Revealing My ‘True Colours’ ~ A New Likeness for the Ultimate Rock Chick Author

This is what happens when a professional image team gets on your case….

An Image Snafu?

Says my bio: Nicky Wells is your ultimate rock chick author.
Says Cameron, my publicist, “Do you reckon maybe you should, you know, look the part a bit more?”
Says me, “What do you mean, look the part? You know how much I love and breathe rock!”
Says Cameron, “I do. But people who don’t know you, won’t.”

Hm. Point taken, I suppose. What to do about that, beyond Music Monday and my eternal ramblings about all things rock? Oh, I know. A new author photo.  the ultimate rock chick likeness! YES! It was about time I had some rock-star fun again.

Hey, Hey, I want to be a Rock Star!

So. Arrange another photo shoot down Bristol-way with ace photographer team, Deborah and Simon Smith, pack the family in the car, and off we go. Last Saturday, we set up the studio, got organised, and got snapping. Between them, Deborah and Simon took well over 500 photos of me in all sorts of arrangements, ranging from the sublime to the outright…hilarious. Loud music and wind machines featured heavily at one point, as did many a laugh and exasperated snort, not to mention endless cups of tea (wine and beer came later) and a truck load of chocolate. The result? See for yourself.

We even had themed mugs. #RockStarService

We even had themed mugs. #RockStarService

Showing Off My ‘True Colours’:
Your Ultimate Rock Chick Author


Photo 1
Is that Jon I spot in the distance?
Photograph by Deborah and Simon Smith


Photo 2
Turn up that music….
Photograph by Deborah and Simon Smith


Photo 3
Let’s try a star pose..
Photograph by Deborah and Simon Smith


Photo 4
Collar’s up! LOL!
Photograph by Deborah and Simon Smith

Portrait 6

Photo 5
Hello. I’m your Ultimate Rock Chick Author. 🙂
Photograph by Deborah and Simon Smith

Wistful Rock Chick Author

Photo 6
Wistful Rock Chick Author
Photograph by Deborah and Simon Smith

Loving that Guitar!

Photo 7
Loving that Guitar!
Photograph by Deborah and Simon Smith

Hey Hey.... I really am a rock star, LOL!

Photo 8
Hey Hey…. It’s fun to be a rock star, LOL!
Photograph by Deborah and Simon Smith

Thinking about my next novel in black and white...

Photo 9
Thinking about my next novel…
Photograph by Deborah and Simon Smith


Photo 10
Singing my life with my song…
Photograph by Deborah and Simon Smith

Guitar Shot 1

Photo 11
Strike another pose… Me and My Guitar!
Photograph by Deborah and Simon Smith

And phew… that was it! After 500-and-something photos, we declared it a wrap.



Meet the Crew!

All photos courtesy of Deborah and Simon Smith.
Nail art by Isobel. Hair and make-up consultancy by Isobel.
A huge, big, enormous
THANK YOU goes to ‘The Smiths’!!
I loved that you had as much fun as I did. You totally rocked,
and you know how much this means!


Star Crew ~ YOU ROCK! 🙂

Now then…Have your say!

So. Which ones do YOU like best? I need a portrait and a body shot, with or without guitar and chair. I have two favourites, but having picked this lot out of 500 pictures, I might have lost perspective along the way, no pun intended. Help me out here…

Make the editor’s choice today ~ which photos are going to be The Ones?

This Author’s Evolution…

Just for fun, take a look at the history of my author photograph. It kind of captures the development of my author career quite beautifully.

From left to right…
Holiday Snap >> First Purposeful Author Photo >> First Proper Shoot: Nicky Writes Romance (That Rocks Your World) >> Your Ultimate Rock Chick Author.


It’s quite poignant, this, as it also captures the re-emergence of ‘me’ from within the Mummy-me. If you have kids, you’ll know what I mean.


(And don’t forget to vote!)

59 responses to “Revealing My ‘True Colours’ ~ A New Likeness for the Ultimate Rock Chick Author

  1. Wow, you’re looking fab! My personal favourites are 5,7 and 9. I need to have some shots done, I’m forever cropping holiday pictures and ‘girls night out’ piccies!

