Nicky Wells visits Kim the Bookworm for an author’s interview… stop by and find out all about my life in 213 words!

Rightly or wrongly, I feel like a celebrity right now with another interview going live on another website!  This time, the wonderful Kim Nash has asked me a variety of interesting questions… She wanted to know about my life, why I write, and where… and also what I’m working on right now.  The answer to that question will be obvious to anyone who’s read Sophie’s Turn:  I’m writing the sequel.  But visit Kim’s blog for a little bit of an idea what might happen in the sequel!

Find the full interview at

Please do join me on  Kim the Bookworm and leave me a comment!

Thanks very much, Kim, for this great opportunity and for hosting an interview on your blog as part of my virtual blog tour.  Thank you also for your guidance, advice and encouragement in every other way (you know what I mean!).  🙂

Rock on!

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