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Nicky Wells visits Kim the Bookworm for an author’s interview… stop by and find out all about my life in 213 words!

Rightly or wrongly, I feel like a celebrity right now with another interview going live on another website!  This time, the wonderful Kim Nash has asked me a variety of interesting questions… She wanted to know about my life, why I write, and where… and also what I’m working on right now.  The answer to that question will be obvious to anyone who’s read Sophie’s Turn:  I’m writing the sequel.  But visit Kim’s blog for a little bit of an idea what might happen in the sequel!

Find the full interview at

Please do join me on  Kim the Bookworm and leave me a comment!

Thanks very much, Kim, for this great opportunity and for hosting an interview on your blog as part of my virtual blog tour.  Thank you also for your guidance, advice and encouragement in every other way (you know what I mean!).  🙂

Rock on!

Nicky Wells visits Kritters Ramblings for an interview… come and join us!

Good morning again!


Things are continuing apace this week, with another of my interviews taking place–this time by the lovely Kristin at Kritters Ramblings.  Kristin asked me all kinds of interesting questions.  Find out what I ramble on about (and ramble I can!), whether there’s anything of me in the wonderful Sophie, and what part of the writing process I enjoy most…

Join me at and feel free to comment and discuss: I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Thanks very much to Kristin for hosting an interview (and yesterday’s review, of course) as part of my virtual book tour.  I have really enjoyed answering the questions and really appreciate stopping by on Kritters Ramblings today.

Check out what’s happening for Sophie’s Turn this week (5 Sep)


Another week rolls in, as weeks are wont to do, and the virtual book tour for Sophie’s Turn brings you more exciting events. First of all,  there is a fabulous review for Sophie’s Turn from Kim Nash at Kim The Bookworm:

Next, I may be gaining a review by Jonita Fox from The Book Chick blog.  The review will feature a give-away. I also have offer a guest-blog on Jonita’s blog this week: find out more about my writing habits there!

Later in the week, I will have a spot on Sue Fortin’s new “Audience with an Author” feature at lovereadinglovebooks.  Sue is asking me some very interesting questions about writing and publishing Sophie’s Turn… Don’t miss it!

LAST WEEK saw three reviews and one interview! Find links all over this blog, but just to remind you… the reviews were by Lou Graham at, Rea Sinfield at, and Christy Goldstein at the Chick Lit Club at  The interview by Laura Williams is live NOW at the Bookworm Ink. at

WOW! Thanks to all for taking part… and to you, for checking it out!

Laura Williams interviews Nicky Wells, author of Sophie’s Turn, for Bookworm Ink.

Hello all!  Another fantastic event in the virtual book tour for Sophie’s Turn right at the end of this week… Check out my interview by Laura Williams for Bookworm Ink.  Find out what started me writing, what my typical writing day looks like, which author influenced me as a child… and more!  Visit for the full story. 🙂

A big Thank You to Laura for her exciting and thoughtful questions, and for giving me such a great feature space on her blog this week.  And a really HUGE Thank You for taking the time to post this interview despite being very poorly.  Laura, where would indie authors like me be without dedicated bloggers, reviewers and feature-space-providers like you?

V-Book Tour for Sophie’s Turn: Interview and Give-Away at Chick Lit Aholic!

Hello all!  Check out Chick Lit Aholic at for the next new and exciting event in the book tour for Sophie’s Turn!  Find an interview with me by Georgina Scott that tells you about… my dream cast for Sophie’s Turn!  And don’t miss your chance to win a free e-copy of Sophie’s Turn.  The give-away is live from 24 August until 31 August midnight (Eastern Standard Time).

Thank you to Georgina for hosting this event… I look forward to seeing you all there! 🙂

Check out my first interview and give-away!!!



Go for it–now!!

Jera’s Jamboree is hosting my first author’s interview, together with a give-away of a copy of Sophie’s Turn, from today!  Check it out at:

My first author interview coming up soon on Jera’s Jamboree

Check out Jera’s Jamboree later this week to read my first ever interview!  The lovely Shaz from Jera’s Jamboree asked me some very exciting questions.  Want to know just who or what inspired me to write chick lit… ?  Well, you can find out there, soon!  I’ll post when the interview goes live!  🙂