Nicky Wells joins the fabulous project, “”

When I got an email just before the half-term titled ‘author place’, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect.  Naturally, I hastened to open it… and did a little jig of excitement all around my lounge.  (All right, it was more of a big dance than a little jig, but who likes to gloat, right?).  What happened, you wonder?

What happened is this:  I (and my lovely debut novel, Sophie’s Turn) had been offered an author place on  This is Big News for me!

In case you’re not already familiar with this fantastic forum, here’s the official blurb: is a unique and innovative interactive Reader/Author project which is all about the Readers and Reader Power. features 30 show-cased new Authors and has a magazine-style blog. Readers can join
and support the Authors, working alongside them to actively raise their
profiles. Advertising is what sells books and new Authors do not have that
advantage. believes that Readers have the power to make their favourite new Authors a big hit and have fun getting involved at the same time.

The website says:  “We would love you to be a part of their [the authors’] developing careers and show the world that it is about READERS supporting authors; that access to a huge advertising budget is not the only way to establish a writing career. Readers will buy books recommended to them by friends and acquaintances, so let’s spread the word!”

So what does all of that mean? Well, you can check it out for yourself right here at Expect author interviews, reviews, hot news, book
launches and a multitude of other events… And now I am part of this amazing
project. Wow! I even have my very own author page featuring Sophie’s Turn.

And of course, as you love reading and love books, you are most welcome,
encouraged in fact, to join in with–perhaps
as a featured reader, or an associate reader. Find out more here.

Needless to say, I am absolutely delighted, honoured and quite bowled over to have been invited to join this group.  Here’s to everybody helping each other making a success of our work!


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