It’s Music Monday!

Today’s clip is a little bit unusual for this blog. However, I can’t think of anything better to celebrate the return of my laptop to very good health, as well as me finally getting the better of this cold that’s been bugging me for over two weeks. You’ll know this piece, I promise you. It’s a classic. And it’s jubilance and power are simply awesome. Enjoy!

If you’ve read Sophie’s Turn, you might recall that a classical choir has some significant importance in there somewhere… so really, this is actually quite topical, if admittedly slightly extraordinary.

How about you? Can you be a musical chameleon and pick music of any kind that expresses your mood?

As always, I welcome your musical responses–just simply keep them official and legit, thank you!

18 responses to “Hallelujah

  1. Hi Nicky, seems I’m the first to respond. No wonder you are celebrating with such an awesome piece of classical music, you must be so relieved to get your laptop back. I’m not a classical fan myself but am just about post the piece for my blog which I wrote last night and which mentions you! I don’t have the facility for embedding music into my blog, so am doing it on Facebook instead – take a peek! The band is Dare, formed after Thin Lizzy disbanded – they do hard rock but it’s melodic and some of their tracks incorporate a Celtic feel. I’m going the rock music route at the moment for my new WIP – it seems just right sort of mood music for the new book!

    • Oooh, Jo, I know Dare well. One of my all time favourite bands! I even had a beer with them once, but that’s a long story. Thank you for visiting and commenting, and I’ll be sure to try and find you on FB later today. Rock on, kindred spirit! XX

  2. Hurrah for healthy Nicky and healthy laptop! Congrats!

    Yes, I know The Hallelujah Chorus very well, having sung it in our church choir on many occasions. I was Head Choir Girl for a while, until I went to uni.

    Classical music definitely has its place in my life, still, I’m a classical pianist (and organist!) so that part of me will always be there, even if my music of choice is usually Dare, Journey, Magnum or Karnataka!

    • Of course! It doesn’t surprise me at all to hear you are a chorister. I’m assuming you’re a soprano, you lucky thing? I’m an alto myself so I struggle with the high bits, LOL. And of course you like your hard rock bands! Second Dare fan to post here today, third if you inlcude me: we should have an outing some time! XX Thank for visiting, as always. 🙂

      • Joanna (Lazuli Portals)

        I was soprano, yes, but I also new the alto and used to sing along in between soprano bits – which used to earn me a “behave yourself” grin from our choir-master! I went to Scotland with his school (St Mary Redcliffe) – we slept in the basement of Oban Cathedral, and I got to sing there and in Iona Abbey! Magical 🙂

      • St Mary Redcliffe, as in Bristol? Next thing you’ll tell me your choir master was David Ogden………..

      • Joanna (Lazuli Portals)

        Yes to the first….no to the second! 😉

      • Phew. That would have just been too freaky. x He was on the telly a couple of weeks back as Gareth Malone stand in choir master in Bristol, and it was really odd. Great, but odd, seeing him on telly.

  3. I know precisely how you must feel right now, the grey skies which have been looming over you are gone and that there will be clear skies from now on. Your cares and troubles are gone knowing that there will no more from now on as well [hopefully]. You feel like shouting and telling the whole world about it, don’t you. So let me help you do so in song.

    • Robin, you are amazing. Thank you!!!

      • THANKS for the compliment Nicky, but I don’t think I’m that amazing…I merely thought of the first song that popped into my mind which would describe being happy after suffering a period of an adversity. Why do you consider me to be so amazing? Signed Curious 🙂 🙂 🙂

      • Love ya. Why, you want to know? Because you’re always here with a smile and a song and some lovely words. x

  4. Hallelujah indeed for return to normal function of both computer and yourself! Gorgeous music for a gloomy day…
    My own favourite classical music ‘pick-me-upper’ is the Gloria from Mozart’s Coronation mass. Let’s see if my embedding skills work…

    • It’s beautiful, thank you! Love Mozart. Love a good Gloria (with Vivaldi being a firm fave). Another perfect choice, thank you so much! Hope all is well with you and keep smiling despite the gloom. It’s autumn… light those candles, enjoy that hot chocolate! XX

  5. Yay, congrats to returning to health and your laptop 🙂 x

  6. The Hallelujah Chorus is one of my favourite pieces of music. So powerful. Awe-inspiring goosebumps music.

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