Girls Who Love to Read interviews Nicky Wells…find out about Nicky’s very own ‘Thunderbolt and Lightning’ moment!

Today it is my great pleasure head off to Australia… virtually.  I’m stopping by on Girls Who Love to Read for an interview with the lovely Flo.  Flo wanted to know whether I’d ever had the ‘groupie’ experience, or my very own ‘Thunderbolt and Lightning’ moment as described by Rachel to Sophie in Sophie’s darkest hour…  Also find out about my favourite rock bands and which very exciting rockers are following me on Twitter!

Join me at Girls Who Love to Read for the full interview today:

Thanks very much to Flo for her interesting questions and for hosting a stop on my virtual book tour.  The good things don’t end here, though… Flo has also read Sophie’s Turn and will be posting a review (with a give-away) in November, so watch this space!

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