Enter Sandman

It’s Music Monday!


Last week, I promised you a series of classic rock song posts to mark the countdown to the launch of Sophie’s Run on 7 Feb. You know I keep my promises! Today, I have a rocking choice for you. Talk about one of the greatest opening riffs of all times! (Well, it’s in my top 10 at least).

Dum-dumm-dum-dum-duuuummmm-dum-dumm-dum-dum-duuuuuuum…. *Plays air guitar* Oh yes, I can see Darren and Dan play something like this (of their own, of course!) live on stage with Tuscq. Rock on, and enjoy.

What’s your favourite rock song opening? Or you could share your fave book opening line ~ I’m intrigued!

12 responses to “Enter Sandman

  1. Well, I think it’s time for Sophie to sing another song. However, this time I’m going to turn back the hands of time to when she’d been waiting for Tim to fulfill her dreams and propose to her. Sophie is lonely and really needs to fill the void concerning her love life. One thing is certain, he has to be he cutest she’s ever seen, his lips must be red as roses in clover, and he also needs to be lonely so she can take away that loneliness. Enough said, I think it’s time for Sophie to take the stage and sing :

  2. Hard one to answer Nicky, there are so many…..just love rock as you know. I love Mr Sandman too. Good luck with your count down to Sophie’s Run, cannot wait.

  3. I remember this song, but I must have been a baby! I can’t be that old.

  4. Hey! Why don’t you check my hardcore version for Enter Sandman!? Here it is: http://onecutemanband.wordpress.com/2013/01/26/enter-sandman-metallica-hardcore-version/


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