts about writing. My blog was thriving, and so was I. It was a heady, breathless, exciting time, and I cherished every moment of it.

Some of my highlight moments...

Some of my highlight moments…

But then, gradually, imperceptibly, things began to change. I no longer owned my blog, but rather my blog owned me. My blog turned into the Mephistopheles to my Faust. I became obsessed. I dreamed about my blog—when I wasn’t in the throes of blog-induced insomnia, that is. I worried about content. I fretted about comments. The blog became the focal point of my life. I would be out and about with the family, snapping photos… for the blog. I would be writing down little anecdotes… for the blog. I became consumed with awards, challenges, memes, blog hops, more awards, more hops…. Moreover, I had connected with so many amazing blogs and bloggers that I was running myself ragged, literally, trying to follow, support, comment, share the love, and keep my head above water.

And therein lay the problem. I didn’t keep my head above water. I couldn’t! Not even remotely. You know I can’t swim, right? Joking apart, I felt like I was drowning. Eventually, one day, everything came crashing down on me and I asked myself—what the heck am I doing, and why? Me, the most energetic, enthusiastic, zesty person I know (ha!), quite suddenly lost her oomph. What a shock!

Now I don’t like to whinge. Life’s simply too short. So just before Christmas last year, I took stock, and I put myself into blogging rehab. In other words, I decided to cut myself some slack, give myself a break, and put blogging on hold for a while. In corporate terms, I undertook some strategic regrouping.

Well, now. I’m not quite there yet with the strategic regrouping. I’m not quite cured. I can feel the obsession pulling at me once again even as I type. However, so many of you have been in touch with emails and via social media to ask when my blog will return to normal that I thought I’d emit a little sign of life. I am here, my friends, and I thank you for your patience and your support. You rock! And it’s for you that I’m blogging.

Therefore — to mix a few metaphors — I’m going to put the cart behind the horse once again, and then get back on the horse. Romance That Rocks Your World! is back in action but, for the time being, according to no fixed schedule. You’ll hear from me whenever possible, but I’m not committing to anything. I’m going write with pride and joy, and I’m going to have fun when I’m here—which means you’ll have fun along the way… just not according to a strict pattern. But hey, that’s the spice of life, right?

Most importantly, as I’m less blog-o-centred, I’m writing books faster than ever. Fallen For Rock, my fourth full-length novel, is finished and currently awaiting feedback from betareaders. Publication date is 1 July. My next Christmas novella is well under way, and once I’ve finished writing that—probably in about May time—I’ll start writing my fifth novel, which is completely planned in outline format. So the time that I don’t spend fretting about blogging I spend writing books which, ultimately, is what I’m all about. Does that make sense?

I hope it does.

So I remain with renewed vim and vigour and a cautious dose of bloptimism… Yours in rock and books,

Nicky Wells (blogaholic)

How about you? Have you ever fallen out of love with blogging? How did you cope, and what did you do to reignite the passion? I’d love to hear from you!

32 responses to “Confessions of a Blogaholic

  1. Sorry to hear you’d been overdoing it in the blogosphere. Easily done I expect. Glad to hear about the novels. Fantastic news. Blogging should be connecting people to your novels not taking over from them, so sounds like your rebalancing act is working for you.
    I’ve not fallen out of love with blogging yet as I never quite jumped in as fully as you did. I’m busy planning AtoZ challenge posts which starts April 1. Over 1,000 already signed up so the blogosphere will have lots of reading on a mix of topics, hopefully taking the pressure off you needing to add to it for a few weeks at least. Though obviously, none will be as rocking as yours. xx

    • Aww Lynne, thanks for your lovely comment. And this is what I’ve so missed–chatting, being in touch, being connected. It’s wonderful to hear from you.

      I’m delighted to hear that you’re blogging with joy and energy. Keep it up! I’m sure the AtoZ challenge will go brilliantly. I always love catching your posts, and they totally rock (no lights under bushels here, credit where credit is due, sweetie!)!

      Thanks for sticking with me and… blog on! See you soon! x 🙂

  2. Glad you mention it! I’ve been feeling a bit overwhelmed with keeping with the other fantastic blogs I’ve encountered, let alone my own. Plus there were other things I had to keep on top off (like them or not), such as my work and lots of admin. Needless to say, my writing has (as always) suffered. Perhaps I should go cold turkey too!

