Check out what’s happening for Sophie’s Turn this week (5 Sep)


Another week rolls in, as weeks are wont to do, and the virtual book tour for Sophie’s Turn brings you more exciting events. First of all,  there is a fabulous review for Sophie’s Turn from Kim Nash at Kim The Bookworm:

Next, I may be gaining a review by Jonita Fox from The Book Chick blog.  The review will feature a give-away. I also have offer a guest-blog on Jonita’s blog this week: find out more about my writing habits there!

Later in the week, I will have a spot on Sue Fortin’s new “Audience with an Author” feature at lovereadinglovebooks.  Sue is asking me some very interesting questions about writing and publishing Sophie’s Turn… Don’t miss it!

LAST WEEK saw three reviews and one interview! Find links all over this blog, but just to remind you… the reviews were by Lou Graham at, Rea Sinfield at, and Christy Goldstein at the Chick Lit Club at  The interview by Laura Williams is live NOW at the Bookworm Ink. at

WOW! Thanks to all for taking part… and to you, for checking it out!

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