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Tough Love

It’s Music Monday!


Oh, and it’s a very special Music Monday indeed. On Saturday, I received this gem in the post:


I cannot tell you how excited I am. Yes, this is ROCKVILLE ~ the brand new offering by one of my all-time favourite bands, UK rockers FM. And, I note gleefully, it’s a signed copy too. Of course, nothing else would do!!

As soft spots go, I have a massive one for this band. I’ve followed them for nearly all my adult life, ever since I first saw them in Bielefeld, Germany. I might have bumped into them on the odd occasion here or there, just once or twice. I adore their music and have all their albums. Indiscreet is probably my all-time favourite album, like, ever. (I know that’s two all-time favourites in one post; very bad form, stylistically speaking, but it can’t be helped!) And Tough It Out  has seen me through just about everything exciting, challenging or changing in my life, not least moving to England in the first place.

So here we have it, the latest work of musical art from these genius rockers. The  line-up features:

The Voice ~ Steve Overland
Bass ~ Merv Goldsworthy
Drums ~ Pete Jupp
Keyboards ~ Jem Davis
Guitars ~ Jim Kirkpatrick

This is the feature promo song for ROCKVILLE:

And this is one of my favourite songs from Indiscreet:

Do you get the idea that I really like FM? I’m going to see them, VIP package and all, in twelve short days and you can bet your bottom dollar you’ll hear all about that!

Thank you for tuning in today and I’d love to hear your thoughts. What do you reckon of today’s offering?