Guess what?

16 responses to “Guess what?

  1. I like your sparkly pencil! Is that the publishing contract you have before you?

  2. Yes, I’m guessing, but I thought it was just me and my lack of techie skills and I was missing something. I just had a thought – why don’t you use that photo for your gravatar? It’s really good.

    • No, you’re spot on, there is nothing more! I thought I’d post a teaser… is that mean of me? Heee heee, am so excited. Glad you liked the photo–the first one EVER of me with glasses since I was about… 10. (gulp). Hope you can come back tomorrow and find out…?? XX

      • You brat! Teasing us like that! Great picture though and the glasses look nice on you. You look like a professional writer (which you are).

      • sorry! couldn’t resist the teaser campaign though!!! I’m getting used to the idea of glasses for writing. It actually helps get my writing head on… something like a peak performance ritual, or something. I have glasses on, therefore I work. XX See you tomorrow!

  3. Well, I’m guessing you’re NOT writing your shopping list, you’re NOT filling in school forms, you’re NOT doing any school work and you’re NOT writing part 3 of the trilogy. That only leaves one thing I can think of ….

    By the way, it’s a great photo. :0)

    Sue x

    • I’m NOT doing any of those things, you’re quite right!!! Thanks for guessing. Will you come back tomorrow? Can’t believe you guys like this photo, it was a snap done by hubby on the hop while I was feeling quite tired and drained. Hm. Maybe I need to reconsider my poses! XX

      • In the words of The Terminator ‘I’ll be back’ x

      • whooop whooop! Remind me to tell you a terrible joke about this one when we meet some time soon. Say “Arnie” and “I’ll be back” and I’ll have the cringeworthiest joke in history for you. Well, one of them anyway. See you tomorrow!

  4. It looks a little familiar…

  5. LOL!!! I LOVE this picture – you look all professional and business! Now why didn’t I think of taking a picure when I signed mine…er because I was in my pyjamas 😉

    • Bless you! D’you know, this is the weirdest thing. I was totally knackered, end of day, stress with moving and kids and printer not cooperating, and I’m there with my sparkly blue biro and my hubby shouts, “hold it–I’m taking a picture!” You’re lucky I didn’t pull a face (although I probably wouldn’t have posted that image!). Thanks for your kind words, though. I think the glasses add some authorly gravitas. XX

  6. I really like this photo of you – big plus: the sparkly pen and the stars before you! 🙂

    • Thanks for your lovely comment! The sparkly pen is great, it’s my writer’s pen at the moment, always by my side… what **will** I do when it runs out? 🙂

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