    But I think my lucky escape here is that I was never as systematic and organised as you about blogging. I did not have a schedule, a set of topics, a targeted audience to connect with. I just muddled along whenever I felt like it, with whatever I felt like. (And I still do). I’m sure it’s much easier when you don’t have a ‘brand’ or books to sell, so I’m not the best one to talk, though!

    • Hi Marina! Thanks for stopping by. Well, you know me. A-type, hopelessly organised, driven, committed, accountable… I can’t help myself. BUT I remember your coaching and so I took a leaf out of your book (would that be a page out of your blog these days, I wonder?). Henceforth, I shall happily muddle along.

      I totally love your blog, as well you know, and I think you’re doing an ace job, ‘brand’ or not. Keep rocking!

  3. I’ve not fallen out of love with blogging, but I have allowed myself to be far more relaxed about posting. There was a time I thought I had to be super organised, posting interviews on one particular day, reviews on another, something silly on Saturday, and that I had to post every week without fail. It didn’t take long for me to realise that my posts were becoming stilted and boring as a result, so now I post whenever the inspiration takes me. I love observing the world when I’m out and about, and random blog ideas grab me when I least expect them so a camera phone and notebook are constantly on hand. If ever I lost the enthusiasm for blogging I’d stop blogging, but that’s not likely to happen while I’m still breathing!

    • Go you, Alison! I’m glad you got to a happy and productive blogging place right away, instead of climbing the mountain, overshooting the summit, and then falling down into the valley below with a bump like… someone else we know, LOL. Gosh, that all sounds very dramatic!

      I think you’re definitely on the right track, and you hit the nail on the head. Blogging can become totally stilted and formulaic if it’s driven by a schedule. A lot of people out there encourage bloggers to follow a schedule and stick to it religiously, but I think that advice has to be taken with a healthy dose of common sense. This, from one who tried. Lol! I hope my experience will encourage folks to follow their heart and their gut and not become a slave to their blog. (More drama–I think I need a coffee to wake up!)

      Anyway, thanks for popping back and saying hi, it’s great to see you again. Rock on!

  4. Still love it, Nicky. nearly 3 years on. Still managing once a week..with guests. And still enjoying reading other blogs. Welcome back!!!

  5. That makes lots of sense! I could tell you were working hard on your books from FB and Twitter. Although we are all obviously Superwomen *winks* it’s impossible to do everything – or everything well, at any rate. You have a family and other commitments, too. I completely agree that the whole blog world can suck you in. I’m approaching my one year Blogiversary, and I never dreamed how involving the whole thing would be. On the plus side, I never imagined so much great support, advice, and meeting people like yourself! I still love my blog, but I’m currently planning my next year of writing once my course is completed. It may be my blogging has to change to accommodate more story writing and submitting – and maybe my neglected novel will get some work done to it, too!
    Anyway, we love to hear from you whenever you can manage, and I’m sooo looking forward to Fallen For Rock! xxxx

    • Karen, my rock chick girlfriend sister-from-a-different-mother… I knew you’d understand. I admire the way in which you have thrown yourself into blogging with gusto, and I’m glad that you’re thinking ahead regarding a strategy for year two. I hope my experience will help inform your decision, if in a teeny tiny way, and keep you blogging happily and productively. Good luck with that novel–keep on trucking!!

      Thanks as always for your support!! XXX ❤

  6. Glad you are regrouping and the next book is almost there. Fingers crossed for lots of success. I know all about Under Pressure – actually recorded the song (one of my artists) with a member of Queen for an album of his and (they) sang it might after night on your with him and his band a few years back along with lots of other Queen songs and some of his own. Pressure, yes – lots of it at that time – and blogging pressure; yep, experiencing it now. Been away for a couple of weeks and got to catch up and wondered where you’d gone! Glad to see you and will pop in and out to see what Fallen Idol is doing. 🙂

    • I’ve said it many times, Jane, and I can only repeat myself: One day, I want to sit down with you for twenty-four hours and get all those stories first hand. OMG! OMG! What an amazing anecdote!

