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It’s Music Monday!


And what a week it’s been since I last posted here. A radio party and a book launch on two consecutive days. Both went well and left me reeling with excitement and joy. Now it’s time to take the book on tour, and I needed a slow, mellow song to allow myself to get my breath back and to set a good pace for the months to come.

A new favourite singer came to mind. She has simply got the most astounding voice, she’s an outstanding live performer and she writes meaningful lyrics. So I give you…


Later in the week, I’ll be posting an update on how the launch went and what I’ve been up to since. Meanhile, I raise my glass in a little toast to everyone who supported me these past few days, weeks, months, and years…


…and I want to know, have you been captured by the magic of Emeli Sande yet?

12 responses to “Read All About It

  1. Last year, i swear there was a week where I thought the woman was stalking me – she was everywhere!! On the front of The Big Issue i’d bought, on websites, that frosty blonde head, that Tin Tin quiff and even my friend Tamara was going on about her. God!! Then I listened to Next To Me and didn’t mind so much, because its a really great song! : )

  2. Hi Nicky
    Up early only [about 4:30 AM here] due the head cold I’m still nursing.
    I agree with you–you need to, after those hectic days before/after your triumphant launch, as well as the launch itself, take a REAL REST SPIFF. and chill down for a while.
    I’m envious of your success [and I’m still hoping for my own].
    For this week you chose a song where the words and the music come together in a somewhat mellow manner; which means I need to respond in a similar manner. So here’s a very mellow song which sings about life and about love, I feel you and your followers will agree this song is also quite relaxing, So lie back in your “COMFY CHAIR”, put your feet up, and sip a soothing beverage as you listen to:

    • Wow, Robin, as always you made a great choice. Hadn’t given Barry a thought for years. Great lyrics too! Thanks for visiting and commenting, as always, and the best advice I have for you is: keep writing. It’s the only way! 🙂 See you next week… XX

  3. The simple answer is YES. Fab choice Nicky x

  4. Emeli Sande has a strong mellow voice.

  5. She’s great Nicky, my favourite is Beneath Your Beautiful 🙂

  6. Beautiful voice. Thanks for bringing her to my attention, Nicky.

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