Sunday cheers: batten down the hatches!

Happy Sunday! The storm is howling around the house, the rain is lashing against the windows, and the Met Office has issued a severe weather warning for the region.  Never mind that it’s April, that it’s supposed to be spring, and that we’re meant to start enjoying the great outdoors again!

For a start, who needs the great outdoors when you can get it indoors? My boys had great fun at the garden centre picking out some cheerful flowers for our home, and the Gerbera are in bloom and quite happy even if their outdoor cousins are wearing rain coats today.

Gerbera picture taken by me...

And what is better on a day like this than battening down the hatches and bringing out the home comforts?  I’ve got a cake baking in the oven as we speak; a lovely poppy seed creation made with the kids (and only a little bit of arguing) just a few minutes ago.  The scent is filling the house with joy and sunshine!

Later on, the oven will be taken over by a fabulous gammon joint, roast potatoes, and broccoli cheese bake.  To top it all off, we’ve invited some friends round for a Sunday family tea party.  Rain?  Immaterial!  Gale-force winds?  Add to the atmosphere!

Wishing you a happy and cheerful Sunday despite the weather, wherever you are.  And I’ve love to hear how you’re passing this extraordinarily wet and windy day.  If you’re braving the weather–let me know! If you’re painting the house–good for you! Go on, share… you never know, you might inspire someone else!

... and Gerbera picture taken by my budding nature photographer, age five!


12 responses to “Sunday cheers: batten down the hatches!

  1. I find rain can be well cosy : )
    I had a really good day out yesterday of music at the Union Chapel (and pix of Archangel Michael I got a right bollocking for taking lol, I didn’t care it was worth sneaking of into the heavens past the ‘do not pass’ rope!) a lovely lunch date with someone I was meeting for the first time and then in the eve I went to a Vintage clothes sale at a friend’s house and had a long overdue catch up and made friends with her gorgeous cat. When you have a day like that were you go from A to B brandishing a brolley, you forget about the rain ; )
    Your day sounds idyllic: cake, flowers, kids, company. The rain falling on the windows. It sounds like an advert for love and family. You are so very lucky! xx

    • Hi Yasmin, thanks for stopping by! Sounds like you had a pretty fantastic day yesterday, and congrats on taking that picture–whooot! It’s great to hear how you forget all about the rain. We’re pretty busy ignoring it here–and even though we may sound pretty idyllic, we have our not-so-great moments, trust me. Where kids are involved, things rarely go quite as rosy as you’d like them to. Hey ho, rough and smooth, I ignore the bad bits. Happy Sunday! BTW–have a special blogpost coming up for you tomorrow…. X

  2. Fantastic gerbera photo, Nicky!

    • Thanks, Anneli! They’re really cheering up the place today. Long time since I’ve seen weather this awful… and it’s supposed to be like this all through May! Gulp. We do need the rain apparently. What’s it like your end?

  3. But the lawns and flowers are loving it. Anyway, you can’t beat a good English blustery day. 🙂

    • Absolutely–we need the water. Wettest drought on record and all that. Although I’m not sure ‘blustery’ does the gales justice down here today… anyway, sun’s out now, beautiful skies. Thanks for stopping by!

  4. Well, I almost put on my coat and headed over to your place Nicky, it all sounds so lovely 😉 I’m a bit like that too when it’s wet and windy outside. There is something about cozying up indoors watching the elements rage at one another from the comfort of your home, Sunday roast on the go, few tunes playing in the background, “small” glass of wine, perhaps. What a fab post! Lovely photos too x x

    • Hi, Jan–you would have been so welcome! We had plenty of food although the boys were a bit… boisterous, having been cooped up all day. But all good! Having the small (?) glass of wine now and relaxing for a change. Back to the grindstone tomorrow… Thanks for stopping by! 🙂 **Cheers**

  5. We spent over an hour and a half travelling home from my Dad’s this morning; and it was wet, windy and wild the whole way! Makes me so grateful to have a roof over my head! It’s still a bit wild out there now.

    Your gerberas are beautiful. I’d meant to bring some forsythia indoors when it was flowering, but I forgot – again!

    I love the sound of the broccoli cheese bake … but then again I ate rather too much this weekend (I was so stuffed, I even turned down CHOCOLATES!) so perhaps it’s best I only enjoy vicariously…. 😉

    • Hi Joanna, thanks so much for stopping by! I’m glad you got home safe and sound in this wild weather. My Mum used to have beautiful arrangements of forstyhia in the house when I was little, often decorated with easter eggs and chicks. It does brighten the house… but there’s always next year! Glad you liked the post. X 🙂

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