Off to party with Carol E Wyer! #surfinginstilettos

Now that I’m back on track, computer-wise and health-wise, and following my earlier jubilant Music Monday post, I have decided it’s time to party with my good friend, Carol E Wyer, as she celebrates the lauch of her e-book, Surfing in Stilettos.

I’m off! I have put on my party shoes and can be found at the fabulous Surfing in Stiletto party at Come and join in for some fantastic prizes, surprises, and desirable shoes! Rock on!!

6 responses to “Off to party with Carol E Wyer! #surfinginstilettos

  1. Hubby seriously loves these shoes. He keeps telling me I need to get a pair like these and only yesterday marched me into a shoe shop to look at a similar pair. They didn’t have my size so if you are a 6 and a half can you post them to me please?
    Huge thanks for all your support today and always. The results of the contest will be posted tomorrow. Hubby gave your top vote!
    Just off to tweet about them.

    • **blush** I’m not a girlie kind of girl as far as shoes and handbags are concerned, so this is a realy first, LOL! I’ll see if the shop has some more… XXX Your party is such fun, will try and stop by a few more places later. Hope it’s all going rocking for you!

  2. Kim The Bookworm

    Weyhey! I’m here! Where’s the vino? Hope I’m not too late to join in the fun. I love shoes too! And my little boy likes prancing around in his Mommy’s shoes too! Not sure at what age I should discourage that! Lots of love. Kim xxx

    • Here’s the vino, and I’m sure Carol has some more! My 5yo loves clomping around in my shoes too but as I don’t do heels, it’s not too bad. Thanks for coming **cheers**

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