Despicable Me 2 #FilmFriday

Happy Film Friday! Continuing with my theme of sharing with you my family’s school holidays entertainment views… here are our thoughts on:

Despicable Me 2

Gru is back ~ and so are his minions. Gru is now cast in the role of the adorable step father of Margo, Agnes and Edith. He’s shed his villainy ways and is deeply embroiled in the production of Jams and Jellies, ably (if perhaps reluctantly) assisted by his gadget man, Dr. Nefario.

Gru experiences all the joys of single parenthood right down to the persistent, if calamitous, match-making by one of his neighbours. All’s well in the Gru household until… Anti-Villain League Agent, Lucy Wilde, appears in Gru’s life and tries to recruit him in pursuit of the Uber-villain who is about to use a mutagen to produce the most evil monsters.

Gru declines initially, but after his gadget man resigns and owing to Lucy’s persistent stalking, he relents. Cue spy-movie style stakeouts, surreptitious minion abductions, and a grand-finale show-down.

Despicable Me has definitely grown on me. Having resisted its charms for more months than I care to count, I finally gave in a few weeks ago and let the children purchase and watch a copy of Despicable Me (1) which, to my surprise, I greatly enjoyed. I was therefore quite keen to watch the sequel, and I’m pleased to report that I loved it.

There’s something really sweet and touching about Gru’s oddly clumsy, unorthodox yet effective, approach to step-fatherhood. His minions lead a happy and jolly existence that, frankly, makes me want to join them. The kids adore him (his kids, and mine!). The suspense plot is convincing, if comical, and the blossoming romance is adorable, especially as Gru is completely oblivious to Lucy’s ever-developing crush on him (well, he would be, wouldn’t he?).

There are a few scenes right towards the end in the grand finale that might unsettle very young viewers, but the film has a U rating overall and is suitable for all audiences.  My two certainly adored every minute. We laughed and nearly-but-not-quite-cried (happy tears!) and bit our nails. Everyone was disappointed when the film came to an all-too-soon ending!

My 8-year-old says: EXCELLENT! I liked the purple minions best.

My 6-year-old says: BRILLIANT! I loved the big party at the end!

We give Despicable Me 2….

5 Stars!

6 responses to “Despicable Me 2 #FilmFriday

  1. I love the minions and will have to borrow a friend plus her kids to go see this one as mine are a little too big

  2. I LOVED Despicable Me 1 🙂 x

  3. We loved this one (although, sadly, my two seem to think that they are minions – only not ones that actually do any work, only the kind that behave in crazy ways and talk nonsense). Especially that scene where he says to his youngest daughter: ‘Don’t ever grow up!’ – apparently he ad-libbed that (well, the voiceover actor did). You see, although I can’t comment on any of the films for grown-ups, I’m pretty well educated about current releases for kids…hmmm, I wonder why!

    • HAHA, minions are a big hit here too. My two do a very impressive minion impression. Didn’t know that about the ad-libbing but remember the line quite well!!! 🙂 Thanks for stopping by and commenting. XX

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