Live and in concert: FM, Europe and Foreigner in Nottingham

The Dream Line-Up: FM, Europe and Foreigner. Completely live and in person.

7 April 2014 marked another historic moment in the rock diary of Nicky Wells, author of romance with rock stars! Not only was I lucky enough to secure front-row balcony tickets for one of the best gigs of the year… but I also got to take my entire family. Yes, husband and kids. I can’t tell you how much this means to me. It’s almost like I’m bringing my love for rock full circle as it’s blossoming in the kids. I don’t know if that makes any sense, but it was just beyond words to take the kids and see them enjoying themselves so much! But I’m getting ahead of myself here…

Now I know my boys are only seven and nine respectively, but they do love their rock music, and they had been begging for months to see a ‘real bona fide’ gig, especially one that would involve the band that plays “Tough It Out” (that would be FM) and the “Rocket Song” (otherwise known as “The Final Countdown”–yes, that would be Europe!). So when this opportunity in Nottingham offered itself with no age restriction for the venue… we jumped at it. And my goodness gracious me was a good time had by all!

First of all, we got the chance to meet up with the lovely Andie and Caroline Farren whom we had met at an FM gig in Nuneaton last year. I’m telling you, folks, rock friendships last a lifetime! We started the evening with a pizza dinner together and then were delighted that, by pure fluke, we even only sat a few rows apart from each other in the venue. Awesome stuff!

Wells and Farren families in the Royal Concert Hall...ready for the show!

Wells and Farren families in the Royal Concert Hall…ready for the show!

FM took the stage and owned it, playing as many classics and all-time favourites as was possible to ram into a forty-minute set. “Burning My Heart Down” practically burned the hall down, the fans loved it so much!

??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????

Europe absolutely rocked. There really is no other way to describe the magic they performed last night. My boys were more or less out of their seats, and my little drummer was drumming along ferociously on the balustrade. When the band eventually closed with ‘Final Countdown’, everybody–and I mean everybody–in the entire hall was on their feet.

?????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????

In between sets, we managed to do a tiny little bit of hobnobbing with FM, introducing them to the next generation of their fans…


Foreigner was a new experience to me. As in, they are one of those bands that I’d always meant to see but never previously managed. Sadly, guitarist Mick Jones had been taken ill for the evening, but the show went on anyway, and the remaining band members did their music proud. Front man Kelly proved himself a star entertainer and had the crowd eating out of his hands. It was mind-blowing!

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And the all-round verdict? Let’s do this again soon!

Long live rock ‘n’ roll!

19 responses to “Live and in concert: FM, Europe and Foreigner in Nottingham

  1. Hurrah!!!!! I KNOW how a big a deal that line-up would have been for you! That is so cool you got to take your boys as some gigs are age restricted. But how did you cope with being in such close proximity of Joey Tempest, Nicky 😉 ? Xx

    • LOL! Actually, this was probably the furthest I’ve ever been away from the delightful Joey in any concert of theirs I have attended! Although in terms of pure visual and sound enjoyment, the balcony has a lot going for it! It was amazing. And I think the boys were possibly EVEN MORE in love with Joey than me…. talk about rock hero worship!!

  2. Glad you had such a great time! There’s nothing to beat a live performance. Love Foreigner, they’re a regular play on my iPod. Hope you’re well! Your boys look lovely! xx

    • You’re so right! It was a whole new world for the boys and they’re now more determined than ever to become rock stars…even though the lovely guys from FM tried to impress on them the need to do their schoolwork first of all, LOL! Foreigner live was a real revelation too. Now I wish I had tickets for one of the remaining shows of the tour…..

  3. Awesome! I was at Halestorm’s gig in Glasgow on Saturday with my friend Coral and her daughter – it was the daughter’s first gig, and she loved it. We are certainly bringing up the next generation well! xx

    • As well any self-respecting rock-loving mum should, LOL! I have Halestorm on my wish list. One day we must go together!! XXXX Thanks for stopping by, Karen! 🙂

  4. Hi Nicky

    It’s been about three weeks since you last made an appearance on your blog and your loyal fans have been wondering what you’ve been up to.

