CentreStage with Samantha Stroh Bailey: Meeting Jamie and Finding Lucas

Welcome to CentreStage!

CentreStage showcases fabulous authors from around the world, and today it is my extra-special, huge pleasure to welcome the fabulous Samantha Stroh Bailey, author of the outstanding romantic comedy, Finding Lucas. Sam has a tremendous sense of humour and over recent weeks we’ve discovered that we have so much in common, it’s like we’re long-distance soul sisters. I kid you not! So without further ado, I give you:

Samantha Stroh Bailey!


Thanks so much to the fabulous Nicky Wells for inviting me here today.

Nicky: Why, thank you for visiting! I’m so thrilled you could make it all the way from Canada today, Sam!

Nicky and I met through social media and instantly bonded over writing, motherhood and sassy senses of humor. I loved Sophie’s Turn and am so happy to have found another author I admire.

Nicky: *blushes* why, thank you!

I thought I’d give a peek into the, perhaps, somewhat unexpected aspects of my personality. Here goes!

  1.  I’m a Gemini, so I have a dual personality. While I’m very easygoing and down- to-earth, I’m also anxious and stress about the little things.
  2. I love meat and nothing is better than gnawing on a giant bone. Disgusting, I know.
  3. I don’t like bread and pasta.
  4. I’m scared of thunder, snakes, heights, and not accomplishing everything I want to.
  5. Technology also scares the crap out of me.
  6. I love alternative music and a lead singer who screams has me for life. Chris Cornell of Soundgarden has the sexiest voice in the world.
  7. I’m addicted to celebrity gossip.
  8. People think I smile all the time, but they don’t see me when I first wake up, and I’m a bear.
  9. When you’re talking to me, I’m watching your every move for writing fodder. Sorry.
  10. I was a competitive dancer for years until stage fright derailed my plans of going to Juilliard and re-enacting Flashdance. The audition part—not the exotic dancer part.

Nicky: Wow, Sam, thank you for sharing! I’m with you on most of these points although I have to confess loving my carbs. And now I’ll forever envisage you in the role of exotic dancer… 🙂

I’m always excited when readers feel a connection to Jamie Ross, the protagonist in my debut novel, Finding Lucas. And I am so intrigued when people point out our similarities and differences from their perspectives. Well, here’s my view!

Jamie and I:

  1.  are both huge coffee addicts.
  2. love to drop the F bomb into adult conversation.
  3. both have gorgeous and tall BFFs.
  4. adore men with messy hair and stubble.

 Unlike Jamie…

  1. …I am quite fond of the color pink.
  2. …I tend to embarrass my family instead of the other way around.
  3. …I wish I had her ass.
  4. …I’m a better dancer.

I’m so grateful to everyone who has read and enjoyed Finding Lucas.


Nicky: Sorry to interrupt again but… Me! Me! I loved Finding Lucas. I couldn’t put it down. I laughed out loud, and I cried, and I gnawed my fingers when the plan… (don’t want to give any spoilers here!)…um…shall we say, when the plan comes to fruition. Sort of. It’s an awesome, fabulous, life-affirming and sassy read and I couldn’t recommend it more. LOL, end of broadcast. Sam, you were saying?

And I hope you liked this little glimpse into the real me! I love to hear from my readers, so please connect with me!

And here’s how! You can find Sam in these places:


Finding Lucas is available here:


Go get your copy now!!! 🙂

Let’s have a big round of applause for Sam, please! Thank you!

Now then. Which of Sam’s personality traits do you share?
Which one most surprises you?
Do you have a quirky trait that you’d like to share with us?

(Please do! Here’s mine: I suffer from two forms of phobia: Podophobia, and Spheksophobia. Oh, and I’m the world’s lousiest swimmer!)

23 responses to “CentreStage with Samantha Stroh Bailey: Meeting Jamie and Finding Lucas

  1. Lovely interview with a lovely lady – I used to dream about that Flashdance audition as well, although my dancing skills were nothing to get excited about. Spheksophobia, eh? You would have loathed our summer holidays in Greece last year then: because of the drought, there were far more wasps than usual, to the point where we couldn’t eat outside on the veranda at all.

  2. Great post! Loved “Finding Lucas.” And really, who is more beautiful than SSB? Looks like an (F-bombing) angel 🙂

  3. Thank you for featuring Finding Lucas and interviewing the lovely Samantha! Sounds like a fab book … and I loved her comparisons with the main character….. hilarious! Cute cover–love the bright blue!

    xx, Lauren

  4. I also loved Finding Lucas, and love Sam too! Knew about the f-bombs and the meat-love, didn’t know about the dancing and the carb-hate! I never met a carb I didn’t love. 🙂

    Between the dancing and the carb-avoidance, I bet your ass is every bit as good as Jamie’s. 🙂

    • Haha, Jackie, I have a love relationship with any kind of carb, too (unfortunately for me, LOL). I think you are probably right on the impact of dancing and carb-avoidance too, and I’m glad you enjoyed FL as much as I did. Thanks for visiting and commenting! XX

    • Thanks, Jackie! I wish my ass were as round and juicy as hers. 🙂 Maybe with those exercises we’re doing?

  5. Congratulations Samantha on Finding Lucas! I have a copy on my Kindle for vacation. 🙂 It’s great to get to know more about you. Nicky, Thanks for hosting! Another great guest!

  6. Love coffee, love pink, love you guys! Nicky you are so entertaining and thanks for the post, I will be following Samantha!

  7. Awesome post! I love Chris Cornell, and also think that Scott Weiland (from Stone Temple Pilots) has a sexy voice (back in the early nineties when his voice was deep and less drug eff’d). Love coffee, and pink (but I think that’s more from being the only girl in my house). Guys with messy hair and stubble do it for me too 🙂 . Can’t wait to get stuck into Sam’s and Nicky’s books 🙂

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