Gutter Ballet! Music Monday guest post by Hugh Sherry @shug1963

It’s Music Monday!


Happy Monday! Hope you all had a great weekend? It’s the school half-term holiday and guess what… I chanced upon someone offering an excellent guest suggestion to take over this holiday Music Monday. Yup, we connected on Twitter via Planet Rock, we got chatting and… here he is!

A huge thank you Hugh Sherry for introducing me to this brilliant band and awesome tune.  Thought-provoking if slightly gruesome lyrics (you know I’m a sucker for lyrics) too ~ in a roundabout way, not inappropriate for the upcoming Halloween festivities.

Have a listen and let me know what you think!

Gutter Ballet ~
are you intrigued by Savatage?

11 responses to “Gutter Ballet! Music Monday guest post by Hugh Sherry @shug1963

  1. Hi Nicky

    Well here I am at 4:00 AM here on this side of “The Pond” unable to sleep so I decided to take an early peek to see if anything is happening here as I usually do for “Music Mondays.”

    I found your selection for today quite interesting. I viewed it once to get a basic idea of what is going on in the video as I tried listening to the words. The second time I listened for the words, however I seemed to have missed about half of them. So in my third go through reading the lyrics and seeing the lone woman I running through the darken streets and I first thought of Dell Shannon’s “Runaway” [which I’ve already done here as a response]; however the more I looked at the lyrics, the more I thought of the song which would best fit the sentiment of the words for your selection for today.

    So here it is:

    Enjoy and take my selection for what it’s worth

    Now that I feel satisfied I’m going try to return to the arms of Morpheus [just hope my OH doesn’t get too jealous. 😀 😀 :-D]

    And perhaps when I return, I’ll get to read your comment for “Conker Craft”
    🙂 😉 🙂

    Have a GREAT WEEK to everyone, and especially you Nicky with your two sons.

    • Hiya Robin! First of, I hope you’re getting some more sleep right now! I’ll do my very best to have a fab half term holiday with the boys, although I probably won’t be around on the networks quite as much. I’m glad you enjoyed Hugh’s suggestion. I have a feeling he has more songs up his sleeve so watch this space! As for your selection ~ what a contrast! You’ve given us the soothing cream to go with our hot chilli fajitas, love it. (And I never eat fajitas without a dollop of sour cream, so it works for me!). Thanks for your comment and good wishes, and wishing you a great week in return. ROCK ON.

  2. Since I discovered Savatage in the 80s – after reading a review of their Hall of the Mountain King album in Kerrang – they have been my second favourite band. This song comes their follow up album, Gutter Ballet and was a continuatuon to their more progressive metal sound. It remains my favourite album and has my favourite ever Savatage song “Hounds” on it.

    The video you see was one of two made from the album – the other being “When the Crowds are Gone” which links to their next album “Streets – A Rock Opera”.

    They issued their last album “Poets and Madmen” in 2000 and have gone off in different directions. You should also check out:

    Trans Siberian Orchestra;
    Jon Oliva’s Pain;
    Chris Caffery;
    Doctor Butcher;
    Circle II Circle.

    Enjoy the music.

    • *waves* Hi there, Hugh! Thanks for the excellent suggestion and for stopping by to give us the context. Brilliant ~ I love how you came across them and then explored them further. I’ll certainly be doing the same, I am thoroughly intrigued by Gutter Ballet. Thanks also for dropping by and leaving a comment. ROCK ON!

  3. Interesting, never heard of the band before. I’m trying to remember who did the music in the movie Crimes of Passion, I remember Maggie Bell did the credits song, ‘It’s a lovely life’, but it made me think of that kind of sound. Kind of rock theatrical. I want to adopt the rat in the video. That rat’s a star lol! x

  4. For those of you who like a good story to go with your music, Savatage have released four concept albums with accompanying short stories. You need to buy the CDs with the booklet insert. They are:

    Streets: a narrated version has just been released. It’s on my Xmas wish-list!

    Dead Winter Dead

    Wake of Magellan

    Poets and Madmen.

    Enjoy the music. “Raise the fist of the Metal Child” as Jon sings in “Power of the Night”! \m/

  5. Very interesting song, Nicky! The lyrics are great – I’m a sucker for lyrics, too. Thanks for introducing me to a band I didn’t hear about in the 80’s. 😉

    • Hiya Brandee! I’m new to this band too. A big thanks to Hugh for making the intro! Thanks for stopping by and commenting, Brandee, hope your Monday is going great. XXX

      • It is my pleasure to introduce one of my favourite bands to a new audience, so thank you all for embracing their music. I am aiming to do a guest blog for Nicky if she lets me on the history of the band and their music! As RJD once sang “Long Live Rock ‘n’ Roll \m/

      • LOL ~ you know I’ll let you, I’ll look forward to it! X ROCK ON!

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