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Broken Wings

It’s Music Monday!


This week’s song choice is an appropriate theme song for one of the subplots of my new WiP, aka Book 4. I  even have two interpretations for you! Here’s number one; it’s a classic and you’re bound to know it.


Aha, and here goes the second. You’ll need to click through but it’s well worth it. It’s hard and fast and lyrical and one of my ALL TIME FAVOURITES!


I’ve always adored the metaphors in these two songs; the idea of flying again, of starting afresh, of never giving up. The whole ‘broken wings’ idea just gets me, appeals to me and gets me writing.


So. Broken Wings ~ what do YOU with yours?
And how do you think these songs are inspiring my writing? What am I ‘on’ about?


A rolling writing schedule

It’s out with the old and in with the new in my office this week…

Goodbye, outline for Sophie's Encore...

Goodbye, outline for Sophie’s Encore…

...and hello, outline for book #4. Very nice to meet you!

…and hello, outline for book #4. Very nice to meet you!

Exciting stuff! For the first time in two years, I’m starting work on a completely new story. I’m creating new characters and I’m thoroughly enjoying making up profiles and back stories for Emily, Nate and Mike. (I think that’s what they’ll be called. I’m comfy with these names. Their personas are taking shape… but I’ll reserve judgement until I’m actually writing).

I thought I’d miss Sophie and Dan. And I do! But it’s fabulous to make new friends.

Obviously I’ve been talking about my upcoming fourth Work-in-Progress on Facebook and I realize that this must be really quite weird for people who aren’t me. I mean, Sophie’s RUN is only just out. Sophie’s ENCORE will be out in September, so there’s definitely another Nicky Wells book a-coming. And already this crazy author moves on, talks about her next WiP? How? Why? Slow down and… explain!

So I’ve been putting on my thinking cap and tried to visualize the internal, rolling work plan that I seem to be following. See, when one book goes to the publisher for editing, that’s the moment I use to plan the next book and, time permitting, to start writing. It’s a multi-stage, overlapping process that takes between 20 and 30 weeks from start to finish. And if your mind boggles at all of this, maybe a little picture will help. Here goes:

rolling workplan

It is only a rough guide (and a blurry one~I do apologize. By all means, click on the image to enlarge it!). A lot depends on how it’s all going; how many edits are needed, how much time is spent proofing and, of course, any other commitments I may have (like…school holidays!). That’s why there’s so much flexibility in the weeks ‘alloted’ for each stage. And evidently one vital activity ~ promotion ~ is missing apart from a reference to ‘blog tours’; that’s simply because promotion is ongoing. It happens every day.  But nonetheless, maybe this little map helps you get an idea of how I work.

Right now, I’m at the overlapping tasks of starting to think about my next blog tour for WiP #1 (Sophie’s Encore) while planning my fourth book (WiP #2).

I actually find that alternating between projects and getting some distance from each several times in the process really helps me evaluate my work. Plus it stops me going mad, LOL.

So. You don’t have to be mad to be an author, but it helps.
What do you reckon? 🙂

The Serial Juggler: One’s Out, Two’s Done, Three’s WIP as the Rock Star Romance Trilogy takes shape

Did you know I can’t juggle? Not at all. I’m hopeless with balls in the air. I have no spacial vision whatsoever and any kind of ball games involve me scrabbling around ungracefully, feeling foolish.

But write and promote a Trilogy within a contracted timeframe with a publisher while also performing my day job as a mum? Yeah, bring it on! Right at this moment, I am juggling. I’m juggling promotion, editing, planning and writing, and I’m having a ball.

The Trilogy in Process. On the far right is Sophie’s Turn, all done and dusted. The cardboard boxes contain promotional postcards and bookmarks. In the middle is the first draft for Sophie’s Run. And the small pile of paper on the left contains the initial outline, all plans and some of the research for book 3! (Read on to find out more about that…)

Promoting, promoting, promoting

You all know my first book, Sophie’s Turn, is now out and available to buy. It’s been getting fabulous reviews in my 67-strong blog tour, and I’m doing interviews, guest posts, give-aways by the dozens. I’ve also had the local paper round to do a lovely little feature, and I’m hosting a ‘meet the author’ event at my local library in October. In addition, I’m planning to contact local book clubs, independent book stores, the WI, radio stations… you name it, I’m on a roll. I live on Twitter and Facebook as the great promotional rollercoaster goes through loop after looop. Rock on!

Editing, editing, editing

My second focus at this time is Sophie’s Run. It is completely written but at just over 149,ooo words for the first draft (yes, you read that right) it is slightly too long. I am going through page by page, scene by scene, chapter by chapter, looking for excess fat, unnecessary detours and undue verbiage in my quest to eliminate around 30,000 words from the first draft. God, that sounds a lot, right? But it will be done. I have about four weeks to get the slimline version to my lovely publishers over at Sapphire Star.

Moreover, the cover is being designed right at this time and it is going to be absolutely stunning. I don’t know when the cover reveal will take place, but rest assured, I will shout about it!

What happens in Sophie’s Run? Here’s a little taster…

Her famous star remains her rock while life takes her on a little detour…

Who says that the road toward true love is straight and even? Sophie is certainly discovering that it is anything but.

So she has finally found the man of her dreams. Well…she knows who he is, even though she hasn’t actually quite met him yet. When she misses her opportunity, her life goes crazy. Rock star and ex-fiancé, Dan, keeps getting in the way of her new romance—even if he is just trying to be helpful. A fire, an impromptu mini-trip with Dan, and a dreaded wedding later, Sophie is still struggling to meet the love of her life. Just as she is getting it together with her perfect man, best friend Rachel commits an act of unspeakable betrayal. And to top it all, her new boyfriend leaves her lying in the mud.

Sophie has had enough. Confused and distraught, she decides that it is time for radical change. Surprising herself and shocking her friends, she embarks on a secret that eventually gets her life back on track.

If you’ve enjoyed Sophie’s Turn, you’ll be in for a real treat, if I say so myself with all due humility. Sophie’s Run is due for release by Sapphire Star Publishing on 7 February 2013.

And planning, and writing, and planning, and writing

So then… what about the last part in the Trilogy? Well, my friends, this is all planned out and I will be writing it just as soon as I’ve sent Sophie’s Run back to Sapphire Star for proper publisher editing.

The working title is Sophie’s Encore and this book is due for release by Sapphire Star Publishing on 7 September 2013!! It’s too early to give you a teaser for this last part, but it will end the story with due style and panache. I promise you, you won’t be disappointed!

The workplan for Sophie’s Encore. Yes, I know it’s blurred! I wouldn’t want you to read it right now… that’d spoil all the fun! xx

See, so I can juggle. I can have three balls in the air, figuratively speaking. One book out, one book editing, one book writing. And so it goes… How do you cope with multiple projects (books or other) on the go?