Share the Joy and Spread the Word: Sophie’s Encore Launch Day Bonus Giveaway

Thank you for checking out my Sophie’s Launch Day Bonus Giveaway.
Up for grabs are:

Two (2) Amazon Gift Vouchers for $10 (or equivalent currency)

How does it work?

Simple. I’d love for you to help me share the joy and spread the word about the release of Sophie’s Encore. To enter the giveaway, simply

TWEET or POST TO FACEBOOK about the release.
For example, you could tweet or post one of the following messages (the link is to the Kindle edition):

Check out Sophie’s Encore, new #rockstar #romance by @WellsNicky! #chicklit #SophiesEncore

Can’t wait to read Sophie’s Encore, new #rockstar #romance by @WellsNicky! #chicklit #SophiesEncore

Have you checked out Sophie’s Encore, new #rockstar #romance by @WellsNicky? #chicklit #SophiesEncore

Ever had a crush on a #star? Then Sophie’s Encore by @WellsNicky is perfect for you! #chicklit #SophiesEncore #rock

3 ebooks for less than $6.00/£4.50! Sophie’s Turn & Sophie’s Run SALE, Sophie’s Encore @WellsNicky OUT NOW! #chicklit


Yay! I just bought Sophie’s Encore, new #rockstar #romance by @WellsNicky! #chicklit #SophiesEncore

Or you could make up your own tweet or message ~ whatever you’re most comfortable with.  You could even post a photo of Sophie’s Encore on your e-reader ~ wouldn’t that be cool? LOL!

Be sure to include @WellsNicky and #SophiesEncore in your tweet,
or to tag my Author Page
 on Facebook when you post.
(NB: You must tag my Author Page, not me personally,  as FB doesn’t like giveaways being linked to a personal wall!
You can ‘tag’ any Page that you’ve liked.)

Giveaway is open all through launch day! Winners will be announced on FRIDAY, 6 September. Good luck, and thank you!

The Small Print

No purchase necessary. Every Twitter and Facebook entry will be logged in sequential order. One tweet/Facebook post equals one entry. Participants may submit multiple entries. Contest is open until midnight PST on Thursday, 5 September 2013. will be used to select two (2) winners. Winners will be announced ON THIS BLOG on Friday, 6 September, and subsequently also on Twitter and Facebook.

9 responses to “Share the Joy and Spread the Word: Sophie’s Encore Launch Day Bonus Giveaway

  1. Shared on fb,twitter, & pin

  2. Facebook share:


    Shared on Twitter and Facebook Thanks

  3. Shared using one of your special, branded hashtagged tweets! Hope you continued to have an amazing day. xxx

  4. Congratulations and Good Luck. One day, please tell me where you get the energy. Here’s to Sophie’s encore xxxx
    ps I’m still editing mine..

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