Sophie’s Encore: The Touring Roll Call of Thanks!

The launch day for Sophie’s Encore is imminent! Well… nearly. LOL!
Roll on 5 September, is what I say.
(Not that I’m counting the hours or anything!)

However, the launch tour for Sophie’s Encore is indeed imminent.
In fact, it kicks off tomorrow!!



Here’s the roll call of my most heartfelt thanks to all the
lovely, wonderful and dedicated bloggers and friends who will be supporting the launch by hosting reviews and guest appearances.

Me and Reading 26/08/2013
Everything Books and Authors 26/08/2013
Bookreview by Rea  27/08/2013
Supportive Business Mums 28/08/2013
Dizzy C’s Little Book Blog 29/08/2013
Eve’s Chick Lit Reviews 01/09/2013
Forget the Housework 02/09/2013
Me My Books and I 03/09/2013
Perusing Princesses 04/09/2013
Chick Lit Central 04/09/2013
The Romaniacs 05/09/2013
Celtix Connexions 05/09/2013
Jersey Girl Book Reviews 05/09/2013
Kim The Bookworm 05/09/2013
Cosmochicklitan 05/09/2013
Today I’m Reading 05/09/2013
My Seryniti 05/09/2013
A.L. Jackson 05/09/2013
Brook Cottage Books 06/09/2013
Julie Valerie’s Book Blog 06/09/2013
The Adventures Within 09/09/2013
Boyfriend Bookmark 09/09/2013
The Book Chick 10/09/2013
Chick Lit Plus 12/09/2013
Jera’s Jamboree 13/09/2013
Michelle Betham 15/09/2013
Andi’s Book Reviews 16/09/2013
Best ChickLit 18/09/2013
Book Boodle 23/09/2013
Bless Their Hearts Mom 24/09/2013
My Life. One Story at a Time. TBA


Thank you for your time, enthusiasm and tireless support.
I really couldn’t do this without you. 🙂

Let’s Rock And Roll!


6 responses to “Sophie’s Encore: The Touring Roll Call of Thanks!

  1. I’m excited for you! It’s going to be a ROCKIN’ autumn! xx

    • OMG, I totally hope so! I’m just back from holiday and digging out from under email… back in action from tomorrow, and I just realized how CLOSE the launch is. YAY!!!! Thanks for visiting and commenting even while I was away, you rock. See you on your blog soon! XX

  2. OMG. I can’t believe it, with you being on holiday with your family, as with as on holiday from the internet world I totally forgot about this.
    About what?
    The anniversary of me playing tag with you using musical selections. The first Music Monday I did with you was on August 20, 2012. My selection then is just as appropriate as it is today, especially with the release of the final book for your rock romance trilogy. It’s what you want people to do regarding you and your books.
    Here’s to our second year of play tag on Music Mondays.
    May it just as enjoyable as our first year.
    BTW – My first comment here actually occurred on July 24, 2012; it was on a totally non-musical note.

  3. Nicky, I’m so super excited to host you on my book blog this Friday, September 6 as part of your Sophie’s Encore Launch Extravaganza! Wooooo-Hooooooo!!! What a great way to kick-off the weekend. Rock on!

    • Hiya, Julie! Am I late to my own party, or am I late to my own party? My only excuse is that my blog got a bit mad with comments and I didn’t keep up, evidently. My bad, please forgive me! The party was AWESOME and I had a great time at your blog ~ twice! Once for the Encore, and once for your rocking review of Sophie’s Turn. Thank you for everything you do and for all your support. 🙂 XXX Mwah!

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