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One of my favourite perks of the job: Picking Winners!

The launch tour of Fallen for Rock is drawing to a close, and what a blast it’s been! The giveaway registered 3,258 entries, and I just had some serious fun picking the winners. Well, actually, Rafflecopter picked them for me, but it’s awesome to see names appear. I hope everyone will enjoy their prize!

Fallen for Rock Swag

Thank you to all you lovely folks who entered, shared, tweeted, shouted about the launch, and emailed me. You make all the difference! It gives me great pleasure to announce the winners as follows:

One large signed poster of “Fallen for Rock”
Cindy Wells
(no relation of mine, incidentally, just a shared surname!)

One set each of Signed “Fallen for Rock” Swag (Postcards and Bookmarks)
Donna James
Vera Machado

One set each of signed “Fallen for Rock SWAG SPECIAL” including 2 bookmarks, 2 postcards and 2 guitar picks
Irma Jurejevcic
Enrique Herrera
Jodi Ciorciari-Marinich

One set each of signed “Fallen for Rock” Guitar Picks
(two picks per set)
Elaine BookWhore Grey
Melisa Fernanda Gamboa Ponce
Mick Murphy
Bev Wong
Paris Baker

One set of “The Complete Nicky Wells Swag” (signed): Bookmarks and postcards for Sophie’s Turn, Sophie’s Run, Sophie’s Encore, Spirits of Christmas and Fallen for Rock
Melissa Crisp

 One Audio CD: Bon Jovi “Greatest Hits” (2010)
Nicole Henke

One Amazon Gift Certificate for £5/$7 or equivalent
Summer Laird Grinstead

Winners have been notified by email already. 🙂

Congratulations if you are a winner! If, however, you haven’t won on this occasion, watch this space for future launches and random giveaways.


Rock on!

Music Monday Special: IT’S MY LIFE plus Winners, Podcast Linkies and Festival of Romance Pics

Happy Music Monday!


So. How’ve you been? Last week got away from me from the word go, and after the big Siren FM ‘Spirits of Christmas’ On Air Festive Fun Extravaganza, I went completely MIA.  Very bad form of me, but there was a reason! The reason being that a cold gripped me and wouldn’t let me go! And at the weekend, it was time for the Festival of Romance ~ so now it’s Monday again and I’m asking myself, where did the last seven days go?

Well. This is the rock star lifestyle for sure, right? So here’s a fitting song. I know I shared Bon Jovi last week already when sleep seemed the most elusive resource of all… but hey, if this band will write the most appropriate songs for the soundtrack of my life, I can’t help it, right? Here goes. STAY TUNED (i.e. read on) for your Radio Party Podcast Linkies and some photos from the weekend’s Romance Fest!


The winners of the Spirits of Christmas On Air Festive Fun Extravaganza Party were announced live on the show. You can also hear the announcements in the podcast, but let’s give the winners a big cheer here too.

Rachel Miles and Lheanne Spicer ~ One signed paperback copy of Spirits of Christmas each!

Dawn Crooks ~ One “Now That’s What I Call Christmas” CD


Thank you to everyone who entered. I was stunned, as always, by the response to this giveaway, especially given the very short countdown time of only three days. You all ROCK and I feel the lurve!

The Spirits of Christmas Festive Fun Podcasts 

The Party Team: Ed Wellman and Katie Grimason; and Holly Cox, myself, Emily and Rosie. We rocked it!

The Party Team: Ed Wellman and Katie Grimason; and Holly Cox, myself, Emily and Rosie. We rocked it!

Missed the show? Never fear! The good folks at Southside Broadcasting like to make the shows available for all posterity, and you can listen in here:

Part 1
Part 2

It was rockin’ awesome! And is if that wasn’t enough fun for one week, after two days of languishing on the sofa with a dreadful cold, I made my way to Bedford for….

Festival of Romance!

Saturday morning saw me arriving (very nearly) bright-eyed and thoroughly excited in Bedford for immediate setting up of table at the Romance Fair. This year, we were hosted in the Harpur Suite, and the punters started arriving as soon as the doors opened at 10 a.m. The fair passed faster than you could say “Romance Fest 2013” with a steady stream of visitors passing by my stall. Evidently I did a reading! I chose a little passage from “Spirits of Christmas” that was suitable for the “Royal Baby Shower” theme. And evidently, I opened my reading with a short burst of song. LOL!