    Best of luck!
    Lucie xx

    • Woohoo! Good morning, Lucie, and thanks so much for dropping by and taking a look. So ~ the show’s on the road with numbers 5, 7 and 9: YES!! Thank you for voting and have a fabulous Friday! xx 🙂
      PS ~ There’s nothing wrong with holiday pics or girls-night-out-images as they’re bound to make you look happy and radiant! But if you can get yourself organised for a photo shoot of some description, I highly recommend it. It’s a lot of fun and an enormous ego boost, LOL.

  2. Can’t decide between 1 and 4 for the close up. LOVE photo 11, you look so cool 🙂 x

  3. Gosh, I like them all! Very rock star! The one with the chair and bare feet is very Christine Keeler too, so may be suitable for another genre…

  4. Look at you, you gorgeous thing! Okay, after much perusing…my absolute favourites are 6 and 11, I love 1 for your head shot, and I also love 7 and 10. Can’t wait to see what you choose, in the end! You rock! xx

    • OMG the floor is totally wide open! Wow! Thank for your feedback, looks like we did great on putting together a good selection. Thanks for stopping by and voting, that means a lot from a fellow rock chick. Mwah! 🙂 Have a rocking Friday. XX

  5. Good Afternoon [your time] Nicky,

    WOW !!! What a transformation !!! I love your new photos especially #2, 5, 6, and 7 [no particular order]. But since I’ve got to pick one, it’s #5 for the headshot and #7 for the full body one.

    It’s amazing what the right hair style, make-up, and clothes can do for a person’s image. This can be best seen as you look at the set of four pictures at the end. This transformation reminds of one which belongs to someone else [BLUSH TIME !!!] … SUSAN BOYLE. 🙂 🙂 🙂

    The image [head shot] projected in your latest photo will definitely help sell your books. If you take all four of these photos and place them next to all three books of your trilogy and ask people wh0 is the person who wrote those books, they will inevitably pick the last one.

    So as I leave, I’m going to leave the only song I can leave considering the topic of your post today.

    So. Please don’t go and make me blush with your comment now.

    PLEASE !!! 😀 😀 😀

  6. LOL, Robin, I won’t make you blush. I’m not sure my transformation is quite as radical as SuBo’s, but point well taken. As for your song choice… yes, you get me. I had this exact song in my head when I put in the title for this feature. You know me so well! Well done you. (Hope that was un-blush-worthy, right?) XX

  7. 7 is my favorite for the full body and 5 for the head, Nicky, and I love your metamorphosis! I really do – you are one gorgeous rock chick!

    • YAY! Thanks so much Kim, and thank you for your vote, too! Looks like 5 and 7 are taking the lead again…. *cautious drumroll* Rock on, and wishing you a happy Friday! X

  8. Number 1. More author-like. I never like photos (however good) with guitars etc as it is a big ‘no no’ for all who are not artists and even artists often try to get away from it (clichéd)…a lot of Pro music photographers would not go there….so in my humble opinion and knowing how the message might be perceived I would go with the author and not the ‘rock star’ image. L:ike them as photos but not when giving out a message/brand for you as a writer. Hope you are not offended. You look good though. Jane

    • Oooh interesting feedback, Jane, thank you! The guitar photos were just for fun (and there was a very gorgeous one by a Very Famous man that really inspired us, LOL) but I don’t really think they’ll be my ‘official’ photo for books, etc. as an upstanding rectangle is just too awkward. 🙂

      Would love to hear what attracts you to 1 over 5?? Is it the faraway, thoughtful look?? LOL (I am laughing at self here, but the question is serious, I’d love to know what tips the balance for you!).

      Not in the slightest bit offended, you know how much I value your input! ROCK ON and thanks for stopping by! 🙂 XXX 😀

  9. I like all of them but for books I would use number 5

  10. I was going to add that the Christine Keeler pose brings back memories…but she was naked!!

  11. 5 and 6 get my vote xx the 5 for profiles x

  12. I love #5 and #7 the most! You look great!!

  13. I love 5 and 6 and most (all?) of the guitar ones. I really must get my red one out and have a strum…. Loving the photos, Nicky, I think your team have done a great job with getting your image / passion for rock ‘into print’! Rock on!

