Music Monday goes Holiday #Madonna #Scorpions

It’s Music Monday!

And to celebrate the school holidays and the sunshine, I’ve got a new logo (created once again by my nifty husband, who clearly rocks!) and a fitting song. Actually, make that two! No more need for rainy day songs as the jetstream has finally shifted, it appears. So here goes… a double treat. First, a classic. And second, one of my all-time favourites, even if it sounds a little bittersweet… that’s the Scorps for you!


Now you’ve bopped along happily, check out this, a more mellow tune….


What are you up to in this, the first week of the school holidays? Do the school holidays even matter to you? Where are you headed this year? (More about my plans soon….) XX 🙂

17 responses to “Music Monday goes Holiday #Madonna #Scorpions

  1. Scorpions beat Madonna (in my view!) Thanks for that nostalgia!

    School holidays + living in a tourist area = hibernate for the summer….?

    Enjoy your summer hols, Nicky – hope you all have lots of fun!

  2. It’s a lovely new logo. Glad the rain stopped and your getting some nice weather. Our kids have been on school break for over a month already so they’ll be going back soon.
    Two great songs! Thanks for the flash back.

    • My god, Dana, how have you managed to keep up all the tweeting etc? I’m snatching moments here and then and I always feel guilty. Right now, boys are out in the garden splashing in a tiny splash pool sounding like hooligans but have a fab time! We have six weeks to go…… Right up until my launch. GULP! Thanks for visiting today, I love it. xx

  3. Yay! School holidays! 6 weeks ! Have been into school this morning to sort out my office as moving downstairs … it’s good to recycle and clear the energy. Tomorrow I think sunbathing. Wednesday morning I am attending a card making class (only get to do this in the holidays so a real treat for me). What will you be doing Nicky in your new environment? x

    • That sounds like bliss, Shaz! You’ll have to give me the low down on the move downstairs sometime…. We are exploring! The village has many delights, including a walk in-able stream (all the kids do it, boys are therefore in heaven) and a couple of lovely playgrounds. Venturing further afield, there’s the surrounding villages, Lincoln and… da da! A bus connection to the seaside. I think we’ll pass the hols with not too much trouble if the weather isn’t too bad. XX Quite excited, actually!

  4. debutnovelist

    Ah, it’s safe to go out in the rush-hour. Even the child-free and retired like the holidays!
    thanks for the music, Nicky.
    Although it’s not really my era, the song that best conjures up holiday freedom for me is Boys of Summer by Don Henley.

    • ooooh I love boys of summer. “don’t look back you can never look back” It’s been on the radio a lot, and the boys have to deal with mummy singing along full voice!!! Thanks for your comment, Ali, what a fab reminder!

  5. Good luck, Nicky, hope you manage to spend some lovely, memorable moments with the boys, as well as get some of your work done!
    Other songs that remind me of summer and holidays:
    The Summer of ’69 – Bryan Adams
    School’s Out for Summer! – Alice Cooper
    Walking on Sunshine – Katrina and the Waves
    And my current favourite is ‘Kokomo’ (Beach Boys), mainly because my boys think ‘Aruba, Jamaica, ooh, I wanna take ya to Bermuda, Bahama, come on, pretty mamma’ refers to me!

  6. Thanks for the blasts from the past – listening to T-Rex “I love to boogie” right now so all good! The first week of the kids hols and I am – kiddie free – having a whale of a time in France on my tandem in the sunshine (kids away on hols with their Dad). Feels so strange having time to myself and no limit to the menus or deadlines for dinners. Moules Marinieres and Oysters here we come…

    • AW, you lucky, lucky thing. I’ll leave you to the oysters, but please send over some moules and frites, please! Have fun, and thanks for commenting today! xx

  7. Love this, Nicky. Have to confess, have always been a Madonna fan. I remember when ‘Like a Virgin’ was out nominating it as song choice on a works convention karaoke evening. A CEO and Area Manager up on stage together, singing… Like a Virgin… Lah-la-lah-la-la-la … blush, blush. 😉 Glad you got your long-awaited sunshine, sweetie! Good luck with the hols. 🙂 xx

    • She certainly makes dance-along, sing-along tunes, doesn’t she. Oh to have been at that works do… I imagine some sort of BJ-style interlude? Or not? Good scene for a book sometime, methinks. Thanks for your visit! x

  8. I know I’m late responding to the song you had for this week. But I’m excited. After an almost 6 hour marathon session I typed 15 pages with about 3,750 words, which included finally typing that final elusive period. So in response I’d like to a mellow but somber song

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