Sophie has an exciting confession for Dan…

Indeed, it’s party time again!  Did you guess right yesterday?

I feel like a regular party girl these days. Break out the bubbly, have a little treat and join the party!  Oh, and know that while the celebrations continue, I’ll be planning the third part of the Rock Star Romance Trilogy… just how will the story end??XX

~Nicky 🙂

33 responses to “Sophie has an exciting confession for Dan…

  1. Fantastic news!! I’m so pleased for you Nicky, what an exciting time you’re having at the moment and very much deserved 🙂

    Kate x

    • Aww, thanks, Kate! I am so glad you stopped by, I’ve been itching to tell you. Hope you can wait the extra few months… not that long, really, from where I’m sitting! Now for part 3…!!

  2. Yay! I guessed right – but you know what Nicky, Sophie’s Run was a sure bet anyway. Am delighted for you. Well done, it’s great news.

    Sue x

    • Bless you, Sue! And thanks for being my writing buddy extraordinaire on this masterpiece!! Here’s to great friends–us, and Sophie and Rachel, and just generally people who look out for each other. Cheers! XX

  3. Absolutely thrilled for you, Nicky. I’m so looking forward to reading your novels. 🙂

    Jan x x

  4. She’s rockin’ and rollin’ and hasn’t even got time to raise a glass of wine if the truth be known! Up to her eyes in manuscripts…. well done Nicky, can’t wait. What a year.

  5. Whoop whoop!!! Now will you all stop writing your next books because Lady B’s lagging behind with her next one! LOL! Well done Nicky – really pleased for you! Can’t wait to read it! Have a glass of bubbly for me!

    • I doubt you’re lagging, I hear tales of a certain bodyguard?? You are prolific, Lady B, just keeping your cards close to your chest. Here’s your bubbly **cheers** and thanks for joining the party!

  6. Utterly thrilled for you. Rock on!

  7. Fab news! Congrats! Hugs x

  8. Eeek, was just kicked of the site (probably because of loud cheering!) I’m so pleased for you – big hug and congratulations! So I can feel smug about guessing correctly. Shame we have to wait quite a while to read it though… sure you don’t need an additional beta reader?

    • I thought I heard something! Thanks so much, Marina! I always love it when you visit! It’s not that long really from where I’m sitting… I’ll keep you posted on the beta reading! xx Have a great day!

  9. Congrats, Nicky!! Can’t wait to read the Rock Star Series! You are a busy girl, I hopy you take the time to relax and enjoy the bubbly.

    • Thanks, Dana! This was all written last winter, finished in January! Now for the real challenge: writing part 3! Thanks for stopping by and here’s a glass raised to you: cheers!

  10. Yay, Whoop, Yay 🙂 Congratulations Nicky x

    • Thanks, Shaz! Who would have thought all those months ago when I asked you whether you would kindly review my debut novel… who would have thought where it would lead? Your support and guidance have been instrumental, so here’s a big cheer and a nice big glass for you. **Cheers** XX

  11. I reckon she has bubbly for breakfast! Nicky is just sooo effervescent. Love ya that way, Nicky. WhoooOOT! Well done you! 🙂 x

  12. Congratulations, Nicky. Enjoy riding the wave!

  13. Haha! I KNEW it! That contract looked so familiar. Congratulations, Nicky!! I love it when the story continues!!

    • Congrats on guessing right! I was trying to be all clever about it but nothing escapes the lovely Nancy!! Thanks for stopping by, and oh boy, does the story continue! You ain’t seen the half of it yet…. XXX

  14. Wonderful news, Nicky! I’m delighted for you … and Sophie!

  15. Absolutey brilliant news – well done Nicky! X

  16. Congrats! So exciting! Doing the happy dance for you. 🙂

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