    You’ve truly made a name for yourself. It is as if you’ve become rock royalty and are getting all the perks which go along with it. Girl, I’m truly envious of you.

    Growing up I wish I could have seen some of the big name stars of the 1950’s at a nearby beach and pool club, which appeared there on a regular basis. However, my parents didn’t belong and had no friends who belonged there as well; if they did I might have been able to go as a guest. It was a much quieter time than.

    As I got older, although I would have been excited being at a venue where a group like The Beatles would be performing, the noise of the screaming fans around me would have drowned out the music being played. But should is life.

    Sorry no musical selection from me this time, my mental playback machine has developed some cobwebs missing your Music Mondays for so long. 😀 😀 😀

    • Awww bless you, Robin. I’m hardly famous nor rock royalty, although I’m loving your kind comment. I firmly believe that it’s never too late to follow your dream, so if there’s a band out there that you really want to see–go for it. These days, many concerts come with VIP packages and, if we’d been able to fork out for those for this gig (times four, obviously!!), we would have done because they’re well worthwhile!!

      As for my blogging schedule… I’m still on an ‘as and when’ basis for the time being, but thanks for bearing with me. 😀

  5. Am impressed with your boys – they did really well, you’ve obviously been spiking their food with rock star fever! Mine refuse to sit or stand long enough for a concert, although I am harbouring some thoughts of taking my older one to a Stromae concert (his favourite at the moment).

    • *waves* Hi Marina, I swear, no spiking was done of any kind. My younger one wants to be a drummer, and he was absolutely rocking out to every minute. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t surprised by how well he took it in stride, but I was absolutely delighted! My older one dreams of being a rock guitarist, but he is a little more shy and a little more quiet. He wore massive ear defenders the entire time (looking jolly cute with them too!) and observed with wide eyes, like he was in the cinema. Even now he’s still going over bits of the gig in his head and commenting on little things he observed. Watch this space for future developments…………. LOL!

    • PS–forgot to say…. go for it, RE Stromae! You might be surprised at how much fun you both have!

  6. Wow you had a fab time I can see. Lucky you. I love Foreigner, and FM are not too bad either. Europe were a little poppy for me but I do love Final Countdown. Was Foreigner’s line up original. I think the lead singer is not original, am I right. Glad you have surfaced OK. Good to see you back and having rocked your socks off. 🙂

    • Oh it was awesome, Jane–and the best bit was taking the kids, even if it meant I wasn’t moshing in the front. LOL! Do you know, Europe ‘live’ is anything but poppy, they really rock up those songs, even the more commercial ones. I’m back to bloggin ‘on and off’ for the time being, but thanks for sticking with me and stopping by here to comment today. You rock! XX 🙂

  7. What. An. Awesome. Line-Up. WOWWWWWW! Nicky, so thrilled you got to do this – and with your boys no less. And FM “Burning My Heart Down” LIVE must have been mindblowingly fabulous. I’m getting rockchick chills just thinking about it! YAY!

    • Awww Jo, I was so thinking of you. I know crowds aren’t your thing and all that, but actually, the balcony was brilliant. We sat right in the front and it was very civilised and uncrowded. I so wish I could put you in my pocket and take you along one of these days! Yes, it was amazing, and I wish I could have done the Nicky thing and just followed the entire tour…. *wistful sigh* LOL! Ah well, I’ll let me heroines do that kind of thing for me these days. Thanks for commenting and visiting today.

      • I’d love to go in your pocket lol! I could possibly manage crowds these days, it’s the low energy and strength that’s the issue, really! But I’m glad *you* got to go and to enjoy yourself soooo much. Just wonderful. 🙂

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