      Thanks for popping by and for your great comment. I hope you get back into your own blogging groove with ease. Don’t overdo it and look after that shoulder of yours. XXX

      • Many thanks Nicky. Am trying hard to cope. Fell over, in the mud last week – slipped on a banana skin!! What am I like!! 🙂

      • No way, Jane! My goodness, if you put that in a book, your editor would take it right out and accuse you of overegging the pudding. Are you okay, sweetie?

      • Yep. My sister could not believe it as it was her stairs I fell down in 2012 and broke stuff. We go for a walk in the countryside in the mud and whoops….a rotten banana skin and I did a little dance in full view of passing traffic. I managed to bury my head in the mud – new beauty treatment free and easily available by the side of the road!! Only I could do this….:)

      • *sings* Mud, mud glorious mud… Sorry. Couldn’t help myself. Poor, poor you. Please take care of yourself, okay? We need you around here!!

      • LOL I was laughing so hard I couldn’t get up. What am I like!!

  7. Nicky, must be going nuts of blind…night after night on tour….sorry about that….too much excitement obviously!!

    • NOT AT ALL. Fallen Idol, I love it! Now that could be the title for my NEXT book. Absolutely brilliant. In fact, I have a whole plot coming to me right now… *scurries off in great haste* Thank you!!

      So… tour? I thought you’d gone on holiday for your birthday. Were you touring? Where? When? Who with???

  8. LOL, I am really losing the plot. Fallen Idol!! Yep a great title for a book…..I really need a drink and it is not 11am yet! Tea that is. No tour this time, just a break. The tour I mentioned was with the Queen member; a tour to remember! I better remember it fast the way my brain is going lol….duh I need a transplant. 🙂

  9. Hi Again Nicky

    The link you provided doesn’t work here on this side of “The Pond” and as I used to do here’s a link that does:

    From the sound of your post you most definitely needed some sleep, so with much further ado I give you my response song.


    I guess I haven’t lost my knack of finding these for you.

    Robin Leigh !!!   

  10. Hi Nicky

    Glad you’ve finally come out of your hibernation for almost the past three months.
    You wanted to know what we’ve been up since we last met here on your site.
    I’ve been quite busy writing, working on not one, not two, but three different projects at the same time. You can about them here:
    For my other endeavors check out the rest of my blog.

    I didn’t really realized I’m become a Blogaholic as well until you stopped responding to my comments or posting new items for your Music Monday segments where I tried to come up an appropriate musical response each week. [Most Mondays I got up around 4:00 AM – New York time to see if you’ve posted a new challenge for me.

    I’ve realized as did you my blog[s] had become my life; posting an item on one and then copying it to the other two, causing me to keep my eye on possible comments on all three.

    While I’ve slowed down a bit from the amount of postings I used to do, I’m still posting on a somewhat regular basis as I don’t want to lose any of followers I’ve got and I want to keep them abreast of what I’m doing in regards in all of my writing endeavors.

    Robin Leigh Morgan
    YA Paranormal Romance Author
    “I Kissed a Ghost”

    • Robin, hi! Thanks so much for dropping in–I know you’ve been waiting for a sign of life! Good to hear that you’ve been keeping busy and I’m so touched that you get up to look out for my posts. Wow! Rest assured I will be posting here again… just not to a fixed schedule for the time being. Rock on!!! 🙂

  11. I love blogging, but I agree – it can take over your life. It has certainly taken over my Inbox with “New Posts” announced every morning. But…what can I do?…I’m hooked.

  12. Great to have you back, but I’m so glad you took the break and reduced the pressure so that writing – and all that goes with it – was 100% fun again. Life’s too short!!

    Sometimes I forget that Ron and I have a “write and blog without pressure” intention, and get too caught up with what “needs to be done” (that darned perfectionist/high achiever streak again!) How much better it all works out when we go with the flow. 🙂

    Looking forward to reading Fallen for Rock!

  13. Life’s indeed too short! And blogging is all about fun. It’s a complete self-indulgence. So yes, I’m all for going with the flow. I’m considering this a personal development exercise, LOL! Thanks for sticking with me and for commenting today, Jo, that makes it all worthwhile. 🙂

  14. I think I may STILL be a blogaholic.

    • It’s a very hard habit to break!! 🙂 Thanks for dropping by here today and for the follow, I’m glad you had a lovely look round and I’m following you right back too. *waves* Nice to meet you! X

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