Rock of Ages

It’s Music Monday!


Happy Monday! Hope you’re coping with the snow or whatever weather is confronting you today. Keep it hot and snug with another highly appropriate rocking selection in the run up to the lauch of Sophie’s Run.

Oh yes… Still rocking… and not about to stop! Long live rock’n’roll.


What’s your favourite rocking-forever track?

4 responses to “Rock of Ages

  1. Well Nicky here I am again up out of the arms of Morpheus looking to get tired enough to be able to start closing my eyes so I can return to that peaceful realm. As you can probably tell by now, I love to talk about things precisely the way they are without beating around the bush. So if this week you’d like to proclaim “LONG LIVE ROCK ‘N ROLL” in song, you leave me no alternative but to do the same. Now here’s my proclamation, in song, to the same idea:

    BTW – Can’t remember at this unearthly hour whether I mentioned it before, but the problem I had with my debut novel on Amazon has finally been corrected.

  2. AWESOME. We are like-minded, for sure. Glad the Amazon issue has been resolved. It’s a learning curve, for sure. XX

  3. I can’t believe it, here we are more than a week since you’ve did this post and I’m still the only one who has made any comments; it looks so empty. I feel this would be a good opportunity for Sophie to sing about her two love interests.

    First we come Tim, to whom Sophie would like to become engaged to, I feel, as you’ve said on your website, and whose inactions makes her wonder whether he really loves her today, and whether he will do so tomorrow.

    Now we come to Dan, with who she had adored as a teenager, and who she had followed around then; and since he has fallen back into her life, she follows him to Paris; and it appears she’ll be apparently continue to do so, because, at least for now, she “loves” him.

    Would love to get feedback on these two tracks.

    • Ah, Robin, you are such a sweetheart. D’you know, some posts get lots of comments and some get barely any. It depends on how busy people are, I suppose. We’ve had plenty of visitors and that’s the number that really counts. But thank you so much for all your support! 🙂

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