Empty Rooms

It’s Music Monday!


I hope you all had a great weekend! I’m still recovering from the ‘rock chick’ reveal of last Friday ~ what a reaction! I never thought you’d all get so excited on my behalf and join in with the voting fun in quite such large numbers. But I thank you all, you truly made me feel like a rock star! 🙂

Many of you will know that I’m working on my next full-length novel, titled Fallen For Rock. It features professional high-flyer Emily, who is anything but a rock chick. Owing to her disdain for all things rock, she’s made quite a hash out of her relationship with aspiring rock singer Nate and she’s just discovering… well, let’s say she might have made a mistake.

I was listening to Planet Rock in between bouts of writing last week, and this song came up. The lyrics don’t quite fit in every regard, but the mood…oh the mood is perfect for the opening of Fallen For Rock.

Moreover, I had flashbacks to my own life so vivid and unexpected that I’m still reeling. In particular, I see myself in the car with my then boyfriend, driving through the night towards France, and seeing the sun coming up over the horizon. He was asleep in the passenger seat***, but I was singing along to that song, and it struck a chord, even though I couldn’t figure out there and then why it would, or should. Ha! The power of music, right?

Anyway, sit back and enjoy the legacy of the one and only Gary Moore!

So ~ what’s your instant response to Empty Rooms? Have you ever had this…empty kind of feeling?

***If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you’ll remember my post about not driving in good company. And that totally applies. However, for a very short period of about 12 months, I did actually make use of my driving license, LOL. And this  memory harks back to that time… #JustSaying

8 responses to “Empty Rooms

  1. Aahh, Gary Moore…one of the great guitarists we miss. And yes, I was amused to find you driving in the story, after what you’d said in previous blogs. I remember this song from when it was first released – nostalgia from my youth! I don’t think I’ve ever had that empty rooms feeling, though…not as described by this song, anyway. It’s a great song, but not part of the soundtrack to my life, if that makes sense?
    A little aside: if I ever want to get my hubby to do anything, or cheer him up, I play Parisienne Walkways. He LOVES that song. 😉
    Have a rockin’ week! One week today until my gigfest – squeee! xx

    • Squeee! Gigfest, roll on! LOL I did say in that feature about not driving that I did drive for a very short period of time, didn’t I? I never enjoyed it much though.

      Your not-part-of-soundtrack comment makes total sense. If every song was everyone’s soundtrack, I wouldn’t bother with Music Monday anymore because it would all be so obvious! (Does *that* make sense, I wonder?) Glad you liked it though, and have a rocking week! XX

  2. A fabulous song Nicky, have it on the PC and my iPod. This is the sort of music which gives me inspiration for writing – so emotional. It’s all about love and loss and what might have been had things been done differently. As soon as I first heard it years ago I loved it and have never tired of hearing it. Agree with Karen, Gary was one of the greats and is much missed! xx

  3. Hi Nicky
    It’s Columbus Day here today. They move the day around to give us a long weekend. Anyway, my OH is off today and we’re off to the senior center for lunch.
    I played your selection once and then checked out the lyrics to make sure my response would be appropriate. I believe it is. My song has been around for a few years before I was born and before I’d been a twinkle in my parent’s eyes.
    This is a classic song based on the music from another classic: Sergei Rachminoff’s Concerto #2.

    So without any further delay here it is:

    ENJOY 🙂 🙂 🙂

    BTW – Forgot to mention I loved your song for today,

  4. Love Gary Moore,guitarists seem to be my thing if I ever had one. Sadly missed. Worked with many in my time and several really wonderful ones (known as Guitar Heroes) and know how hard they work to keep the speed and the soulfulness in their playing. I am surrounded by guitars as I write, Gibson Stereo being just at my side, 1959 SG Cherry Red…..and an Ovation Semi-acoustic is looking provocatively at me from the corner…..I shall be thinking guitars all day now…..good luck with the new book. Rock on.

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