    • YAY! Jo, I knew would appreciate these. Go get your guitar and have some fun too, then we can start a virtual girl band, LOL! Thanks so much for your thoughts and for stopping by. Looks like 5 is still the winner… XXX Happy Friday!

  14. Hiya Nicky! I’ve had one of those weeks where I’m saying “how the heck is it already Friday?!?” LOL But I’m glad I made it over here to see these photos! Wow, Rock Chick! You rocked that photo shoot! 🙂 I really like them all but my favs are 1, 5, 7, 9 and 10.

    It looks like you had a great time and the end results are awesome! Thanks for sharing the shoot, Nicky!

    • Thanks Brandee, I’ve had the same. I’ve barely had time to catch up on blogs or do anything much, I’ve been consumed by writing and prepping this! But thank you SO much for your thoughts and for your lovely feedback, I’m really excited to hear from you. I had a fabulous time and I’m quite chuffed with the results. Wishing you a rocking weekend, Brandee! XXX

  15. 1 & 7 are my faves.
    Nice work!

  16. I love photo 7 and 9! Gorgeous! 🙂

    Your number 1 fan,
    Eve x

  17. cosmochicklitan

    You look amazing!! Love those pictures. Number 5 and 7 are my most favourite ones. xx

    • YAY! Thanks, Heidi, I’m loving it. 5 and 7 are still in the lead. Looks like the ‘ayes’ have it, LOL. Congrats again on finishing your exams, you must be on cloud nine. Go and have a TERRIFIC weekend! Big hugs and keep on rocking…. XXX

  18. They’re fantastic! I love them all. I think my favs for a head shot are 1 & 5 for obvious reasons. You really can’t go wrong with any of them, but I also love # 4 & 6 too.

    • Dana!! Thanks for stopping by and voting. I love your votes. 1 is a hot contender for the portrait, but I believe 5 is still in the lead. As for 4 and 6… well. Lots of great, fun shots to use for all manner of occasions, methinks. Thank you! Have a great weekend. XX 😀

  19. OMG !!! The comments are coming in Fast and Furious. I guess everyone is eager to get to see our NEW ROCK STAR !!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

    I’ve never seen such a huge onslaught of commenters before. Good thing I came early to see Nicky’s True Colors 😀 😀 😀

  20. Nicky, for me it has to be 5 and 7! Love the way you involve everyone 😀

    • Shaz, thanks so much! I haven’t formally tallied the results yet but it really does look like 5 and 7 keep coming up time and again. As for involving everyone… I’m *loving* that you all take part and have your say. Woohooo! Rock on!!! 😀

  21. 5, 7 and 11. Wow! Fab, Nicky! Um, am I still allowed to share a room with you at the FoR, now you are obviously dazzlingly uber-famous?? 🙂 xx

    • *waves* Hiya roomie! Thanks so much for your vote ~ I love that you could stop by!!! And I absolutely insist that we share a room. I wouldn’t want to be there otherwise! Who else would put up with my insomnia fears and potential for all-night chatting??? Loveya to bits, sweetie, and can’t wait to see you! XXXXXX (Uber-famous, haw haw haw ~ I wish!!)

  22. 1,5,11. and all the rest too.

  23. I like #7 the best!

  24. What a transformation from your first ‘holiday’ photo. My faves of the ultimate rock star are 1, 2, 5 and 6 with #5 being at the head of the pack. Love the leather jacket. Looking mighty fine there lovely lady! 🙂

    • Hiya! Thank you so much for your lovely, lovely comment. I’m smiling as wide as the Cheshire cat here. And the leather jacket praise is high praise indeed from one who loves them and wears them too ~ yay! Rock on! 😀

  25. I adore number one – but I think number five is awesome too! You’re one cool rock chick X

  26. Love photo no. 1, too! Rockin’…!

  27. Lovely pics, Nicky

    Photo 2 and 7 are my favourites. The transformation in photos is fab!


  28. LOVE these pics Nicky – much more rocky chicky!!

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