The gala/ball was splendiferous! My congratulations go out once again to all the award winners, you totally rocked it! I’m still reeling from all the fun and information packed into the industry event on Sunday. And it was amazing meeting all manner of readers and friends, many of whom I knew from Facebook or Twitter but hadn’t hitherto met face-to-face: JB Johnston, Carol Wright, Heidi Bartlett, Kiru Taye, Talli Roland, Manda Ward, Glynis, Sheryl Browne, Les Moriarty, Pete Cook, Linn Halton, Mandy Baggot, Fi Harper, Kate Allen, Cat, Jane Lovering, Terri Nixon, Lyn, Caroline… the list goes on and on!

If you missed it this year, I’d thoroughly recommend you check out this fabulous event next year and: I’ll see you there!

Ready for Doors Open!

Ready for Doors Open!

Two happy authors: Nicky and Lyn!

Two happy authors: Nicky and Lyn!



Manda Ward, so nice to meet you!

Manda Ward, so nice to meet you!

JB and Sheryl at the end of Sunday's industry event... we can't believe it's time to go home already!

JB and Sheryl at the end of Sunday’s industry event… we can’t believe it’s time to go home already!

It’s My Life! And I’m loving it!
How was your week?

10 Lucky People: Announcing the Winners of the Sophie’s Encore Launch Giveaway


That’s the number of total entries registered for the Sophie’s Encore launch giveaway. I’m totally blown away! Thank you to everyone who entered, tweeted, shared, liked, subscribed to the newsletter, posted reviews, and generally helped to spread the word. YOU ROCK!

This was what was up for grabs:

SE Giveaway

And the winners are:

Ananda ~ 1 SWAG PACK
Marlene Roberts Engel ~ 1 Sophie’s Run keyring
Lyka Tan ~ 1 Sophie’s Encore keyring
Sierra A McBRide ~ 1 Sophie’s Encore keyring
P Rovere ~ $10 Amazon gift voucher
Jessica Meddick ~ 1 Sophie’s Run mug
Connie Kline Fisher ~ 1 Sophie’s Encore mug
Kayla Orton ~ 1 Sophie’s Encore mug
Kelly Urban ~ 1 Sophie’s Encore poster


All winners have been notified by email.

Watch this space!

Sophie’s Encore is well and truly out, but I am not done yet for this year. Oh no!I’m keeping it all mysterious and secret for now, for reasons that will become obvious… so… stay tuned for 1 November!


Nicky In Your Inbox

Did you know you can stay in the loop with new releases and upcoming giveaways via my new newsletter? Nicky in your Inbox, nice and easy, and you’ll never miss out on anything important again. Intrigued? You can subscribe here:


First edition coming out later this month!

Woohoo! Rock on, everybody!

Winners of the Sophie’s Encore Launch Day Bonus Giveaway


What a blast yesterday’s launch party for Sophie’s Encore was.
I’m still buzzing!

On the spur of the moment, I opened a ‘Share the Joy and Spread the Word’ launch day bonus giveaway for 2X $10 (or equivalent currency) Amazon Gift Vouchers. The response was tremendous:

I recorded 97 giveaway-related tweets and shares!
I think it’s fair to say that you all rock, thank you!

I recorded the entries in the order in which they appeared. Random.org has picked two numbers for winners. The winning entries are are…




That means that the winners are…. *drumroll*

Karen Soutar


Kate at Me, My Books and I!

Congratulations, ladies, I’ll be emailing you shortly.
Hooray! Thank you to absolutely everyone who took part and had the wires buzzing with news about this release.


555 FB Likes Giveaway: And the winners are…

Thank you to everyone who entered the 555 Facebook Likes Gratitude Giveaway!

It was a short, one-week only giveaway, but I was astounded by your response and I feel the lurve. 😀

And the winners are…

1 Sophie's Run mug (reverse side is blank)

1 Sophie’s Run mug (reverse side is blank)

The mug goes to: ELAINE W.

1 Sophie's Run Keyring (reverse is blank)

1 Sophie’s Run Keyring (reverse is blank)

The keyring goes to: PETRA R.

SWAG PACK: 2 Sophie's Run bookmarks; 2 Sophie's Turn bookmarks; 2 Sophie's Run postcards (1 signed); 2 Sophie's Turn postcards (1 signed)

SWAG PACK: 2 Sophie’s Run bookmarks; 2 Sophie’s Turn bookmarks; 2 Sophie’s Run postcards (1 signed); 2 Sophie’s Turn postcards (1 signed)

The SWAG pack goes to: DEBBIE L.

1 ecopy of Sophie's Run

1 ecopy of Sophie’s Run

And one ecopy of Sophie’s Run goes to: LARIZA R.

Huge congratulations!

Winners are being notified and prizes will be shipped/delivered imminently. Rock on!!

Don’t forget to check back for more giveaways in the future… you never know when the mood will take me!