Frohe Ostern!

Happy Easter, one and all!

If you’re celebrating, I hope you had lots of lovely chocolate eggs and a fabulous egg hunt. Rock on!

The family Easter tree with all our art work!

The family Easter tree with all our art work!

Nicky's Star Egg

Nicky’s Star Egg

OH's Masterpiece!

OH’s Masterpiece!

7 yo's fave!

7 yo’s fave!

6 yo's pride and joy!

6 yo’s pride and joy!

We had a eggstra special time making all these decorations. (Sorry, couldn’t resist that one!) 🙂


9 responses to “Frohe Ostern!

  1. That’s a wonderful eggsample of an Easter tree. Love those decorated eggs. How did you fasten them? I see that the string goes inside the egg. What keeps it from slipping out?

  2. Have a wonderful Easter, Nikky! Love the eggs 😀 We were up until 11 pm last night coloring ours!!!

  3. HappyEaster Nicky! Fabulous eggs! No chocolate in this house I’m afraid, am currently on the chocolate waggon trying to lose some weight!

    • Aww, Jo, really? On EASTER Sunday? Not even one teensy weensy bit? Well, I’m in awe, well done you. I admire your resolve! Thanks for visiting and glad you enjoyed the post!! XXX

  4. Love the Egg Tree. Happy Easter to the Wells family. x

    • And to the Fortin family, too!! The Egg Tree is a very traditional German thing. Hadn’t done one in years but got there this time! Thanks for visiting, rock on! X

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