#RadioAddict strikes again: Live on Air with Nicola Gilroy at BBC Radio Lincolnshire

This radio thing is becoming a habit and an addiction. I can’t help it!


Yesterday, the fabulous Nicola Gilroy invited me onto the afternoon show at BBC Radio Lincolnshire. Take no notice of my deer-caught-in-the-headline look, I have a most amazing time. Nicola asked me about Sophie’s Turn (and Sophie’s Run), my inspiration for writing, the writing (and planning) process as well as my journey to publication. Oh, and we talked about rock music. Obviously. She even played Whitesnake for me, right there, on the show. Needless to say, I played the air guitar. Luckily for Nicola, I didn’t sing along. (Though I was tempted!)

Here’s a link to the iPlayer of this show. It will be functional until end of day, Monday, 28 January. You can find ‘my’ segment from 10 minutes in up to 29 minutes!


Rock on, and thanks for listening. 🙂

PS. While I was sitting in the waiting area at BBC Radio Lincoln, I couldn’t help but reflect on the increasing number of times I’ve been getting to enjoy myself on the radio of late, and how that delicious cocktail of pre-interview nerves always gives me a buzz that lasts through the rest of the day. I might just blog about this in more detail in the coming week or so. What do you reckon?

19 responses to “#RadioAddict strikes again: Live on Air with Nicola Gilroy at BBC Radio Lincolnshire

  1. That’s wonderful!! I will deffo tune in and catch up, I remember the last radio interview I heard with you, it was great, I am sure this one will be too ; ) xx

  2. Congrats on another wonderful experience. Doing Radio is such a blast. It is easy to forget you are not alone and millions can be tuned it but what a fab way to get yourself out there! By all means blog about it….many never get inside a Radio/TV station so would love to know how it all works. I have had some of the best laughs ever inside such studios and there have been some very hairy moments too….like almost getting a station and the DJ’s pulled off air due to the band’s ‘language’ – but that was in the Mid West USA. In the UK back then the band would not have dared use the same ‘language’ but for some reason being abroad seemed to loosen their tongues. I am sure you behaved well Nicky and they will have you back. I had to crawl on all fours to get the band back into the studio of sister stations across the USA after some confusion involving erasers and rubbers…..I let you ponder that!

    • It *is* easy to forget you’re not alone! Very intrigued by your experiences with bad language, especially over in the US. I have pondered… and collapsed in a laughing heap. Classic! There might be space for an anecdote just like that in Sophie’s Encore. Not that I’m using crude language or anything!!

      Thanks as always for visiting, Jane, it’s such a pleasure knowing you and hearing your insider side of the story. #Awesome!

      • No bad language that often I must admit…but this time we had been signing photos and other items and one of the guys made a mistake and asked for a rubber….stunned silence, gasps and giggles and then the switchboards lit up with protests from callers deeply offended. Followed by a call from ‘God’ upstairs who demanded an apology and lots of grovelling by the DJ’s and ourselves or the plug was to be pulled not just on that show but the future. Stunned faces of Brits who couldn’t work out what they had said wrong….just one of many problems ‘our’ mutual English language can cause.

  3. Yay! I finally was ‘allowed’ to listen to this, and it so delightful to hear your dulcet tones again!

    • ‘Dulcet’, wow! D’you know, it’s kinda weird ~ I was just thinking about this this morning. It is *almost* as if I have my work-head back on when I’m in the studio. Maybe all those long years of speaking with… (at least some) very-busy-and-important-business-executives had a higher purpose after all! XX Thanks for visiting, Marina, and see you soon!

  4. Wonderful interview Nicky, however I hesitated listening to it since it indicated the program[me] lasted two hours; luckily you gave us the time marks for your interview.
    If I understood you correctly you had previously self-published “Sophie’s Turn” and then went to a small press publisher. If that’s the case you’re EXTREMELY LUCKY, because from what I’ve heard publishers never take on previously self-published books. As for myself, I couldn’t wait for responses to query letters being sent one at a time, so I chose to go directly to the self-published route for my debut YA Paranormal romance novel; and after doing some research I finally went with CreateSpace, here in The States [they’re owned by Amazon].
    However, unlike most self-published authors who rush to see their manuscript in print, I had my manuscript read by an editor. I should point I’ve found out authors still go over their manuscripts a few times after they’ve been edited to do some additional editing, which is what I did.
    Good luck with the launch of “Sophie’s Turn”.
    *** WARNING *** *** WARNING *** *** WARNING ***
    Watch out Nicky!!!
    Before these interviews not only become a habitual addiction but turn into a half-hour program[me] of your own where YOU do the interviews of aspiring authors/artists. 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • LOL ~ Robin, you flatter me. I’m just waiting for someone to give me a show, ha ha! Girl can dream, right? Thanks for visiting and I’m glad you took the time to listen, I really appreciate it. And now you know what my voice sounds like!

      Yes, I did previously self-publish and it was a steep learning curve which ultimately, as I said, gave me the confidence to pitch in a very different manner. It’s not at all unheard of for authors to go this route, I know of a few others who took a similar path. 🙂 Good luck with your work and as I said on your blog… keep writing! X

  5. Congrats again, Nicky! I’ve only done one radio interview so far but thoroughly enjoyed it. Have also done a few TV spots for our local cable company and online news channel. The rush from doing them is addicting! 🙂

    Congrats with Sophie’s Turn and wishing you huge success with Sophie’s Run!

    • Thanks so much, Mel! Ah, TV ~ the final frontier. I’m all for it, just in case someone in power might be reading. #HINT.

      Thanks for all your good wishes and I look forward to seeing you at the launch. Two weeks today!!! Oh and ~ the boys LOVED the photos of the trucks you sent. I had to print them all out and they’re pinned to the wall. Success! TYxxx

  6. Great exposure for you, Nicky!

  7. Well done honey, will have a listen 🙂


  8. Great interview. Listened and loved it well done. I agree, if you like doing radio you can get a little addicted. It’s been years since I did radio interviews for work. To do one on your novels must be amazing. I really need to get better organised at the planning stage.. still a bit of a pantster though I am getting better at mapping things out.

    • Aw, Lynne ~ thank you very much for taking the time to listen, you are a rock star! Yes, I am getting addicted to the thrill and the buzz of it all. Bring it on! As for planning ~ I am an obsessive planner, as you gathered. But that doesn’t mean I don’t still have to improvise when my pesky characters take a different path to the one I had mapped out for them… Great to see you here today, thanks for taking the time to comment. XXX

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