Broken Wings

It’s Music Monday!


This week’s song choice is an appropriate theme song for one of the subplots of my new WiP, aka Book 4. I  even have two interpretations for you! Here’s number one; it’s a classic and you’re bound to know it.


Aha, and here goes the second. You’ll need to click through but it’s well worth it. It’s hard and fast and lyrical and one of my ALL TIME FAVOURITES!


I’ve always adored the metaphors in these two songs; the idea of flying again, of starting afresh, of never giving up. The whole ‘broken wings’ idea just gets me, appeals to me and gets me writing.


So. Broken Wings ~ what do YOU with yours?
And how do you think these songs are inspiring my writing? What am I ‘on’ about?


12 responses to “Broken Wings

  1. Got up early just to do this.
    Hello to all of Nicky’s friends and followers, well here we have another Music Monday, but before I respond with the my usual musical response I’d like to make a SMALL ANNOUNCEMENT. I’ve just posted my interview Nicky on my blog which I’d like to invite you to read [and Nicky would love for you to read as well.] Just click on my name and it will take you there on WordPress. If you’d prefer to read it on BlogSpot here’s the link:
    Hope the links Nicky gave me work, because I didn’t have time to check it out yet.

    Anyway now on to MUSIC MONDAY the songs for today.

    These two songs I sense come from the two men in Sophie’s life POV. They both seem to have their wings clipped by the other man in her life, and yet, they carry on with their lives and hope things will improve and return to the way they once were.

    With that said, I’d like to turn the tables and look at her POV instead, and the one song which I feel does that is:

    And as far as a song that inspires my writing the one which comes to my mind at this moment is:

    Now, back to the arms of Morpheus for the next 2 – 3 hours.

    • Whoa, what a comment! First of all, thanks for the heads-up RE my visit to your blog… am hopping over there post haste! Secondly, LOVE “Wind Beneath My Wings”; have always adored that metaphor and had a boyfriend once who put that on a compilation tape for me. That made me feel special! Last, WW is a great hit in our house, especially with the kids, so you’re onto a three-strike winner today, Robin! X

  2. WHOA !!! THREE STRIKES in one day – that’s GREAT in bowling where they call it a “turkey”.:-) 🙂 🙂 Three strikes in baseball and you’re out. 😦
    The links work great as you’d sent them to me on BlogSpot. Had to write them out on WordPress. as well as on which is my website and third blog [so you’ve gotten THREE blog hits in one day as well] When I redid the interview in WordPress I lost some of the originally formatting I had in place.

  3. Wind Beneath My Wings one of my all time favourite songs, especially when sung by Gladys Knight – much better than Bette Midler (who I think is brilliant,I hasten to add).

    • I always think it depends on which version you knew first! I’m divided between these two ladies but it’s an awesome song. Thanks for commenting! XX

      • I originally chose Bette Midler because her version was the biggest selling one and because it was the soundtrack for the movie “Beaches”
        I hate doing this Nicky, but what to you think of the version sung by one of your favorite/favourite singers

      • LOL I really couldn’t choose!

  4. Oooh I love this one 🙂 x

  5. Ah, that’s a wonderful rendition by Shirley Bassey. Love it!

  6. I’m half-brain dead today, Nicky (exhaustion after a busy weekend of travel) so I’m not even going to PRETEND to go deep and analytical here!

    I’m just going to say, instead, how much I love Mr Mister’s Broken Wings (and also, Kyrie) and thanks for the soundtrack tootling through my brain!

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